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The first Planetary Cycle began before your were even born.  I'm talking about your Prenatal Eclipse--the last Solar Eclipse that took place before your birth.  The Prenatal Eclipse has a strong influence on you throughout your life.  Some even suggest that this Eclipse propelled your soul into its present incarnation. Whether this is so or not, the house in your birthchart where the Prenatal Eclipse fell represents an important area of your life, even if there are no planets in that house. 

Solar Eclipses have a cycle of approximately nineteen years.  When you are about nineteen years old there is usually a Solar Eclipse at approximately the same degree of the zodiac as your Prenatal Eclipse. I say "usually" because Solar Eclipses occur in a series called "Metonic Returns". This series of 19-year intervals consists of an eclipse at almost the same degree of the zodiac at the same date every nineteen years.  A Metonic series, however, can end at any time; so you would not necessarily experience a return of your actual Prenatal Eclipse. There would, however, be a New Moon that year at approximately the same degree, which explains why almost everyone experiences a life-altering event at the age of nineteen.

The return of your Prenatal Eclipse almost always causes a dramatic turning point in your life. For instance, you might move out of your parents' home and go away to college at that age, or become engaged to be married, or actually marry.  You could have a child, or you may meet someone who leads you down a whole new path in life. You could begin an exciting new job at this time.  The return of your Prenatal Eclipse represents anything you undertake under its influence that changes the course of your life.

I began to seriously examine the significance of Prenatal Eclipses when I realized how many people I knew and whom I had read about whose life course had been dramatically altered at the age of nineteen and I wondered why. Examples: my mother gave birth to me when she was nineteen years old; I left home to go to college and also became engaged at age nineteen.  Eleanor Roosevelt was engaged to Franklin Delano Roosevelt when she was nineteen years old; Barbara Bush was married to former President George Bush when she was nineteen; Princess Diana was engaged to Prince Charles at that same age.

Remember: The Prenatal Eclipse Cycle returns again nineteen years later--at age thirty-eight.  It was at his second Prenatal Eclipse Return that John F. Kennedy, Jr. lost his life in a tragic plane accident. There were many contributing astrological factors in effect at the time of his death, but this was an instance which indicated that the Prenatal Eclipse Cycle had completed its work.  Apparently. John F. Kennedy, Jr. had accomplished his mission here on the Earth plane by  the second  return of his Prenatal Eclipse.

What significant event stands out in your life--or the life of someone you know, at the age of nineteen, thirty-eight,  or fifty-seven? One thing I'm sure of: something important happened at those ages that undoubtedly changed the direction of your life (or that of someone you know). Can you identify what that event was?

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May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace,

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