You Are the Author of Your Fate

Life is a Game (How to play the hand you were dealt)

The Heroine's Journey (How your relationship with your mother affects you)

Meaning of Your Birthday Number

Your Annual Solar Journey (The eight phases of your personal solar cycle)

Your Personal Life Cycle (Seven phases of your personal year)

Your Daily Planetary Cycle (An uncannily accurate guide...try it!)

How Can Astrology Help You? (Let me count the ways)

Astrology Facts and Quotes (From Phythagoras to J. P. Morgan)

The Tarot and Astrological Life Cycles (Beverlee's new theory!)

Your Personal Year

Romance Through the Signs (What Spells Romance to Your Lover?)

Understanding the Concept of Soulmates

Your Heart Line Describes Your Love Life

Karmic Astrology: Our Natal Chart Describes Past Lives

Releasing Karma

How Five Major Asteroids Affect Our Natal Charts

How To Choose Gifts For Each Sun Sign

How The Transiting  Moon Makes Us Feel

Moon Folklore

Understanding Mercury Retrograde

Thoughts Are Swords!

The Numerology of Your House

New Year's Tarot Meditation

What Kind of Lover Are You?

A Fun Love Quiz For You!

What Tree Are You According To Your Sun Sign?

What is Your "Southern" Sign?

What's Your "Street" Sign?

Affirmations For Your Shadow Side

You Know You're a Mom When...

Werner Erhard's Aphorisms

Interesting Phenomenon

Diary of a Disaster (My account of the 2007 southern California firestorm)

The Hills Are Ablaze (My newspaper account of a nearby fire in 1984)

I cordially invite you to check out my many Astrological Services!

May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace,



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