This concludes Beverlee's Planetary Cycles Course--Five Cycles That Change Your Life. I hope you've enjoyed learning about these five meaningful Planetary Cycles. I've certainly enjoyed sharing my views about them with you, and, as so often happens in the process of teaching, I've learned some things myself. 

It occurred to me as I wrote these five lessons that each decade of life has its own personal planetary supervisor, so to speak--an overseer that kicks off the next stage of your development in the "Seasons Of Your Life". 

* The first Jupiter Return at about age twelve could be called the Cycle of Spiritual Awakening.

*The Prenatal Eclipse Return that launches you into your twenties might be labeled the Cycle of Destiny.

*The Saturn Return that insists you grow up at age thirty is, of course, the Cycle of Karma.

*The Uranus  Opposition that jolts you out of your complacency as you enter your forties is the Cycle of Awakening.

*Chiron's Return at around fifty is the Cycle of Healing.

*As you enter your sixties and experience your second Saturn Return, you're   revisiting the Cycle of Karma.

*At age seventy-two you enjoy your sixth Jupiter Return--the Cycle of Mindfulness.

*At age eighty-four, your first Uranus Return might be dubbed the Cycle of Reawakening!

*At about your  ninetieth birthday your last Saturn Return ushers in the third...and last Cycle of Karma.

*And finally, at age 100, your only Pluto Return, prepares you for your departure to the next plane of existence.

You've probably noticed that some of these Planetary Cycles--or their increments, coincide.  For instance, the Jupiter and Saturn Returns both occur at approximately the age of sixty.  Suffice it to say, whenever you experience more than one of these Planetary Returns at once, you can anticipate an even more powerful thrust into new territory!

You've had the perseverance to follow my Planetary Cycles Course to its completion,  so I'd like to suggest to you (a special few!) that, as an exercise, whenever you're reading a biography, a magazine or newspaper article, or watching a television newscast, you make a point of observing the frequency of an important event happening to the subject whenever s/he was at an age to experience one of these five life-changing cycles. You'll be thrilled to notice (as I always am) how vitally important  these cycles are, in the stages of development of everyone's life.

Thank you again for your interest in my Planetary Cycles Course--Five Cycles That Change Your Life.  I wish you the joy of transformation along life's path.

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May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace,

Guidance for the Cycles of Your Life

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