POSTED BY BEVERLEE,  Saturday, April 26, 2008

I have exciting news! I have created something special for each of you! 
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POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, April 22, 2008

If you subscribe to my Mailing List you already know about the interesting Personal Daily Planetary Cycle based on the day of the week on which you were born. If you haven’t already done so, learn more about it here.

It never ceases to delight me to observe how one bit of understanding leads to another so perfectly in alignment with my need to know. For  example, not too long ago I observed, after years of following my Biorhythm Cycles, that the Emotional Biorhythm, which crosses over the median, or transition line every two weeks, always happens on a Friday.  Hmm, I mused, that’s kind of interesting. But that’s as far as I went with this informaion until the comprehension gradually seeped into my consciousness that, as it happens, I was born on a Friday. Without pursuing the information any further, I found that interesting, too. 

BTW, the Astrological Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) find almost everything interesting!  We don’t always know what to do with the interesting information that we encounter, but we always like exploring new ideas.

So, time went on, and it wasn’t until a few days ago, as I was preparing to send the link about the Day You Were Born to my Email List Subscribers, that it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps everybody’s Emotional Biorhythm crosses over the median line—either up or down— every two weeks on the day of the week that they were born.

Consequently, I checked out my hunch using the handy dandy little program at the bottom of the Day You Were Born page, which quickly computes the day of the week that you were born. I entered the birth date for all my family members and sure enough! Everyone’s Emotional Biorhythm crosses over the median/transition line every two weeks on the day of the week that s/he was born!  It took me a while, but I finally arrived at this understanding, and it feels good.

Wouldn't you like to know when your Emotional Biorhythm crosses the transition line? The Emotional Biorhythm Cycle regulates your emotions, feelings, mood, sensitivity, sensation, sexuality, fantasy, temperament, nerves, reactions, affections and creativity.  And I can assure you that I almost always can expect an upward  or downward trend in my emotional reactions on the day my Emotional Biorhythm crosses over the median line into either the positive phase of the cycle or the negative phase.

The transitions of the Intellectual and Physical Cycles I am aware of to a slightly lesser extent. Perhaps  because I have a lot of Fire in my birthchart (Moon and Uranus in Aries, Mars in Leo) I am most sensitive to my Emotional Biorhythm Cycle. Or maybe with my Sun in Libra, my emotional scales are constantly swinging up and down!

At any rate, I would love to share the insight of Biorhythm Cycles with you. I have therefore reduced the price for a Twelve-Month Biorhythm Report from $9.95 to only $7.95.  Try it, you’ll like it!  Learn much more about Biorhythm Cycles  and order your own Biorhythm Report here.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, April 20, 2008

This, I suppose, should come as no surprise: I have been analyzing the birthcharts of the two Democratic Presidential hopefuls—Clinton and Obama—in an attempt to deduce which of them is more likely to win Tuesday’s Pennsylvania Primary.

Simply off the top of my head—and I just had a haircut yesterday, if that matters, (and it should, because doesn’t it imply that the top of my head is now a tad closer to my brain?) I am not especially optimistic about Clinton’s chances of winning Pennsylvania as overwhelmingly as had been earlier projected by the political pundits.

I must admit, however, that the outcome of this contest is a complicated call for a little ole’ astrologer to make. (So what else is new? Huge sigh!)  Consequently, in this particular instance, I am not basing my professional opinion on the notion that Clinton does not have good aspects from the transits to her birthchart on Tuesday because, truth be told, they’re not totally unfavorable.

To begin with, Venus—the lesser “Fairy Godmother” of the zodiac—is transiting Clinton’s Tenth House of reputation, career and, ultimately, Destiny.  Furthermore, in league with Madame Venus, Lady Luna is in a friendly trine to Clinton’s (dare I say grasping?) Moon, also posited in her Tenth House of Destiny. So far, so good.

Meanwhile, however, the Sun, transiting at 3 degrees of Taurus, opposes Clinton’s natal Scorpio Sun.  Hmmm, this represents the Full Moon phase of her personal Solar Cycle, implying a great deal of activity in one’s life at this time every year, and, more importantly, what one may expect as the end result of the journey one begins on one’s birthday.

As I remind my cherished clients, who come to me year after year, seeking to learn what their Solar Return portends for them, the midpoint in your personal Solar Year can bring big wins—or not!  Do you begin to perceive my dilemma, as I try to determine whether Clinton’s results in Pennsylvania’s Primary will live up to previous expectations?

