Capricorn Affirmation

I was born under the sign of Capricorn.
I accept fully the potentials, power and gifts of my sign.
Like a growing crystal I initiate cosmic order.
I am enterprising, the Builder, the Organiser,
who looks toward higher orders, greater justice,
constantly building relationships, families, communities, and countries
I climb the mountain of matter toward spirit.
I accept the healing and magical powers
that I have or will use for the benefit of myself
so that I might serve others
in whatever capacity I choose as appropriate.
The key for tapping into my deeper resources
is the ever-increasing acceptance of myself,
of who I am now, and what I wish to become.
I can see, hear and feel myself, day by day, month by month,
moving toward the perfection of my talents.
I plan head methodically, in the right way, with great care
I look to the goal and inspire others by common vision,
encouraging them to pursue their highest goals/
I have the courage to confront difficulties and conquer them;
persistently balanced with caution and patience is my tool,
until the reality of the goal is achieved.
I cast aside anything which does not meet my standards.
My communication with others is always improving.
I balance the future with the now.
When necessary I give up immediate wishes
for long term goals. I am permanence.
I am self contentment and endurance.
I am loyal, determined. I persist through resistance.
I am dependable and cautious. I am The Leader
motivated by a strong sense of purpose
while remaining aware of people's needs.
I give strength and encouragement.
I exude a willingness to focus strongly,
a willingness to love and respect myself and others;
I inspire by example I electrify and motivate
whatever or whomever it takes to get to the true peak, the very top.
My vision makes the abstract concrete.
I turn ideas and ideals into tangible form
I am the floodlight on the stage of life because I know
that I serve a higher power to complete the earth experience
It is my destiny I can change my destiny
Now I choose to shape my future in a balanced dance
between comfort and challenge

~Changing your Destiny - Orser & Zarro

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