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Do you like your life? I mean, do you feel content in your present circumstances? Are you satisfied with your career and the rewards that you reap from it? What about your friendship and family relationships…are they pleasing to you?

Well, if not, have you ever considered moving to another location? Or are you even aware that your location creates the context for your life’s experience?  Yes! Where you live presents you with a whole new horoscope—your relocated horoscope.

Your relocated chart is a horoscope cast for a different location from your place of birth. The zodiacal positions of the planets remain the same as in your natal chart, but their positions in the houses change.

In the past, most people tended to remain close to where they were born. This is not the case today; transcontinental and international travel is commonplace. The purpose of a relocated natal chart is to reveal the influences you are likely to experience in different locations. The interpretations in the report can show you what to expect from the new location. It is an invaluable tool for planning holiday or business trips and can be especially useful when considering setting up a new home.

I’m asking you all these penetrating questions because I have just had an opportunity to view my own relocated chart and was impressed with the accuracy of its analysis of how my life is apt to play out for me in my present location—Escondido, California.  In fact, I could  not have chosen a more perfect location in which to pursue my writing and astrological counseling interests! I’ve posted my Relocation Report here for your review.

If you have ever wondered whether you would be better off living in a different location, I can offer you an inside look at what life would be like anywhere you might choose to relocate. The Relocation Report, priced at a reasonable $14.95, will give you a clear definitive picture of what life could offer you in a different location from where you currently live.

Or, more probably, you do not currently live in the same place where your were born and you would like to know what a Relocation Report has to say about your present location. In either case, I invite you to satisfy your curiosity by ordering this evocative report! To order your Relocation Report, send me an email with your birth information: (Name, Date, Place and Time of Birth), and also the City where you now live, or the city to which you are contemplating a move. You’ll be intrigued by what you discover in this revealing report!

To order your Relocation Report for only $14.95 simply click this icon.

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I'm pleased to announce that  today I am launching a new feature on my website. Every month I will offer one of  my services at a greatly reduced price. For the whole month of July I am offering my 12-month LUNAR RETURN REPORT at half price. You will receive
TWELVE  comprehensive personal Monthly Reports of approximately 26-28 pages  designed to guide you effortlessly through the days of the month for an entire year.

This 26-28 page Report describes your potential and challenges for the month in several significant ways. First, it outlines the planets in the Lunar Return chart, then it explains how they relate to your natal chart. It next outlines the current transits to your Lunar Return, as well as transits to your natal chart.

Specific points in your natal chart are highlighted for the month if Lunar Return positions conjunct points in the natal chart. These will be areas where you can put your best foot forward, and make the most effective progress.

A powerful part of your Lunar Return Report is your personal Void-of-Course Moon periods. Every 2½ days after the transiting Moon has made its last aspect to another planet we enter the Void-of-Course Moon period which can last from minutes to more than a day, depending upon how late the planets happen to be in their signs. Traditionally, this period has been considered unfavorable for making important decisions. On the plus side this is an excellent time for gaining new insights, for creativity and relaxation.

Your Lunar Return Report can be useful if you're trying to decide on the ideal time to be married, or apply for a job, or schedule elective surgery, or even a party! Your Lunar Return Report pinpoints your strongest times during the month.

For the entire month of July I’m pleased to offer this valuable report which regularly sells for $3.95 for one month, or the entire year for $19.95 now for ONLY $7.50   Yes, you read that right... you will receive twelve 25-28 page Lunar Return Reports for only $7.50! To place your order simply click on the icon below. But hurry! The offers ends on July 31st!

Sorry this offer has expired.
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POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Saurday, July 23, 2011

Happy birthday to all Leos! To see what Leo, the Cycle of  Creativity, means for all of us click here. Click here for the Leo Affirmation.  You may view the Tarot Card for Leo here.