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Kept hidden for thousands of years, the esoteric system behind our common playing cards is now revealed by the Book of Destiny. This system has been carefully preserved for over 20,000 years. It is a valuable tool for self-discovery and for personal and professional prediction. When we study the cards in our Book of Destiny Reports, we are probing into the very heart of our destiny and karma, giving us a reflection of our choices both now and in the past. Most people are immediately taken by the accuracy of the information presented by their reports as well as how easy they are to use and understand. I consider the Book of Destiny Reports to be valid and effective tools useful for self-understanding, on a par with astrological analysis.

The Book of Destiny Reports reveal an understanding of your past, present and future using the mystical methods taught by the ancients. Your Book of Destiny Lifetime and Yearly Reports will give you a detailed analysis of your Birth Card, determined by your birthday. They reveal the specific tendencies of your Birth Card in the areas of work, health, relationships and much more. Your BOD Reports also explain the compatibility between you and anyone else you know. With your Yearly Report you will receive a chart detailing the Birth Card for each birthdate, so you can look up your friends’ and family members’ Birth Cards.

Your Book of Destiny Reports open you to an entire lifetime of understanding, presenting you with information guaranteed to amaze you with its accuracy and relevance.

About the Playing Cards

Our common deck of playing cards is in fact a symbolic representation of our calendar that has been used for centuries by the priests in the temples to work with planetary motion and earth's cycles. When you notice how all the numeric values in a deck of cards match our calendar perfectly, it becomes immediaely evident that our common deck of cards are not so common after all.

52 Cards               = 52 weeks
4 suits              = 4 seasons
13 cards in each suit  = the 13 lunar cycles (full and new moons)
364/7 days in the week    = 52 cards in a deck

But the real evidence comes when we add up the numeric, or spot, value of each card in the deck. The entire deck added together comes to 364. But with the addition of the Joker—which is considered to have a spot value of 1.25—we get 3265.25, exactly the number of days in our calendar year. It should be noted that our cards are in perfect design solely for the planet Earth. They do not represent the cycles of any other planet known to exist. Therefore it’s obvious that they were devised with us in mind.  Used correctly and with knowledge of the ancient methods of handling the cards we can reveal the personal destinies of men, women, companies and even nations.

Where do the playing cards come from? The first book published about this ancient system was made available in 1894. In that book the author claims that our playing cards originated on the continent of Atlantis and were propogated around the earth after the demise of that grand civilization.

Learn about the Book of Destiny Lifetime Report here.
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Learn abut the Book of Destiny Yearly Relationship Report here.

To introduce these phenomenal reports, for a limited time only I am making this special offer: Order both your Lifetime Report and  your Yearly Report  and I will send you a Yearly Relationship Report with the person of your choice absolutely free

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Thursday, August 20, 2009

You’re expecting my new service to be related to the Tarot, aren’t you? Well, I’ll admit I threw you a curve with my rather ambiguous hint: “You’re nothing but a pack of cards!”

Actually, that’s the scornful retort Alice hurled at the Queen of Hearts after the Queen had shouted: “Off with her head!”

“Who cares for you?” said Alice, “You're nothing but a pack of cards!”

Alice’s derisive retort has recently caused me to wonder whether Lewis Carroll, the author of “Alice's Adventures in Wonderland”, was a member of the secret society The Order of the Magi. Was he aware of the secret significance of a deck of 52 playing cards as it applies to each of us personally based on our birthdate?

More to the point are you aware of the ancient secrets of an ordinary pack of 52 playing cards? You see, the phenomenally accurate science of prediction that I am now privileged to share with you is based on the hidden wisdom of these cards. It’s called “The Book of Destiny”.

According to this remarkable divinatory system—the Book of Destiny—which I have studied for a number of years, each of us based on our birthdate, is represented by one of the cards in a pack of playing cards. For instance, my Birth Card is the 8 of Clubs—the Card of Mental Power. Our Birth Card is an important symbol of who we are in this lifetime. It is also called our Sun card or our Soul card.

Each card in the deck of 52 playing cards represents an archetype—a symbol of one’s personality.  As you study the meaning and significance of your Birth Card, you gain valuable insight about yourself.

In fact, I have found Birth Cards to be so descriptive of a person’s psychological makeup that whenever new clients consult me I automatically look up their Birth Card which gives me another layer of understanding about him or her. Of course your Birth Card does not replace your astrological chart; it enhances it, presenting me with an immediate picture of your gifts and challenges in this lifetime.

To emphasize this correlation—or confirmation—of astrology provided by the Book of Destiny, the other day as I was discussing a client’s Book of Destiny Yearly Report with her, she exclaimed excitedly, “That’s exactly what you told me in my Solar Return Analysis!” So the two predictive sciences go hand in hand; they do not contradict one another; they reinforce one another.

I am delighted to present you with a remarkable picture of your gifts and challenges—not only for one year but for your entire lifetime—in two deeply insightful Book of Destiny Reports based on your Birth Card. Furthermore, with your report you will receive a chart of the cards for every birth date, enabling you to look up your family and friends’ Birth Cards in order to determine how they influence your life at any time. You can then see exactly where and when their cards show up in your Yearly and Lifetime spreads.

