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This is my letter to the world, that never wrote to me..."
~ Emily Dickinson
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POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, July 28, 2008

My good friend Bill Mitchell has sent me an inspirational story that I want to share with you. Click here to read his true story.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, July 27, 2008

It must be because the Sun has entered the Sign of Leo (the Lion) that I have been receiving several times a day the link to this wonderfully inspirational video.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday,  July 22nd

The Leo phase of the annual Solunar Cycle begins today.  Learn more about Leo energy and its potential.  Furthermore, because of the impending Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 1st, this phase is particularly important and powerful in its implications. Not only will the Eclipse affect each of us on a personal level, but Leo Eclipses are notorious for changing the course of kings, rulers, heads of state, and by extension, wannabe heads of state.

To test this astrological premise you have only to sit back and observe the news about President Bush, as well as Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama.  Their respective party conventions, in the wake of the Leo Eclipse, (Democratic Convention August 25th—August 27th; Republican Convention September 1st—September 4th) should prove eminently illuminative. Eclipses  inaugurate crises—dramatic turning points—in our lives. How will this Leo Eclipse affect you? Where will it fall in your birthchart? What crisis or turning point awaits you? Or has the Eclipse already begun to manifest in your life?

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Saturday, July 19, 2008

Recently a friend forwarded an article about presidential hopeful John McCain’s misadventures during his career as a Naval Aviator, with the title: "Will McCain Flame Out Again?" I read the article and then referred it to the analysis of my husband, a retired United States Naval Officer, a fighter pilot who, as it happens, flew over 200 missions during the Vietnam War without  being shot down.  He convincingly pointed out the article’s liberal bias evident in its specious reasoning, which, truth to tell, had been obvious to me as well.

The thrust of the clumsily written anti-McCain article was that, having been shot down during the Vietnam War, McCain would obviously be shot down again in his second bid for the presidency of the United States.

Perhaps it is the current Full Moon Phase—during which we invariably experience “enlightenment”—that caused me to recall that another Naval Officer and former president of the United States had likewise been “shot down” during World War II. I’m referring, of course, to President George Herbert Walker Bush.

It suddenly occurred to me in the light of this Full Moon in Capricorn—the sign of authority figures—that maybe President Bush, a “shot down” Naval aviator, who rose from the sea to become the 41st president of the United states—just maybe, the former president has set a precedent!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Friday, July 18, 2008

This interesting article reactivated the thought that I voiced back in January. I still would not be surprised if McCain chose Romney as his running mate, especially after viewing the positive energy granted to Romney by the upcoming August Solar Eclipse!  And , oh, BTW, how is the Solar Eclipse going to affect you?  I would love to tell you!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, July 13, 2008

Apparently not everyone agrees with District Attorney Lacy about the newest DNA evidence, or the clearing of JonBenet's family in her murder.  Which reminds me of what I said two years ago about Ms. Lacey.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Thursday, July 10, 2008

When I read today’s news about the JonBenet Ramsey case—the ongoing search for her killer based on new DNA evidence—I recalled that she was a Leo, and I wondered whether the August 1st Eclipse contacts her Sun. Remember, dynamic transits to our birthcharts, which live on after us, brings them to the foreground.

Well, the Eclipse at 9 degrees of Leo, as it happens, does widely conjoin JonBenet’s Sun, which was at 13 degrees of Leo. But it exactly opposes her natal Sun at 9 degrees of Aquarius. Then, realizing that JonBenet would have been 18 on her next birthday—August 6th, I wondered if the August 1st Solar Eclipse could be the return of her prenatal Eclipse. It was while researching this possibility that I discovered, not that the coming Eclipse is the return of her prenatal Eclipse, but the startling fact that JonBenet was born on the day of a Lunar Eclipse!  This means that her 13 degree Leo Sun was part of that Lunar Eclipse.

The August 1st Solar Eclipse—the New Moon conjunction at 9 degrees of Leo, has as its planetary ruler, Mercury—at 12 degrees of Leo, which nearly conjoins, within a degree, JonBenet’s Leo Sun, and exactly conjoins her progressed Venus at 12 degrees of Leo.  Mercury, the ruler of this Solar Eclipse because of being the closest planet to the Sun/Moon conjunction, further plays a significant role as it relates to JonBenet’s chart, because we are just now gaining new information about her murderer, though we do not yet have him in custody. Furthermore, Mercury is the ruler of JonBenet’s whole chart by virtue of her having Gemini rising. Mercury,the winged messenger, is providing us at this time with new information.

