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Bad Virgo
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POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Thursday, August 4, 2011

Or, as it has been termed by some wag: "Hawaii 5-0", assuming Obama was actually born in Hawaii, but who knows?

Be that as it may, I thought it might be instructive to view some of the elements of Obama's Book of Destiny Yearly Report. Accordingly, I have posted the admonitions of of his Long Range Card (the Two of Spades), and his  Pluto Card (the Six of Clubs).

Your Long Range Card is perhaps the most important card of the year. It defines
something or someone that will be a major focus of your attention. It is neither
positive or negative, just a place where a lot of your time, energy or attention will
be spent throughout the year.

Your Pluto Card is also a very important card in the Yearly Spread. It signifies
something or someone that will cause a significant change in some part of your
life. It may define an area where you experience a 'mini-death' in your life, a
place where you release a negative pattern to make room for a more positive way
of life.

Not only was I impressed by the accuracy of what these two cards--the most important cards in the Yearly Spread--had to say about about Obama's tests for the year ahead, but I even had to chuckle over how they were spot on, admonishing him to be more cooperative with others this year, and I was especially amused by the BOD's affirmation for him to recite: 

"I learn the value of truthfulness and being my word."

Everyone who thinks that Obama is going to recite that affirmation this year, hold up your hand!  ;- )

You may view the excerpts from Obama's Book of Destiny Yearly Report  here. Afterwards, if you are as impressed by the accuracy of these nuggets from the fabulous Book of Destiny Yearly Report you may want to go here and order your own report!
POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy birthday to all Virgos! To learn what Virgo, the Cycle of  Order, symbolizes for all of us, please click here. View the Virgo Affirmation here and the Tarot Card Meditation here.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, August 2nd

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