Here’s a dramatic example of the value of knowing your friends’ and family members’ Birth Cards: in my own Book of Destiny Yearly Report for the present year, beginning on my birthday last October and ending on my next birthday, the Queen of Hearts is my Pluto card. Pluto, as we’ve frequently discussed here, is about transformation—always implying the ending of one phase of life and the beginning of another.

To quote from my Yearly Report: “Your Pluto card is a very important card in the yearly spread.  It signifies something or someone that will cause a significant change in some part of your life. It may define an area where you experience a “mini-death” in your life…..”

My Yearly Report could not possibly have been any more accurate since my mother, whose Birth Card was the Queen of Hearts—my Pluto card for this entire year--passed away on the 20th of October—six days after my birthday! Adding even further accuracy to my Yearly Report, the Queen of Hearts is known as the “Mother” card! 

Quoting from my Yearly Report again: “…. The Queen of Hearts may also indicate challenges around the issue of motherhood…”

So there it was—the probability of my mother’s transition to the other side literally spelled out in the mystical code in my Book of Destiny Yearly Report!

I can assure you that your  Book of Destiny Yearly Report will provide similarly accurate information about the people and events destined to influence your current year.  Your Book of Destiny Lifetime Report will spell out the influences in the past that have governed your life as well as those currently in effect and those in the future that will continue to govern your life through the age of 96! Your Book of Destiny Reports are not only explicit in terms of what is going on for you at each stage of your life, but they are astoundingly accurate.

Here’s another example of how this remarkable predictive system based on a deck of cards describes the people in one’s life: one of my dearest friends has the 7 of Clubs as her Birth Card. I was interested to learn from the Book of Destiny that a person whose card either immediately precedes your Birth Card, or immediately follows it, is someone with whom you’ve experienced a past lifetime. Which explains why—since my Birth Card is the 8 of Clubs and hers is the 7 of Clubs—when my friend and I first met, in spite of vast differences in our backgrounds and lifestyles, we bonded immediately. Unconsciously we recognized at once that we were soul twins! What's more, my friend also has another very close friend whose card—the 6 of Clubs—precedes hers.

On another personal note, here is a quote from my personal Yearly Report for this year that clearly points to my decision to include the Book of Destiny Reports in my services to you:

“The Jack of Spades as the Result Card
This powerful card as your Result guarantees that by your next birthday you will be exposed to a spiritual discipline that will alter most every area of your life. This could be a year of major transformation for you, one where you begin a entirely new pursuit based on truth and higher wisdom. Even on a mundane level, success is yours….”

And so this is precisely the moment for me to pursue the spiritual discipline of the Book of Destiny cards—a discipline based on truth and higher wisdom—and to share it with you. Moreover, since I do not need an actual time of birth in order to process the Book of Destiny Reports, they provide me with the perfect predictive report for those who do not know their accurate birth time!

In closing, I want you to know that any success I may achieve during this year, I will consider a direct result of being able to provide you with meaningful services—services that help you move along your life’s path with more understanding, self-confidence and joy. I am truly convinced that the Book of Destiny Reports—a journey into self-awareness—will provide you with these blessings…and in the process, bless me with the awareness of having served you well.

To introduce these phenomenal reports, for a limited time only I am making this special offer: Order both your Lifetime Report and  your Yearly Report  and I will send you a Yearly Relationship Report with the person of your choice absolutely free

Now I invite you to experience the insight, guidance, and enlightenment of the Book of Destiny Reports for yourself.

To learn more about the Book of Destiny Yearly Report click here.

To view Barack Obama’s ambitious Yearly Report click here.

To learn more about the Book of Destiny Lifetime Report click here.

To view Madonna’s fascinating Lifetime Report click here.

To view theYearly Relationship Report for Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt click here.

Remember you will receive a Yearly Relationship Report absolutely free when you order both  your Yearly and  Lifetime Reports!

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, the July 22nd total Eclipse of the Sun was the longest in duration in the 21st century and it will not be surpassed in duration until June 13th, 2132. To view some remarkable photogaphs of the Eclipse, click here.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE  Saturday, August 1, 2009

What Tarot Card are you?  Click here to take the test and find out!  I took the test and discovered that I am The Empress!

My summer interlude continues so I won't be regularly updating my blog for awhile yet, due to my "Gramma Bevie" responsibilities.  However, during the interlude all of my astrological services remain available for you to purchase and the features listed on the lefthand side are also available for your examination and entertainment.

As I mentioned earlier, I will very soon have a wonderful new  service to offer you. Here's a hint about what this exciting new service will be:

                        "You're nothing but a pack of cards!"

I invite you to check back for updates about this exciting new service.  If you wish to be among the very first to learn what my new service is, please send me an email and I will add you to my announcement list.

Have a happy summer!

Blessed and  a blessing be,

"This is my letter to the world,
that never wrote to me..."
~ Emily Dickinson
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