In addition, this Eclipse raises another important issue, to quote astrologer Robert Carl Jansky in his book “Interpreting the Eclipses” A Solar Eclipse falling across the 3rd/9th house axis, Jansky points out, says: “Let’s exchange ideas, for the truth shall give us…greater freedom.”  Since this Eclipse falls across the 3rd/9th house axis of JonBenet's chart, I thought that an uncannily accurate description of the new information coming to light about DNA left at the murder scene.

Furthermore, hear what Jansky has to say about a Solar Eclipse opposing one’s Moon, as this one does, exactly opposing JonBenet’s Moon: “You are going to have your personal relationships with others tested under this influence….Not infrequently, the mother is involved, either directly or indirectly, and there is a testing of the precepts, principles and general programming impressed upon you by your mother in your early years.”

Now, here’s where I believe JonBenet’s mother, Patsy Ramsey, enters the picture by virtue of the Eclipse opposing JonBenet's Moon. First of all, the new DNA evidence is said to finally clear Patsy Ramsey of any involvement in her daughter’s death. Lamentably, this fact comes too late for Patsy Ramsey’s peace of mind, since she has since died. And remember what I’ve said earlier in my previous blog about the numerological significance of this Eclipse falling at the 9th degree?  Number Nine means endings. So there is an ending here with regard to Patsy Ramsey culpability.

However, what I find even more telling about Jansky’s eerie statement with regard to this Eclipse hit, is that it was Patsy Ramsey who “programmed” the beautiful little Leo JonBenet to become involved in those beauty pageants. You see, I believe it was the publicity she received during these pageants that ultimately caused JonBenet’s death. I believe the killer was a pedophile who was “turned on” by her premature stance of seductiveness as we’ve all seen her project in her photographs.

But wait, there’s more: I’m referring to the secondary progressions to JonBenet’s chart at this time. The Moon has progressed to 14 degrees of Libra in the sixth house of JonBenet’s chart. More important than sign or house of the progressed Moon  is the fact that it is in the “New Moon” phase of its 29-year cycle. Here is some of what astrologer Bernadette Brady, author of “The Eagle and the Lark”, has to say about the progressed New Moon phase and its significance:  “A New Moon is an important pointer, as it shows the unconscious needs and expectations that will unfold….over the following 29 years….New Moons are seeds. Seeds that will grow into a plant…..All other lunar phases stem from this phase, each one building on the previous one by taking that initial…energy…and evolving it through its stages of development.”

Now I should point out that this is not the very beginning of JonBenet’s progressed “New Moon” phase. The progressed New Moon began on November 20th, 2004….nearly eight years after JonBenet’s death. And of course, the investigation has been continuing right up to the present moment, almost twelve years after her death.

Twelve years, not coincidentally, is the length of a Jupiter Cycle. Jupiter was at 23 degrees of Capricorn on December 26th, 1996, when JonBenet died.  Jupiter is now retrograding at 17 degrees of Capricorn, and when it turns direct it will finally reach its return to the place it occupied when JonBenet died. Planetary returns are important; they tend to bring things to a head.  We are nearly at that point. I believe that ultimately JonBenet’s killer will be found.

The relationships I have described here with regard to the August 1st Solar Eclipse’s effect on JonBenet’s chart are revealing; however, they are but a small portion of the information I provide in my Solar Eclipse Readings. You will note that, just as I said in my earlier blog about the upcoming Eclipse, often its energy manifests up to a month prior to the actual Eclipse, as it has in the chart of JonBenet Ramsey. You can have similar information and much more in my personal analysis of how the August 1st Solar Eclipse will affect your chart. I welcome the opportunity to provide this intense and eminently affordable reading for you!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, July 07, 2008

Yes, it's that pivotal time of year again—another Solar Eclipse takes place on August 1st, and as usual, we’ve already begun to feel its transforming effects a month before it actually occurs. Everyone I have heard from recently is experiencing some intense emotional circumstance in his or her life. Of course, every Eclipse affects each of us differently, according to its place in our birthchart.

Therefore, for those of you who want to better understand what’s going on with your natal chart because of the effects of this Solar Eclipse in the sign of Leo, I am offering my semi-annual Mini-Solar Eclipse Reading now—three weeks ahead of the actual Eclipse. 

You may ask what are the advantages of having a "heads up" on the coming Eclipse?  I would answer that the advantages are similar to those for knowing about an approaching hurricane or tornado! You simply enjoy the opportunity to position yourself most favorably with relation to the coming event.  I should add however, that, unlike hurricanes and tornadoes, not all Eclipses are negative in their impact.  Some Eclipses, depending upon their placement in the houses of our charts, actually cause a turning point in our lives for the better. This information too, is well worth knowing about and preparing for in advance.

