POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mercury went Retrograde four days ago, or have you noticed?  Actually, it went into the Retrograde Zone on July 31st at 5 degrees of Virgo. Accordingly, I had purchased a new laptop computer in advance of the upcoming Mercury RX, just to be on the safe side in case my 3-year-old desktop computer should happen to suddenly develop any signs of “old age”. 

Well, the very next day after purchasing the new laptop, when I turned on my desktop computer it made the most horrendous noise….like a freight train roaring through the house.  I couldn't believe it! I was so unnerved, I was actually shaking! I quickly turned it off and retired to the bathroom to take a shower, in order to gain some perspecive on the ominous situation and compose my thoughts about what to do to resolve it. The computer is still in warrantee, but I wasn’t entirely sure that I had backed up everything that I need. I'll bet you know the feeling?

However, when I returned to my office and turned on the computer again (still quaking inside), thankfully there was no loud noise emanating from it! Nonetheless, I hastened to back up my most recent creations. I’m a Gramma, remember, and Grammas are scrapbookers—it’s the law!  Things seemed to be going along smoothly with the computer ever since….until yesterday afternoon, when all of a sudden the monitor screen went black. Not blue, thank God, but black isn’t exactly what one expects or wishes to see on one’s computer monitor, unless, of course, it’s turned off.  Only it wasn't!

Nervously, I jiggled a few keys and after awhile, phew! I got a picture on the screen again….only to have it go black again after a minute or two. This  nerve-wracking process continued for a few times, until finally I had to “get” that my monitor was experiencing death throes. My obliging husband quickly fled to Frys Electronics and purchased a new monitor…which, to tell the truth, I had secretly been wanting anyway—a 23” flat panel screen. I had held off buying it because I didn’t really “need” it.  Now I wish I’d bought it a long time ago. It offers a whole new world of distinctness and clarity!  Who knew?

But I was, I have to admit, simultaneously amused and miffed that this necessity had occurred during Mercury RX, since I don’t really like to make important decisions, much less purchases, during this backward transit of the planet that ostensibly governs our reasoning processes.

Nevertheless, in a sense, it was a time of “returning”...or my silent yearning for a new monitor.  Also, I dimly recalled reading somewhere in one of my own Astrology Reports something about having trouble with computers this year. At the time I had dismissed the possibility out of hand, but now, after an extensive search through the list of Reports that I routinely print out for myself (they're free to me!), I finally located what I was looking for in my Life Progressions Report.  Frankly, I was dumbfounded by its accuracy. Here, in part, is what it said:

Life Progressions for Beverlee Brown
Mercury Trine Uranus (Progressed to Progressed) Aug 24, 2010
Your mind is leaning toward original, unique, and inventive ideas that may instill an interest in the occult studies of mind control, metaphysics, ESP, or astrology. You may travel with friends or groups of people to attend seminars, conventions, and lectures, or share your knowledge with others. This is a good time for purchasing computers, video equipment, tape recorders, television, CBs, and other electronic gadgets…..

Note the date!  August 24th!  Not only was I immensely relieved over my recent purchases, but it appears that I was ahead of schedule, Mercury RX notwithstanding.  Ha! 

Furthermore, my Life Progressions Report also accurately describes my ongoing interest in occult studies and sharing knowledge with others.  For just prior to this time, I had suddenly decided (without really understanding why) to slash the prices on all of my services. For by now, I reasoned, (Mercury RX!) all my Astrological Software Programs have handsomely repaid my investment in them, and so I felt entirely comfortable offering my services at ridiculously reduced prices, especially in light of the dire economic times that we are all experiencing.

I just thought I’d share my Mercury Retrograde experiences with you.  You see, we don't really need to dread Mercury Retrograde.  Although it's hard to accept sometimes, Mercury Retrograde apparently has our best interests at heart!

So, guys! How is Mercury RX treating you ?

"This is my letter to the world,
that never wrote to me..."
~ Emily Dickinson
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                                     PRICES SLASHED ON ALL MY SERVICES!
                                     POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Thursday, August 19, 2010

OH, MY STARS!  It is my pleasure to announce that I have just slashed the prices on all but one of my services! Most reports have been slashed to half of their forrmer price. This is not  a one-time sale. It is a permanent price reduction for almost every one of my services. The only report that I simply cannot reduce in price is my 60-minute recorded Solar Return Analysis...which, I'm sure you understand, is the most thorough, intimate, personal, and revelatory report that I have to offer, and which takes a great deal of time for me to prepare. 

