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The Sun moves into Pisces today. Click here to learn what Pisces, the Cycle of Release, offers all of us. Happy Birthday to all Pisces! Click here for the Pisces Affirmation. Here is the Pisces Tarot Card Affirmation.

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After watching “The Social Network”, one of the Academy Award nominated movies,  I was, of course, intrigued to know more Mark Zuckerberg, the film’s protagonist, co-founder of Facebook, and the country’s youngest billionaire at age 26. I found his biography on Wikipedia, and was not at all surprised to learn that, having been born on May 14, 1984, he is a Taurus, ruled by Venus.

I immediately suspected that his card in the Book of Destiny must surely be a Diamond, for study of the BOD has taught me that wealth usually comes to those with a Diamond Birth Card and I was not disappointed in this case. Zuckerberg’s card is the 5 of Diamonds. Here is the fascinating description from the BOD of the Five of Diamonds:

“The Five of Diamonds Person: The Salesperson Card

This card has its share of challenges and its share of gifts. Like all Fives, they dislike routine and abhor anything that pretends to limit their freedom or put them in a box. They can be perpetual wanderers, never settling down for anything long enough to make it pay off. This includes their work and relationships. All Five of Diamonds have an inner restlessness, but they also want to accomplish something of value and stability in their lives. Often these two conflict with each other and it is a trick for them to find a career that gives them both. For many, sales is the work of choice. They can relate to people on all levels and this gives them great success in this area.

There are likely to be financial losses in their life and situations where their kind-hearted nature costs them a great deal. Being closely associated with the Nine of Diamonds card makes them very giving people and tells us that there are outstanding debts to be paid in this life from the past. These people are givers and love to share their resources with their family and close friends.

They are inherently spiritual and know what is of true value. The challenge comes in practicing what they know. They come into this life with a certain amount of karma which often takes considerable hard work to discharge. If they are lazy, there will be many problems. They must practice what they know and do what it takes to get the job done without shirking responsibility.  If they align themselves with a higher purpose or ideal, they can become the creators of their destiny and have much more success and fulfillment. Such a strong Neptune influence creates a desire to help others as part of the life's work. If this Neptunian vision is used only to pursue their own personal desires and fantasies, it always backfires and brings pain and suffering.”

Obviously Mark Zuckerberg is living the high side of his Five of Diamonds Birth Card. However, in the science of the BOD, we are described by other cards than our Birth Card, most important of which is our Planetary Ruler card. Mark’s Planetary Ruler Card is the Jack of Clubs. Here is how his Planetary Ruler Card describes Zuckerberg:

“Jack of Clubs as Your Planetary Ruler

This ruling card gives you an eternally youthful quality. You love to have fun and have many creative ideas about how to do just that. Your creativity also extends into your work where you have entrepreneurial abilities. You have the ability to make a lot of money with your ideas, as long as you are willing to do the work. Your mind is quick and resourceful, but often stubborn and resistant to change. You may also be prone to make up stories to cover up what you are really doing. You are a great story-teller….Personal freedom is important to you, and for your relationships. You probably wouldn't enjoy being 'bound up' by someone.”

Now, Astrology is my first love, and I always consult it first whenever I am seeking understanding about someone, whether a client or a pubic personality. But I am frankly thrilled by how perfectly the Book of Destiny confirms and supports Astrology. The combination of the two systems is remarkable.

Returning to an Astrological analysis of Zuckerberg, I also discovered on Wikipedia that his creation—Facebook—was born on February 4, 1984. So, looking at a chart for that date and how it influenced Zuckerberg’s natal chart, I quickly noted that the North Node—the direction we are meant to follow in this lifetime (really the pointer of our destiny!) was precisely on his Venus, ruler of his Taurus Sun.

Transiting Mars, the director of one's ambition had just crossed over his natal Mercury (one's thinking processes and communication skills); both transiting Venus and the Moon (the public) were sextiling his Sun that day—encouraging his ambition; and the transiting Sun was trining his natal Venus offering good fortune. These are but a few of the aspects to his chart that day.

Furthermore, chiming in with this picture of good fortune was the fact that in the BOD, Mark was at that time (and still is) in his Venus Period ruled by the Jack of Clubs:

”The Jack of Clubs tells us that you will be dealing with some very creative and youthful energies. This is one of the most mentally creative cards in the deck and as such bestows a certain amount of success. This would apply especially to those involved in mental or communications-related occupations.”

The card secondarily impacting his Venus period is the Eight of Clubs (my Birth Card!):

“The Eight of Clubs is the card of mental power, the ability to focus one's mind on a goal or objective and see it through to a successful conclusion. This power is usually applied to some mental or educational task. It bestows the power to overcome all problems by focusing one's thoughts and it usually occurs when there is something that we need to learn or accomplish on the mental level."

Earlier we noted from Mark’s Birth Card that at some point in his life he would suffer financial losses, which has already occurred by his having to settle a lawsuit with his former partner in Facebook for millions of dollars.

On his birthday this year Mark will enter his Mars period which is ruled by the  Nine of Diamonds for the next 13 years, so apparently his financial challenges are not yet over:

“The Nine of Diamonds in the Mars Period

This influence brings a loss of money on speculation, legal matters, or in connection with a man. Aggressive business activities and speculation are not favored at this time and can bring losses. Be extra careful in what you do and say. Though you will be attracted to speculation and gambling during this period your best returns come from long term investments. This can also represent difficulties in collecting inheritance or in a tax or insurance matter.”

I suggest that we all keep an eye on Mark Zuckerberg’s future to see how it continues to play out in accordance with the Book of Destiny!

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Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth President of the United States, was born on February 12th, 1809.  He was an Aquarian, but he also had a great deal of Pisces emphasis in his chart, which served to make him the very complex person that he was. He's one of my favorite people to read about; I have nine books about him and each time I re-read one of them I learn something new. I never cease to marvel over how he grew in wisdom, understanding, and an absolutely impeccable sense of timing over his lifetime...all of which stood him in good stead as he navigated the complexities of the American Civil War, guiding our nation through its most perilous years. And when he had finished that arduous task, poetically, he left this plane. I cannot believe that was an accident, for he had accomplished much, suffered much, and was tired. He had earned his reward.

Indeed, I am truly convinced that Abraham Lincoln was chosen by a higher power to lead our nation through the defining moment in its history; furthermore, with the sensitive Pisces energy in his chart, I sincerely believe that Lincoln sensed his assignment deeply. From his earliest years he longed to "make a difference"--as the modern parlance has it.  So I thought it might be instructive to look at Abraham Lincoln's Vedic Chart Report to see how his stars described him in the Eastern tradition. You may view Abraham Lincoln's Vedic Chart Report here. After reading it, you may wish to order your own Vedic Chart Report which now includes a beautiful color Vedic Horoscope Chart--all for the incredibly low price of $14.95!

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Chinese New Year--the Year of the Rabbit--begins today. Click here to learn about your  Chinese Astrology Sun Sign.  Here is another great Chinese Astrology Site!

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I don't know about you, my darlings, but I can hardly believe that January 2011
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