And despite what I said on July 5th, actually there is something new under the sun! I'm now offering this very special reading in audio format as well as text format. To learn more about this very personal Solar Eclipse Reading click here.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, July 06, 2008

I bought a lovely Calvin Klein handbag last week, but when I brought it home and removed all the paper stuffing, and put my own “stuff” inside, I decided I didn’t like it so much after all, as expensive and attractive as it was. So I removed my stuff, repacked the crumpled paper back inside and returned it to the store for a refund.

A few days later I was looking for something in my old purse and discovered, to my dismay, that I didn’t have my wonderful handbag holder—the attractive jeweled hook that allows me to hang my handbags on the table at restaurants, instead of having to park them unceremoniously on the floor.

There was only one place it could possibly be—in the handbag that I had returned to the store! I was appalled! I bought this lovely one-of-a-kind handbag holder only a month ago from a street fair vendor and I couldn’t get another one like it. I was so upset with my carelessness! Unfortunately, I made this sad discovery on the Fourth of July, a day when the store was closed, so I couldn’t rush there and try to retrieve my handbag holder.

Besides, the purse had already been back in the store for nearly a week.  What if someone else had already purchased it? Wouldn’t any woman count herself lucky to find such a treasure inside? She would no doubt assume that it was included with the high price of the purse.  Well, I’d just have to sweat it out, since there was nothing I could do to discover whether my little treasure was gone for good until the store opened again on July 5th.

Or was there?

I turned to my Thought Dial—the device that lets me ask a “yes or no” question, dial three numbers and then reduce the total to a single digit which gives the answer to my question—yes or no.  I dialed three numbers, which reduced to the single digit 3.  According to astrologer/numerologist Sydney Omarr’s instructions, 3  means the answer to my question is “yes”….but less definite than the number 1. Still, this offered a modicum of hope, which I clung to tenaciously.

When I returned to the store yesterday, I looked around anxiously and at first didn’t see the purse that I had returned—but oh, yes, there it was. In fact, there were two of them! I unzipped the first one and rummaged hopefully around amongst the crumpled papers and in the various pockets, zipped and unzipped.  No handbag holder!  Tremulous now, I unzipped the second purse, plunged my hand to the bottom of the crumpled papers and voila! There it was, safe in its little felt bag—my lovely jeweled handbag holder! Color me lucky!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE Saturday, July 05, 2008

As I commented to a dear friend the other day, "I'm guru-ed out!"  I confess I have never understood the need to run from one self-professed guru to another, from one seminar on enlightenment to the next, from one author’s interpretation of awareness to another’s. And yet, to my dismay, many people of my personal acquaintance, and on the Internet, and in the world are apparently obsessed with a ceaseless quest for enlightenment; a newer enlightenment; the latest and "truest" enlightenment.

I am reminded of an observation by Osho, a self-anointed guru, who at times exasperates me with his arrogance, while at other times he transports me with his brilliance, for example, in this profound declaration: “There is no super highway [to enlightenmen; there are only footpaths—and that too, not ready-made. Not that you find them already there and you have just to walk on them—no. As you walk, you make them. Your very walking makes them.”

In other words, enlightenment is not somewhere “out there”.  It dwells, and waits, and has its being deep within each of us. Of course, this is not a new concept. It goes back to Lao Tzu and Jesus, and all those who followed after them.  “There is nothing new under the sun”.  This maxim resonates perfectly within me. But apparently I am the only one with whom it resonates here in the impending Age of Aquarius.

For I often receive from dear friends, whom I hasten to say—I love and respect— either the advice to read the latest “enlightenment” book, or even a gift of the book itself. I frequently receive entreaties from those who are near and dear to me, to watch Oprah and her latest “find”—the "guru" who will undoubtedly “enlighten” me at the same time he or she changes the world.

But I don’t want another guru, thank you very much!  For the record, I’m as enlightened as I care to be! I have attended one self-realization seminar in my life—back in the 70’s and I “got it”. The message is still with me. It was delivered during the est training, where we first encountered the now stereotypical terms which were not new, even then, but were being gleefully imported (yet again) from ancient Eastern cultures into our Western culture and served up as "enlightenment". You’ve heard the buzz words so often you know them by heart, don’t you?

“Make a difference”
“Take responsibility”
“Be here now”
“What is, is”
“Choose it!”
“This is it and I’m satisfied”
"There's no one out there"
"You create it all"
“Get it!”

