Welcome, Friend!  Thank you for stopping by! My mission here is to explain the significance of astrological cycles. I hope you will come to regard my website as a resource of information and services designed to guide you through the Cycles of Your Life.

You might like to take a moment to consult my unique divination tool: Beverlee's Oracle,
Read  my descriptions of the Annual Solar Cycle, the Moon Phases, or my Free Planetary Cycles Course. Learn about Your Personal Life Cycles, and Your Astrological Tarot Card.  Or discover How To Make Your Dreams Come True. Learn more about  your Sun sign's Strengths and Weaknesses and gain insight into your child's Sun Sign
I'd also like to share with you my discovery of the Hidden Astrological Symbolism in the Tarot.
I believe my theory is unique! 

Are you experiencing stress in your life? If so, my Affirmations or Prayers and Blessings pages are designed to help you reconnect with your Divine Perfection.

I invite you to check out my many Astrological Services!

Thank you for visiting my website! I'll look forward to your return visit.

May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace,

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