POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, June 22, 2008

It was interesting, though not surprising, to learn today that retired anchor Tom Brokaw will replace Tim Russert as moderator of NBC’s Sunday morning talk show “Meet the Press” through the November 2008 presidential election.  After all, it was Brokaw who came on the air to announce Russert’s untimely death, and it was Brokaw who welcomed mourners to Russert’s funeral services at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Georgetown.

Nevertheless, I thought we’d better have a look at Brokaw’s natal chart, to see what it has to say about his return to NBC. Today, the day of the announcement, the Moon conjoins Brokaw’s natal Aquarius Sun. Jupiter, the ruler of his natal chart, by virtue of his Sagittarius rising, is transiting his second house of self-worth and personal income, while his progressed Jupiter exactly conjoins his natal Mars in Aries (the sign of its dignity, and indicator of one’s lifelong quest for prominence).

Furthermore, Uranus, the ruler of Brokaw’s natal Sun in Aquarius, transiting his third house (of communication) is exactly conjunct his natal Venus (money, what one values).

Brokaw’s Midheaven has recently by progression (indicating how one has evolved) crossed over his natal Ascendant (how one projects one’s personality). Anytime a progressed planet conjoins one of the “angles” (First, Fourth, Seventh or Tenth house cusps), you can expect a dramatic change in one’s life. Coincidentally (oh, really?) Brokaw’s progressed Venus conjoins his 7th house cusp (of the public).

Tom Brokaw was born to be in the communication field, with his Sun and Mercury occupying his third house of communication. At this time the North Node (the direction one is supposed to follow in this life is conjunct his natal Mercury (communication).  To make things even more inevitable, the last Solar Eclipse conjoined the midpoint of his natal Sun/Mercury—a life-altering circumstance.

It seems to me, as confirmed by the scientific art of Astrology, that this event in Tom Brokaw’s life at this time was predestined.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, June 22, 2008

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POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Saturday, June 14, 2008

After posting my previous blog about Obama’s Karma, a subscriber to my mailing list emailed me to ask if I was sure about Obama’s birth information as described on the birth certificate. She had previously forwarded dissenting information about Obama’s not revealing his birth certificate. 

I mean no disrespect to this well-meaning friend; however, I have done a bit of research regarding this particular issue, and when I was sent the latest information about Obama’s birth certificate I carefully weighed its information against all the others I had formerly had in my data base. I believe, based on what I have already told you (below) about Obama’s Karmic Chart, that this is his correct birth information.  Bearing in mind that Mercury is retrograde, however, it's possible he's leading me down a wrong alley. It woudn't be the first time I've been wrong!

Nevertheless, taking my quest for truth one step further, after receiving this subscriber’s contrasting opinion, I decided to ask Sydney Omarr’s Thought Dial this question: “Do I now have Barack Obama’s correct birth information?”  The numbers I dialed reduced to the single digit 1.  This is the answer I received from Thought Dial for asking a direct question with the dialed numbers reducing to the single digit 1:


Specifically, the subject's question concerns a new project, or a new association, either business or personal….The subconscious, through the Thought Dial, encourages the subject to pursue NEW PERSONS, PROJECTS, and paths that lead to greater independence of thought and action through a BREAK WITH THE PAST.

Significant zodiacal signs, in connection with this question, are apt to be LEO or AQUARIUS. [Note by Beverlee—Obama is a Leo!]

The question itself is one which evolves around initiative, creative ability, new starts, original thinking.

The closest to a direct answer would be: GO YOUR OWN WAY ON THIS MATTER. It is not a time to follow others. Rather, the Thought Dial indicates that only through direct, original, perhaps daring action, can you succeed.

The question, most likely, is one which involves pioneering action. And the subject is apt to be concerned with a BREAK FROM TRADITION.

The answer, provided by the subconscious (via the Thought Dial), is that a break is necessary for a positive conclusion to this problem.

The subject wants to know whether to go back, or to move ahead. The answer is to MOVE AHEAD.

New ways to advertise; new ways to serve in the entertainment fields—all these are favored in answer to the question being asked.  The subject should, in dialing this total, be encouraged to emerge as an INDIVIDUAL who leads the way.

A direct answer would be YES—go ahead! Be confident that original, forceful methods will work in this case. No turning back, not now!”

I rest my case, conceding that the Thought Dial does not ALWAYS give me the correct answer.  If I'm mistaken about Obama's birth certificate I guess I'll just have to eat my Thought Dial!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Saturday, June 14, 2008

I’ve been analyzing a new natal chart for Barack Obama—(yes, yet another one, added to the three I already had!)—having received what purports to be his actual birth certificate, (shown below) giving his birth time as 7:24 p.m.