Okay, let’s turn to Obama’s birthchart and the aspects to it on Tuesday, for the sake of comparison. To begin with, we’ll look for the Moon’s influence (the public), and, in doing so, we find that it exactly trines his natal Mercury—communication.  Pretty good. At the same time it opposes his natal Moon. Not so good. It is said to be unfavorable for us when the Moon is in the opposing sign to our natal Moon.  No clear-cut picture for an astrologer to make a prediction there!

Plodding on, we see that Jupiter trines (favors) his natal Mars (ambition) in his Eleventh House of hopes and wishes, goals and groups.  Hey, that’s not bad. And Jupiter also approaches a conjunction with his natal Saturn—ostensibly widening his limits—creating a new structure for him.

But, oh, my!  The Sun also squares Obama’s natal Mercury. (Challenging his trustworthiness!) Mercury trines his Sun but also opposes his very vague Neptune in the Twelfth House of self-undoing. This whole process is getting more and more confusing! 

So let’s take a look at the candidates’ respective Solar Return charts.  First, Clinton’s: Well! This is interesting! If I use my usual formula of progressing the influences of her Solar Return by a house per month, using the traditional technique of beginning with the Solar Return Ascendant, I find that on the date of the Pennsylvania Primary, we arrive at the planet Mars, precisely conjunct her Eighth House. Not good!

On the other hand, if I use a technique I have been employing more recently, which is to start my month-by-month analysis of impending results beginning from the house where Clinton’s Sun dwells in her Solar Return—figuratively following the Sun as it moves through the signs, I find that there are no aspects in the house representing this month—implying, I should gather, no big win for her in Pennsylvania.

Now let’s examine Obama’s most recent Solar Return and test the same two theories: first, I begin with the first house and find that, if I employ the month-by-month results based on beginning with the Ascendant, when we arrive at the month of April, we come to Jupiter—expansion!  Whereas, if I employ the technique that I have been recently testing with my clients (starting with the house where the Sun is posited, and moving forward a month at a time, a house at a time, I find that in the month of April—Uranus, the planet of breakthrough—is on the cusp. This also looks favorable for Obama to achieve an upset of sorts in Tuesday’s Pennsylvania Primary. 

But again, it’s unclear who will gain the most on Tuesday.

Obviously, we need a mediator to help us determine the outcome in this complex situation. Therefore, why don’t we turn to my newly discovered hidden connection between the Tarot and astrology? Referring to the chart I have devised, we discover that Obama, at the age of 46, in this hidden connection between Tarot and astrology, portraying the ages of mankind, has arrived at the Justice Card—symbolizing rewards for one’s efforts. Whereas Clinton, at the age of 60, in the Tarot/Astrology’s hidden connection, has arrived at the Devil card—symbolizing confronting one’s self-imposed limitations—one's demons, so to speak.

You know what? Having recently come upon this hiddenTarot/astrology connection (an “epiphany”, as my darling friend Rosalind aptly pointed out, when I explained my theory that there is a secret connection between the Tarot and astrology), I am going to rest my case on the shoulders of my “epiphany”, which seems to explain more clearly than either the transits to the respective charts of Clinton and Obama, or their most recent Solar Return charts, the outcome which I intuitively feel will show up on Tuesday, April 22nd in the Pennsylvania Primary.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I have long pondered the significance of having Mercury Retrograde in our Solar Return chart—the chart that represents our growth process for one Solar Year. Does Mercury Retrograde, I wondered, affect us for the entire year?  

Well, I finally have the answer to that question. At the time of my Solar Return last October, Mercury was in retrograde motion.  As you no doubt recall, Mercury Rx directs us to back up and “re-think” certain elements in our life. And boy! Have I been doing that all year.

As I’ve already mentioned in previous blogs, I’ve been in the exciting process of   re-discovering Astrological techniques that formerly meant so much to me, and which, regrettably,  for the last several years, I had let fall by the wayside. One of these—the Moon Phase Booklet that I had formerly printed out faithfully and journaled in all year long—I have this year returned to with great pleasure—the pleasure that comes from observing how closely aligned my experiences and actions are with the monthly Lunar Phases, and the confirmation that comes from writing down my thoughts about the alignment.

I have also re-turned to printing out (only for myself) the Astrology Reports that I had personally written years before Windows Astrology Reports became available. Windows Astrology Reports allow me to quickly send your Astrology Reports to you via email, whereas the old, pre-Windows Reports, had to be printed out and mailed through the Postal Service and accordingly, cost much more than the Windows Reports I can provide you with now.