It is my hope that this drastic reduction in the prices of all (but that one) of my reports will open the way for more visitors to my website to avail themselve of the enlightenment that every one of my services offers. This is my concession to the difficult economic times that we are all experiencing world-wide.  I invite you to check out the new prices for each of my services here or to place an order here. If you find a report priced lower elsewhere, let me know and I will not only match the price but give you, absolutely free, a 12-month Biorhythm Report.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Friday, August 06, 2010

As we all know, Obama celebrated his 49th birthday on Wednesday without the presence of his wife. I thought it rather interesting that Michelle Obama should be in Spain on the day that her husband—the President of the United States—celebrates his birthday. Not a very…um….cozy relationship, on the face of it, wouldn’t you agree?

So I thought I would check out Obama’s Yearly Book of Destiny Report for the coming year to see what it has to say about this curious situation. It came as no surprise to learn from this revealing report that Obama will be experiencing challenging relationship issues throughout the course of his Solar Year.  Perhaps you would be interested to read his Yearly BOD Report to draw your own conclusions about its message.

Corresponding with the BOD Yearly Report, I note with interest that Obama’s Solar Return has both Mars and Saturn placed in his 7th House of marriage, along with Mercury precisely on the 7th Cusp in the sign of Virgo--a sign well known for its pickiness. Mars exactly squares a troublesome Pluto posited in the 10th House of his public image…and destiny.  Meanwhile, Neptune, the ruler of his Solar Return chart resides in the 12th house of what’s hidden. So, don’t expect to learn what’s going on in his personal relationships any time soon.

Michele Obama’s Solar Return also sheds some interesting light on the state of their marriage. Saturn, the ruler not only of her Capricorn Sun, but also the 7th House of her Solar Return is squaring a Mercury/Pluto conjunction, while Mars, from the 1st House exactly opposes the Moon in the 7th House.

These multiple implications seem to me to be indicative of a couple at odds with one another. Time will tell…although perhaps not for years and years and years, if history is an example of how long it takes for the truth to surface about the occupants of the White House.  And this particular occupant of the White House not only is no exception to this invidious rule of secrecy….he is the all-time master of it. Ironic, isn’t it, that he campaigned for the office promising “transparency” in his administration!

REPOSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Not long ago I received an email from a client asking me which of my newest Reports I would recommend, to which I replied:

"I can confidently recommend the Janus Natal Chart Report and the Janus Transit Report which I have recently added to my services." I went on to explain that they offer surprisingly unusual and in-depth insights into one's personality and potential both over the lifetime (Natal Report) and for the coming months (Transit Report). 

Having said that, however, I felt that I must point out to her (and to you!) "'s important to remember that we are all seeking answers in life.  Some turn to religion, others turn to metaphysical disciplines such as Astrology, the Tarot, I Ching and Runes. To be frank, I do not believe there are any sure and certain answers to our questions about our life....the whys and wherefores.  The reason there are no certain answers to our questions is, of course, that we have free will. The script may be written for us at our birth (defined by our natal chart) but the way we act out that script as new opportunity arrives (defined by the transits) is entirely up to us. Thus, there can be no certainties in life, only potentialities.

As for myself, I have found that Astrology offers the most compelling insights into our potential, which is why I have chosen to pursue it as a career. However, Astrology does not tell us what will happen; rather, it describes the possibilities that exist for us to consider. The choices are always ours to make.

So you see, we can't blame the stars if things do not turn out the way they seem to say.  We can only take responsibility for everything in our life, based on our own choices. Doing so affords us the most happiness and fulfillment."

So!  If you would like to purchase one or both of my newly offered Janus Reports, which I believe accurately describe our overall potential in life as well as our potential in the near future, you may place your order here and as soon as I receive the notification of payment(s) received from PayPal, I will send your report(s) by email.


POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Today the Sun enters the sign of Virgo. To learn what Virgo, the Cycle of  Order, offers all of us, please click here.  Happy birthday to all Virgos!  Here is your Birthday Affirmation.  And here is your Tarot Card Affirmation.
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