I’m sure you “get” it! Heaven knows I “got it” way back then. I've still "got it" and I’m grateful for what I “got”, for it has stood me in reasonably good stead ever since.  I don’t need another guru! I am guru-ed out!

Regardless of what Oprah and her current “guru”—Master Eckhart Tolle—may wish you to believe, his are not new concepts that will create a new world; they are simply old wine in new bottles.  And if they happen to be new ideas to someone who has not lived on this planet very long, then so be it, and more power to each newly “enlightened” soul. 

But please don’t pretend these ideas are “new” or revolutionary, and please don’t predict the salvation of the world with these bromides, because the world is certainly not going to transform overnight, with the wave of a magic wand. Forgive me for my insolence, but I simply do not see this miracle occurring around me. Instead, I see people stuck in their egos. Becoming “unstuck” requires dedicated individual effort, not the mere repetition of platitudes, and not the blind following of the latest "guru’s" facile pronouncements about his "epiphany" and the next one, and the next one.

Trust me, another of Oprah’s “discoveries” will come along to unseat Eckhart Tolle. And then his or her belief about the "true" path to enlightenment will be served up as a totally new dish and duly touted as a revolutionary concept in the universal quest for “enlightenment”.  Oh, yes, and the masses will eagerly scurry to put the newest "guru’s" book on the best-seller list, and Eckhart Tolle’s books, as surely as I sit here typing these words, will take their place on myriad second-hand bookstore shelves, gathering dust along with those of his countless  predecessors'.

As a practicing astrologer, however, I am obliged to point out with gratification, the role of Saturn, the “great guru in the sky” in this most recent so-called spiritual revolution.  You see, the latest "messiah"—Master Eckhart Tolle—experienced his self-confessed “epiphany” just before the age of 29, during his first Saturn Return. And now, at the age of 60, he is riding high on the wings of Oprah, having passed Saturn’s test at its second return to his natal chart between the ages of 58 and 59.  This is as is should be. All is right with his world.

You see, Saturn is my true guru. He's taught me all I need to know—usually the hard way—on the footpath of life. So I don’t really need another guru.

Today would have been my daddy’s 100th birthday, had he lived. I’m happy to say that he lived until the age of 92, with all of his faculties intact. I was so fortunate to have him in my life for so long. He was always a blessing to me and I miss him dreadfully now that he is gone.

You see, my daddy never failed to let me know that I was the “apple of his eye”—which is why I say, without equivocation, that he was a blessing to me. When you have that knowledge—that awesome acceptance from your father—you are never in need of corroboration of your wonderfulness from anyone else as long as you live. You simply expect to be appreciated—a belief that takes you through life flying high on the wings of acceptance—a blessing that can neither be exceeded nor diminished by any other person. I believe this maxim holds true for men as well as women. Deep down, we all long to please our parents and to be a credit to them, whether we acknowledge this or not.

I recall an interview that I read with the wonderful comedian Jack Benny, who said that his greatest sadness in life was that his father had not lived to see his success.

Daddy lived in New York State and I live in California; we communicated by telephone almost every Sunday. Daddy always wanted to know how much gas was costing us out here. (Can you believe it? He would be horrified if he knew what gas costs us now!) He frequently wanted to know when we were “coming on”—a plea for another visit from us. It was never often enough—for us or for him.

He always ended our phone calls by saying, “I love you with all my heart and soul”. And you know, at the time I accepted that as merely a statement of fact: I never questioned it.

That is, until nine months after my daddy’s death, when my first grandchild, Ian, was born. At first I didn’t consider the perfect symmetry of Daddy's departure in September 2000 and Ian's arrival in June 2001. Gradually, however, I began to think to myself, “Hmmm, maybe Daddy had a chat with God and mentioned that I deserved a grandchild.”

I mentioned this to one of my clients, who replied, “Have you ever thought that Ian might BE your daddy?”  I hadn’t—until then. But now, realizing how much my Daddy loved and accepted me, and how much, I, in turn, love and accept Ian, I certainly do give this idea credence, especially inasmuch as my Daddy’s chart— although his Sun sign was in Cancer, had a lot of Gemini in it—which is Ian’s Sun sign.

Is this mere coincidence? Evidence of Reincarnation? A Cosmic connection?

I cannot say. All I can say for sure is that the joy in my life continues to resonate with my Daddy’s assertion that he loved me with all his heart and soul !

Thank you, Daddy! I love you (and Ian) with all my heart and soul, too!  Happy Birthday, Daddy, from an eternally grateful daughter.
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