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Do you know about Chiron? Chiron is a tiny planet that was discovered orbiting our Sun just outside the orbit of Saturn in November 1977.  Chiron is so small, in fact, that it is still considered by some to be not a planet but a comet. However diminutive it may be, Chiron's influence is anything but insignificant.

Named for Chiron, the Wounded Healer of Greek Myth, it symbolizes not only the self-healing process that the mythical Centaur went through but also the teacher/student relationship he developed with other gods thereafter. So, astrologically embodying the archetype of "the wounded healer", Chiron stresses the importance of going within to find a cura or answer - and then sharing it with others.

Because its discovery is so recent, astrologers haven't yet assigned any sign rulership to Chiron.  They're still debating between Sagittarius and Virgo.  I feel the energy is definitely more like Sagittarius. In its two influences of healing and teaching, Chiron unites the body and mind. We clearly see this philosophy now emerging with the advent of holistic health.

Although Chiron's orbit is very erratic, it returns to its place in your birthchart at about the age of fifty. This Return usually precipitates a crisis of meaning because Chiron's role is to lead you toward enlightenment on an inner and outer level. Therefore, your Chiron Return often necessitates a psychological reevaluation on your part.

If you experience difficulties during your Uranus opposition at about the age of forty--in other words, if you are not willing to take bold steps beyond your limitations at that time, then the Chiron Return will understandably be perceived as rather difficult. In my observation its negative manifestation often involves a health crisis--even death.  Interestingly, many health problems are triggered by one's unwillingness to confront his or her feelings, and so these feelings are "stuffed", as the person adopts an attitude much like Scarlett O'Hara's: "I'll think about that tomorrow."

Be assured, tomorrow always comes! Similarly, your Chiron Return is precisely the time when you simply must come to terms with your purpose here on the Earth plane. Let's face it; some people would rather become sick and die than engage in the hard work necessary to implement their life's purpose. The age of fifty is the time when you are required to align yourself with your purpose if you are to rise to the heights you aspire to during your second Saturn Return at the age of sixty.

Chiron's place in your birthchart describes where you may be considered a maverick. The house in your birthchart containing Chiron is the part of you that is most unique. On Chiron's Return this part of your life is reactivated in a way similar to the manner in which it was activated during your youth.  Therefore, your Chiron Return can be a time for reviewing early wounds that you sustained within your birth family.  You can decide to heal those wounds and simply release them.

If you're willing to do that--to heal yourself, as Chiron did, then this can also be a time when you experience the joy of embracing your uniqueness. You then have the opportunity to teach others what you have learned.  You may not necessarily do this in a formal setting; it could simply be through the example of your own life. We are always teaching others whether we know it or not.

Often the parts of ourselves that are the most unusual, unique or odd, are the very things that cause us the most pain.  They make us feel "separate" until we come to terms with these differences and learn to honor ourselves for them rather than reproach ourselves.  Remember the fairy tale of the Ugly Duckling?  Whenever you learn to honor your idiosyncrasies--whether that is before, during or after your Chiron Return, you will find yourself releasing the Ugly Duckling mindset and magically turning into a beautiful swan.

Some examples of those who turned into swans at the time of their Chiron Return are: Howard Carter, who opened the tomb of Tutankhamen; Henry Ford, who introduced the assembly line into his factory; Henry Kissinger, who became Secretary of State and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize; William Faulkner, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature. And Republican Scott P. Brown won an upset victory in a special election in the blue state of Massachusetts to replace the late Edward Kennedy in the United States Senate!

What about you?  Where are you in the Chiron Cycle? What climactic events occurred when you were fifty?  Were the results positive or negative? If you haven't yet reached your Chiron Return, it's time for you to start planning how you would like to experience it.

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May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace,

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