I was, of course, intrigued to observe that Obama is living in accordance with his Karmic chart. It's always thrilling to witness the precise correlation between the techniques I use in my astrological counseling and what's actually happening in someone's life. It makes my work completely worthwhile and immensely satisfying.
I am eternally grateful for the opportunity given to me to provide information that helps others relate to and make sense of what's going on in their lives.

So, to explain: The way I erect a Karmic chart, (the negative of the picture of one’s natal chart), is by placing the Sun/Moon midpoint on the Ascendant.  Well, in Obama's case this puts Cancer on the Ascendant of his Karmic chart. I’ve observed repeatedly that the Karmic chart frequently has the sign of one’s marriage or business partner on the seventh house cusp—the cusp opposite the Ascendant. And this is precisely the case with Obama. With Cancer rising, the sign on the seventh house cusp of his Karmic chart is Capricorn, and sure enough, his wife, Michele Obama, is a Capricorn. [Personal note: I also have Cancer on the Ascendant of my Karmic Chart and  I, too, am married to a Capricorn—a fact which first caused me to give credence to Karmic Charts. If it works, go with it! Most astrolgers begin their pusuit of the subject from a position of skepticism until it proves itself time and again.]

This is merely one of the eye-popping pieces of information I provide in your Karmic Chart Analysis—which—and I'm not exaggerating—is like an introduction to your very soul! This personally composed reading provides such consciousness-raising insight as: what your life’s purpose is, your greatest challenge in this lifetime, what traps you may fall into, and what you will ultimately be judged for most severely. You’ll discover what you may be choosing not to learn but where lessons will be thrust upon you anyway, revealing where a new awareness is awakened in you. 

It’s truly an extraordinary reading, unlike any you've ever had, and one that I enjoy working on and presenting to those who are willing to confront a deep-down intimate picture of the stage of development their soul is presently in, as well as what they can do to further their own spiritual evolution. Does this describe you?  If so, you'll want to learn more.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Friday, June 13, 2008

When I first learned this afternoon, after returning from a luncheon engagement, of NBC’s Tim Russert’s sudden death it seemed to me, at first glance, untimely. Although he was 58 years old, he had not yet quite reached the epoch of his Saturn Return. Some folks are precocious, and their transits kick in early, I reminded myself, still clinging to the Saturn Return theory, (without, I must add, having Russert's  birth time and therefore using a Noontime chart to make my judgement).  The first report that I saw on the Internet stated that Russett had died of a heart attack. His internist however, seemed at first to be quesioning this theory until an autopsy was performed. (NB: After I had posted this blog he later confirmed that Russert had, in fact, died of a heart attack. Chalk one up for astrology!)

Because, you see, further investigation (which I will put up against any internist’s!), after ruling out the Saturn Return theory that I had originally proposed, disclosed the fact that Uranus (sudden changes) today exactly opposed Russert’s natal Mars—the planet that rules attacks.  So, without more difinitive medical information to go on, I firmly believed Tim Russert died of a sudden heart attack.

Not incidentally, Russert’s progressed Moon exactly opposes his natal Saturn, so we can’t entirely rule out Saturn’s influence on his death.  For while Saturn had not yet conjoined Russert’s natal Saturn, (many astrologers maintain that a transit’s energy can be felt a number of degrees before it is exact), it was, ominously, inconjunct his natal Venus, ruler of his Taurus Sun. I say ominiously becasuse inconjunctions transiting one's natal chart are frequently present at the time of one's death. I always look for inconjunctions at the time of someone's death and I always look for Jupiter's aspects to the natal chart, as well.

So Saturn, the final arbiter of time, does appear, in the final analysis, to be one of several indications of Russert’s sudden death.

We must also factor in Jupiter's role in Russert's demise. Jupiter is trining his natal Taurus Sun—and we've seen how accolades abound under Jupiter's enthusiastic influence at the time of one's death. Accordingly, it comes as no surprise that friends and competitors alike are rushing to praise Russert's talent to the skies.

I encourage those among you who are serious students of the scientific art of astrology to learn more about Jupiter and Saturn Cycles and fix their influence firmly in your comprehension. They are vitally important indicators in our quest for understanding about what's going on in our lives at any given moment. For openers, just keep in mind that Jupiter expands and Saturn contracts. Thus they form a team—the "Dynamic Duo" of astrology as I like to refer to them.