Nevertheless, being a writer at heart, I am enjoying reading the Astrology Reports that I wrote long ago from my own personal perspective—or "take" on the effects of the various planetary alignments in our lives.  To be utterly candid, I'm almost smirking with satisfaction, as I observe how “right on” the reports that I wrote are with what's going on with me personally today.

Next, thanks to Mercury Rx in my Solar Return, I re-turned to the Cycle of Becoming, and at exactly the right time for me to sow my Dream Seeds of Success—another valuable Astrological Cycle to follow as one plans for the future.  Even as we speak, I’m happily (if a bit anxiously) working on nurturing my (as yet very fragile!) Dream Seeds.

More recently, while cleaning out old files, I re-discovered the Quarterly Newsletters that I used to publish before creating my Astrology Website. Among other things, in those Newsletters, I outlined and personalized for subscribers, the influence of the Cycles of Jupiter and Saturn—the “Dynamic Duo” of the Zodiac; the team that diligently nudges us along our life's path through the respective processes of expansion and limitation.  Finding these old Newsletters persuaded me to bring my own personalized Jupiter and Saturn Reports up to date.  So now I have these valuable Reports at hand and can easily comprehend exactly where I am in each of the meaningful Cycles of Jupiter and Saturn—Cycles whose importance is second only to that of the Sun.

Oh, yes!  I am deeply grateful for having Mercury Retrograde in my last Solar Return; it has offered me the marvelous opportunity to re-turn to Astrological methodologies that allow me to be, once again, intimately in touch with these momentous Astrological Cycles.

Now, of course, I am eager to share these personalized and detailed Jupiter and Saturn Reports with you. i invite you to learn much more about these Reports here.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, April 13, 2008

J, K. Rowling, author of the enormously successful Harry Potter series, goes to court tomorrow  hoping to halt the publication of a Harry Potter Lexicon by Steven Ander Ark. In examining the transits to Rowling’s chart for tomorrow it looks very much to these astrological eyes as though Rowling will win her case.


Well, for openers, tomorrow’s transiting Moon in Leo just happens to conjunct Rowling's natal Leo Sun. It is said to be “our time of the month” when the Moon is in our Sun sign.  Next, in support of this benevolent evidence, we find Jupiter (good fortune and "the law") transiting Rowling’s third house of communication.

In addition, these friendly transiting aspects are further enhanced by Pluto (the planet of transformation) transiting Rowling's second house of income (not to mention her deep-down values), which, (as fate would have it) is in a (friendly) trine aspect to Rowling's natal Mercury (communicator...and, boy oh boy! Do we have ample evidence that Rowling is a top-notch communicator!) in her 10th house of reputation and authority figures.

Whatever the eventual outcome of this lawsuit may be, I would not like to be sitting in the docket attempting to defend myself against J. K. Rowling tomorrow! Especially since, at the age of  forty-three, Rowling happens to be in the Tarot/Astrology phase of The Wheel of Fortune—further evidence of my lovely new theory about the hidden Astrology cycles embedded in the Tarot!   Check out the theory for yourself, and then you be the judge in Rowling's lawsuit! Oh, and while you are there or here, check out your own age in the hidden Tarot/Astrology Cycle to see how well it corresponds with what's going on in your life at the moment.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, April 7, 2008

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, April 06, 2008

They say Pluto has no influence—that it isn’t even considered a planet any longer, according to Astronomers—not, I hasten to add, Astrologers, who know very well its power and effects. It’s life and death effects.

Charlton Heston died last night at the age of 84—one cognizant of the astrological cycles, (and I must add, gloatingly, the secret Tarot/Astrology connection upon reading his obituary, immediately murmurs to him or herself, “Ah, yes! Uranus Return.”  And they would not be entirely mistaken; however, Heston had passed his Uranus Return and it was actually Pluto (the planet of “death”) wot done 'im in!

Transiting Pluto, at the time of Heston’s death, was exactly squaring (challenging) his natal Sun in Libra.  In addition, the New Moon (Moon conjunct Sun in Aries, ruled by Mars) exactly opposed Heston’s natal Venus, the ruler of his Libra Sun.  Meanwhile, transiting Mars in Cancer conjoined his natal Pluto.

Exploring his chart further, we find that transiting Venus, his ruling planet, opposed, within a degree, his natal Sun. Saturn, the other notoriously Karmic planet (besides Pluto) was exactly conjunct Heston’s progressed Moon. The Progressed Moon, remember, shows us where our “heart” is at any time.  From this I surmise that Heston was completely content to leave this planet precisely at this time. 

