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~ Emily Dickinson
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What Kind Of Lover Are You?
Have you noticed a slowdown in your activities lately? I certainly have.  As I've been busily preparing everything for my family during this holiday season I have noticed  retrograde Mars more than ever. Mars began slowing down when it entered the the Rx zone way back on September 16th and then actually went stationary retrograde on November 15th. Since Mars is the engine that drives us, having it move backwards can represent a real slowdown in our activities and our ability to move in the direction we wish to go toward.  Every year I make Christmas cards, a Christmas letter and calendars for friends and family. This year I have wasted enough paper and ink to pay off the National Debt!  I'm joking, of course, but seriously, I have wasted a LOT of paper and ink by making mistakes and having to do things over twice, three times or more! It's frustrating. (Mars rules frustration, too).  Although Mars will begin to move forward again on January 30th, it doesn't leave the Rx zone until April 4th. Well, since that's my wedding anniversary, I, at least, have something to look forward to!

I've just posted my specials for the month of December. These Astrology Reports at greatly reduced prices will make a welcome gift for your loved ones...and for yourself!

May the Sun, Moon and Stars shelter you and energize you with love and peace throughout this holy season and the New Year,


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