A final observation for what it's worth: regarding my treatise on the Tarot/Astrology age correlation, I note with interest that Tim Russert, at age 58, falls under the influence of the Temperance card—Sagittarius's Tarot card—whose message is: "Discovering Moderation."  Considering that Russert had just returned the night before his death from a vacation in Italy with his family, I cannot help believing that he has learned temperance in a cruelly final way.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Wednesday, June 11, 2008

It’s been surprising, as well as rewarding, to notice that recently the second most visited page on my website, after this page, is Lesson Two of my Free Cycles Course, the discussion of Jupiter Returns. Most of these visitors arrive by searching for “Jupiter Return”. This is gratifying because since I enjoyed writing the Free Cycles Course a number of years ago I naturally wanted to share it with others. I first began circulating it by offering it to those who requested it by email. Eventually, however,  I integrated it into this website, thus enabling it to reach far more people.

As for why so many folks are suddenly searching for information about Jupiter Returns, I can only speculate.  Perhaps it is because Jupiter is now transiting through Capricorn—the sign ruled by Saturn—the “teacher”.  Or perhaps the seekers are those folks who are experiencing their Jupiter Returns and want to know what it means for them, astrologically.  Since Jupiter has a twelve-year cycle, if we look back as far as 1936/37 and continue forward in 12-year increments, we find that those who are experiencing their Jupiter Return around this time would have been born in 1936 or 1937, 1948 or 1949, 1960, 1972,  or 1984.   

On the other hand, since Jupiter is the planetary purveyor of knowledge and enlightenment, perhaps more people are simply feeling a need for this type of information at this time. I certainly know that I am wondering what is happening in the world today—a world so very different from that in which I was born and grew to maturity. Whatever the reason for the influx of visitors wishing to know more about Jupiter’s lessons, I welcome them.   As Jupiter, the exuberant planet of expansion would want me to say, "the more the merrier!"  
POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I had to laugh at this article about Pluto, the late-lamented planet, demoted to dwarf planet status (but not forsaken by me!). I especially liked one guy’s comment:  "Plutoids or hemorrhoids, whatever they call it. This is irrelevant."

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Thursday, June 05, 2008

The other day I mentioned Astrologer/Numerologist (and I believe, psychic!) Sydney Omarr’s enlightening divination tool Thought Dial. Well, resurrecting that book from my library led me to revisit (Mercury Retrograde) several other books I have in my extensive astrological collection by or about Omarr. This, in turn, led me to re-read a book in said collection—A Time For Astrology—by Jess Stearn that Omarr mentions in one of his books.

Woe be unto me!   As I’ve revealed here in the past, I find it disconcerting enough to attempt to forecast the outcome of the 2008 presidential election when I have three charts giving different birth times for the two assumed candidates—McCain and Obama.

NB: With life-altering Pluto—ruler of her Scorpio Sun—squaring Clinton’s tenth house Pisces Moon and opposing her Uranus, her candidacy was never seriously factored into my presidential reckoning. I’m pretty confident that I have her correct chart. I infer this from its having Jupiter in Sagittarius, the sign of its dignity, ruling her seventh house of marriage, which automatically elevates her to a position of prominence through her marriage partner. Works for me.

Unfortunately, Stearn’s book threw another ingredient into the already complicated wannabe president mix. It was quite challenging enough to try and foresee who will become the next U.S. president grappling with the three charts I have for each candidate. You see, I wish to compare the correct one with the charts for the United States (of which we overburdened astrologers also have at least three! One with Gemini rising, one with Sagittarius rising and a third with Scorpio rising). Wouldn’t you know it? Stearn introduced another chart for the United States!

The true chart for the United States, he informs us, is not the one with Sagittarius rising, Gemini rising, or Scorpio rising. Of course not. It’s another chart entirely: The chart for the inauguration of George Washington as our first president! Sheesh! Here's the data: 4/30/1789 Thursday, 1:48:30 p.m. LMT New York City. This puts 11 degrees of Virgo on the ascendant of the U.S. chart, which, impellingly, both Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Richard Milhous Nixon had, almost to the exact degree, so it’s a chart not to be dismissed out of hand.

You kniow what worries me about this plethora of possible charts for presidential aspirants and the country itself? It is that all these many years astrologers have been making accurate predictions about the outcome of presidential elections based on their own personal preference as to which U.S. chart is the correct one. This would appear to suggest that the so-called "scientific art" of astrology (as Omarr liked to refer to our mutual obsession) is a mere parlor game—for entertainment only.