This—may I somewhat heartlessly refer to as a "death wish"?—is further indicated by the transit of Jupiter, (which is often prominent in one’s chart at the time of death), squaring Heston’s natal Saturn through his solar second house, which the late, great astrologer Buz Meyers said really epitomizes one’s death—not, as we’ve heard, the 8th house.  Saturn had also progressed into the sign of Scorpio (Pluto’s—and death's planet).

I believe this was a peaceful death, with Lydia, Heston’s wife of 64 years at his bedside.

I am equally interested to note in his Internet obituary, as well as all we know of Heston, that in spite of being a Libran, supposedly the most peace-loving sign in the zodiac, how much…what shall I say…confrontation was present in his life. Confrontation, the warrior, and pioneerism are typically associated, astrologically, with the sign of Aries.

This seems the ideal time, therefore, to point out what astrologers have long known: Every sign of the zodiac in one’s chart draws into his or her psychological makeup, its opposite sign. In this instance, Heston’s Libra Sun draws into his psychological makeup the opposite sign of Aries—the warrior.  This eloquently testifies to his role in the NRA (National Rifle Association) as well as the many heroic roles he played and won awards for on the big screen. 

I’ve been interested to observe in myself, as well as other Librans—one thinks of Dwight David Eisenhower, (who happens to share my October 14th birthday) who ostensibly want only harmony in our lives. 

Surprisingly, how often we Librans seem to attract just the opposite of harmony—discord , conflict and opposition into our lives—instead of the peace we intuitively feel desperately in need of. This enigma was known to me from an extremely early age—grade school age, in fact, and has never diminished in its effect. If I did not understand the principles of astrology which portend this disruptive energy (and I did not know it until in my early 50’s) I would be confounded by the evidence of it. 

Viva, Astrology!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Friday, April 4th

Today is our fifty-fourth wedding anniversary!  I thought perhaps you'd like to attend our wedding!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, April 1st

At least it is for me!  While my spouse is outside busily planting his garden, it's  time for me to sow my "Dream Seeds"—the seeds of my hopes and wishes for my coming Solar year. As I have explained in this article, this wonderful Astrological "Cycle of Becoming" begins not—as you might expect—with your First House, but when the Sun enters the Eleventh House of your Birthchart—your house of hopes and wishes. When the Sun moves into the Eleventh House of your Birthchart (which it does on the same day every year) you'll find yourself automatically thinking about setting goals based on your hopes and wishes.  It's quite remarkable!

So of course, that will be the ideal time for you to begin thinking about sowing your "Dream Seeds"—for focusing your attention on whatever you dream of accomp-lishing in the coming year. You'll want to slow down and take time during that month to actually listen to your (nagging!) hopes and wishes.

Then, on the last day of the period—the day before the Sun moves into your Twelfth House (of what's hidden and underground)—you'll simply make a list of your hopes and wishes (on beautiful paper, of course); you'll sow your "Dream Seeds" so to speak—as many as you have wishes—and then you'll put your list away for safe-keeping.  You see, you'll want to consult it later—when the Sun enters your Tenth House of Accomplishment—to observe (gleefully, I hope!) just how many of your wonderfully personal "Dream Seeds" have actually blossomed!  I assure you, it's an inspiring exercise and one I wouldn't want you to miss. If nothing else, your very personal "Cycle of Becoming" allows you to see clearly how closely you are aligned with your intention. Get it?

Every year, as it happens, the Sun enters my Twelfth House on March 31st, so on the day before—the 30th—I sow my "Dream Seeds". I love the fact that I get to sow my "Dream Seeds" in the Springtime…in perfect attunement with Mother Nature. Oh, by the way, if you have a late degree of Taurus rising in your Birthchart, you still have time to sow your "Dream Seeds". If you don’t already know your rising sign, I will be more than happy to introduce you to your "Cycle of Becoming" for a nominal fee. Learn more here.

As we begin a new month, it’s Springtime, when everything seems brand new and also, Pluto goes retrograde today.  What a powerful time for a Super Sale! (No kidding!) Accordingly, I’ve felt impelled to reduce the prices on my best-selling Astrology Reports yet again. Now you know perfectly well that you’ve been considering buying one or more of these excellent Astrology Reports!  There’s no better time for receiving them at bargain prices.  Go!.

BTW, in case you missed it, (how could you?) I recently experienced an epiphany which resulted in my developing an interesting new theory about a secret connection between Astrology and the Tarot and as you may imagine, I'm delighted and thrilled to share it with you!  I sincerely invite you to try it out for yourself. You're gonna' love it!

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