Well, that is simply not an option I’m open to accepting. Not one to give up my quest for the “Truth”, I am unwilling to believe that astrology has no basis in fact. So back to the labyrinth of charts I go, as I follow the twists and turns, triumphs and tricks, ups and downs, ins and outs of the 2008 presidential election and try to make sense of what’s happening in the real world. One thing I’m sure of: That jokester Mercury, backing up, dragging my befuddled brain along with him, is chortling with glee!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, June 02, 2008

It’s interesting to note that at 9:00 am EDT today, the time of Senator Kennedy’s surgery, Mars (the surgeon’s planet) is transiting the Eighth House (surgery’s house) of his natal chart, and it exactly conjoins his Secondary Progressed Jupiter at 13 degrees of Leo.  Retrograde Mercury is transiting his Sixth House (of health) exactly conjoining his Secondary Progressed Moon at 19 degrees of Gemini. From this picture, taking into consideration that the Secondary Progressions (among other astrological techniques) show us where we have evolved at any given time in our life, it would appear that this situation was predestined.

Futhermore, at 9:00 am EDT, when the surgery is scheduled to begin, the Midheaven of the Surgery chart exactly conjoins Kennedy’s natal Uranus in his Third House at 16 degrees of Aries (which is ruled by Mars, the surgeon’s planet), 

Mars today is trining his natal Uranus and the Moon is sextiling his natal Pluto and Mars, trining his natal Saturn, but squaring his Pisces Sun which is also exactly opposed by transiting Saturn.

Though Void-of-Course, the Moon is forming a grand trine with Kennedy’s natal Saturn and his South Node.  While I would never advise a client to have surgery during a Void-of-Course Moon, the Grand Trine it’s forming at the beginning of the procedure may offer some blessing in disguise. Some astrologers maintain that a Void-of-Course Moon implies that there’s nothing to worry about. That has not, however, been my experience.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, June 1, 2008

To continue the narrative of my retrograde encounter with Carl Payne Toby in the pages of the May 1932 issue of Your Destiny magazine, I must begin with another famous astrologer, Sydney Omarr.  I have in my possession an interesting little book of Omarr’s, Thought Dial. Briefly, its premise is this: you concentrate on a question, dial three numbers on a chart included with the book, add up the numbers, reduce them to a single digit, (except for 11 and 22 which, as in numerology, have special significance), and look up the answer to your question in the book under that digit. Sounds preternatural, doesn’t it?  I’m here to tell you it works! The technique, as I understand it, is based on a combination of astrology and numerology.

The day after I read Carl Payne Tobey’s article in Your Destiny magazine, I wanted to know an answer to a burning question, so I located my copy of Thought Dial  (which I hadn’t used in months—another return to the past, thanks to Mercury RX) and even before I could ask my question I noticed that the book’s foreward was written by…..none other than Carl Payne Tobey!

Wow! What’s going on with this guy showing up in my life twice in as many days? I wondered. I searched out Tobey’s birth data, ran his chart and discovered, first, that he has that 00 Aries point in his chart—the point of fame. The connection between our two charts at exactly this time is his Saturn (the teacher) conjoining my Secondary Progressed Moon in Aquarius, and his Moon/Mercury Midpoint is close to my Taurus Ascendant. Apparently, he was meant to be one of my teachers, for I found his foreward of Omarr’s Thought Dial very instructive and I don’t remember ever reading it before!

Previously, I had always plunged right into  spinning the dial, anxious to see what the answer to my question would be. (Ma! read the manual!) However, this time Tobey’s expertise in the field of numbers, and his flat out endorsement of the premise of numbers being at the bottom of astrology, which is what I’ve always believed myself, struck a note of authenticity with me, dramatically reinforcing my belief in Thought Dial’s ability to give valid answers to my questions.

There are a number of techniques offered in the book. It not only answers yes or no questions, but also, if you simply relax as you dial the three numbers, it provides an insight into exactly what’s going on with you at the moment. It’s eerie! For instance, last evening, using the second technique (not asking a yes or no question, but simply relaxing as I spun the dial and letting Thought Dial into my mind), I came up with the number six, which has to do with the home, according to Omarr. Amazingly, I was instructed not to nag my husband about what needed to be done around our home! I couldn’t believe it! That was precisely what I’d been doing earlier in the day!

Thank you, Mercury RX for reconnecting me with Thought Dial, with Carl Payne
Tobey’s lessons, and with my own intuition, wherin lies all the truth I will ever need to know.

On the other hand, Mr. Mercury, I am NOT grateful for the infestation of ants in our kitchen that invariably accompanies your retrograde periods. Could you please knock that off? It's not funny!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Sunday, June 01, 2008

I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, but I really am experiencing enjoyment through backing up along with Mercury and revising my understanding of previous information during this particular Mercury Retrograde which began on May 26th. Backing up to address old issues has actually been fun.

(Brief Departure): My husband is really good at backing up while driving; in fact, he once backed up on the parkway in New York City after missing the exit for returning our rental car. I often joke that he might like to enter a contest for cross-country backing up. Which, admittedly, is neither here nor there, nor pertinent to this blog. 

So let me enunciate the joys of this particular Mercury RX: First of all, precisely on the day Mercury went stationary retrograde in the sign of Gemini, against all odds, I finally learned how to use my new scanner properly. This scanner, which I had to buy because my former scanner is not compatible with Vista (scowl!) not only scans documents and photographs, but also slides and negatives. I had been able to successfully scan the former two but not the latter two. I kept getting error messages.

Vista considerations aside, I was really annoyed to have to buy this new scanner in the first place, since I already own a scanner for which I paid big bucks whose sole function is to scan slides and negatives, and which does an outstanding job.  However, I decided to give my new scanner another chance to prove itself, since my old slide/negative scanner is not even hooked up to my new Vista-driven computer.  Well, of course I got the same old error message.  Which sent me looking for the help button. (My son used to tell me when I was new to Computerville and he was an expert at the age of 18, “Ma, if all else fails, read the manual!”).

Things being what they are in Computerville these days, the manual doesn’t reside on my computer but on the Internet.  (Sigh!) As I located the document and perused the information, I came upon an enlightening little directive listed under “Troubleshooting scanner problems when you can't scan slides or negatives":
“Be sure the cable is plugged in.” 

Cable? Cable? I fumed. Of course the cable is plugged in! How would the scanner work if it wasn’t? Nevertheless, I reluctantly turned the scanner around and examined the back of it. Oh, my! Two things were plugged in: the power cable and the USB cable attaching it to the computer, but there was a third nasty little cable lying there definitely unattached!  Once I plugged it in, I had no trouble whatsoever scanning negatives and slides.  What a wonderful reward I had received by backing up along with Little Trickster Mr. Mercury!

My next backward jaunt, hand in hand with the afore mentioned Mercury RX, was equally illuminating.  The other day my husband, while cleaning out desk drawers, came upon the May 1932 issue of Your Destiny, an astrology magazine. I had forgotten I even had it, after winning it on Ebay seemingly eons ago. As I read through its yellowed pages, I came upon an astonishing article by famed astrologer/ mathematician, Carl Payne Tobey.  It’s title in bold uppercase letters reads:

At great length Tobey enumerated the reasons that Alfred E. Smith would become President of the United States not in the current election year of 1932, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s stars were more promising, but in 1936, when Roosevelt would have challenging aspects and Smith would have excellent aspects.  Smith could bide his time, Tobey opined, by virtue of his natal Sun in patient Capricorn. He was accustomed to working hard to get ahead, climbing the laddar of success ever so slowly. That part of the article is true; Capricorns are born to keep on keeping on in the face of adversity. They refuse to take “no” for an answer. (Think of Richard Nixon’s astonishing presidential bid comback). 

Anyway, I was appalled by the fact that Carl Payne Tobey went out on a limb so willingly, only to have it sawed off beneath him by FDR’s holding on to the Presidency in 1936. Since this is a limb I am totally unprepared to venture out upon in this year’s presidential election, I had to chortle a bit over this illustrious astrologer’s bald miscalculation. I had to wonder, too, why he would take such a risk, and where he went wrong.

The reason I’m not prepared to state unequivacally who will become our next president, as I have recently mentioned to friends, is that I no longer know which birthchart to give credence to for either McCain or Obama. I have discovered at least three birth times for each of them—an astrologer’s worst nightmare. So, at this point I have no prediction to make about the outcome of the November election.  Perhaps that’s what threw Tobey off, in his prediction: inaccurate birth data for Alfred E. Smith.   Either that, or guess what?

You guessed it: Mercury the Trickster was retrograde when Carl Payne Tobey made that predicition!  Not only that, he was experiencing his first Saturn Return, a time when we are notoriously liable to learn lessons the hard way.

While I am not prepared at this point to forecast the outcome of the upcoming presidential election, I will tell you this: it will have a surprise ending. I base this assertion on the fact that all the planets in the Election Day chart are contained by Saturn (limitation) and Uranus (breakthrough, surprises). They are also in opposition to one another—which spells contention.

Furthermore, the Moon (emotions, the public) and Mercury (thinking processes, communiction) are both at 00 degrees (new beginnings) that night in exact square (cross purposes) to one another. Pluto (transformation) is in the final degree—29—a fateful degree, (endings) of Sagittarius, preparing to move into Capricorn (heads of state). In addition, the Sun in Scorpio is in the same degree as the North Node—another fateful indication.

TO BE CONTINUED: I will have more to say tomorrow about another chance meeting with Carl Payne Tobey during this Mercury RX.

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