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As this news break about Al Gore comes to our attention today it is interesting to note that transiting Mercury has widely conjoined his natal Uranus in the 11th house of the unexpected and Pluto conjoins his natal Moon, over which it has ominously hovered for months. We recently learned of the breakup of his marriage to Tipper, which would be symbolized by this alignment (Pluto conjunct Moon), and it is also indicative of today's revelations of his alleged impropriety with a massage therapist.

Equally characteristic of these unfortunate allegations is the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on Saturday June 26th, when both the Moon and Pluto will conjoin Gore’s natal Moon and transiting Mercury will be in opposition to that alignment. Lunar Eclipses are the precursors of Solar Eclipses—the next one is arriving on July 11th at 29 degrees of Cancer. That Solar Eclipse falls in Gore’s 12th house of what is hidden and one's self-undoing, while Pluto, in retrograde motion will have exactly conjoined his Moon once more.  As I’ve mentioned previously, Solar Eclipse energies almost always manifest during the month prior to the actual date of the Eclipse.

Is it any wonder that astrologers attribute great importance to how Eclipses affect a person’s natal chart—indicating where his or her greatest concerns are being focused and/or directed?  So, how is the July 11th Solar Eclipse going to affect you?  I would be more than pleased to send you a very specific and detailed Solar Eclipse Report. Click here to learn more about this revealing personal report and to place your order.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, June 21st, 2010

The Sun enters the sign of Cancer today. To learn what Cancer, the Cycle of  Nurturing, offers all of us click here.  Happy birthday to all Cancerians! Here is a birthday affirmation just for you! Check out your Tarot card and affirmation click here.

On July 11th, we will be experiencing a Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Cancer. My friend, astrologer/author Michele Adler, has posted an excellent article about the 18-20 Cancer/Capricorn degree axis in which it falls.  I encourage you to read her thoroughly researched article about these rather ominous degrees. Michele's talent for research and analysis is truly impressive.

Also, as usual, I am happy to offer you a personal analysis of what this Solar Eclipse portends for you. Click here to learn more about this reading and to place your order for my extensive analysis of its impact on your natal chart.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Friday, June 4, 2010

Here's an interesting article which also predicts that Obama will not serve out his term of office. It's based on the facts of the situation...Obama's incompetency....not on astrology. Although the article predicts Obama will resign, I cannot completely agree with that premise. No Leo is ever going to admit that he's failed! Remember Bill Clinton and his famous phrase while under interrogation: "It depends upon what 'is' is."? Rather my take on the unraveling of Obama is that he will be impeached based on his illegalities. And I will add this proviso: If he's not impeached on that basis, I will finally have to accept that I do not, in fact, have his correct birth chart. I will become one of the "Birthers" who have been questioning his citizenship all along.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The question of whether Obama’s job offer to Sestak is an impeachable offense certainly adds a galvanizing new dimension to the subject of whether (or not) this president will serve out his full term of office; moreover, it renews our avid interest in the subject, and I hasten to assure you that the following analysis of the situation has nothing whatever to do with whether or not Obama was, or was not, born in the United States! (Although, in the final analysis, as events develop, that question may very well rise to the surface and prove to be a matter of great interest!)

Click here for another article about the question of the legality of Obama's job offer to Sestak. Interestingly, this article even mentions President Richard Nixon and the Watergate coverup which proved his undoing (to which I alluded earlier in this blog—scroll down).  Heavens! Even the ultra-liberal New York Times has expressed its serious concerns about this job offer to Sestak, citing unanswered questions about how, and by whom, the offer was tendered.

Astrologers, you see, have been pondering the question of whether Obama would fulfill his term of office ever since the moment of his inauguration. Why?  Well, first of all, because he was inaugurated during a Void-of-Course Moon at 29 degrees of Scorpio, posited in the 7th house of the inaugural chart (the public) which, as it happens, also conjoined Obama’s natal Midheaven—the part of his chart representing his public image, reputation, and ultimately his destiny.

This unhappy planetary condition immediately raises collective astrological eyebrows, since it is a matter of public record that very few  presidents inaugurated under a Void-of-Course Moon have completed their terms of office. 

However, to return to the question of whether Obama will fulfill his term of office, let me further note that at the time of his inauguration Mercury was in retrograde motion—another ominous depiction of this president’s chances of completing his term of office being, shall we say, “tentative”? Retrograde Mercury was precisely conjunct the Sun at the moment of the inauguration and also conjunct Obama’s natal Jupiter, which are all disposited by the revolutionary Uranus, inhabiting its own house in the inaugural chart, (11th) and, in turn, disposited by Neptune (nebulousness!) in the tenth house (career, reputation, public image, destiny).

So now let’s probe more deeply and review Obama’s Solar Returns. First, his 2009 Solar Return, in which Saturn occupies the 10th house of one’s career and destiny. Could be good—or not, depending upon whether the person with this aspect has taken any shortcuts to arrive at that position of high office and esteem. If he has, he’s due for a fall.

Moreover, that 10th house Saturn (the great tester of reality) is squared by Mars (symbolizing action or  anger) in the 7th house of the public.   Frankly, in my lifetime I do not recall such an outpouring of public anger against a president as is epitomized by this aspect alone.  And clearly we've seen the aspect manifest in the real world as the Tea Party movement is cashing in on public anger against this president by taking action.

Hmmm, come to think of it, I do  remember a president who aroused this much public anger and distrust—Richard Nixon, who was also inaugurated under the influence of a Void-of-Course Moon, and who, as the months rolled on, at the time of his downfall after months of the Watergate coverup, was experiencing his second Saturn Return.  I think we all remember what happened to his presidency.

But wait, there’s more: Jupiter rules Obama's 2009 Solar Return chart and thus his whole Solar Year and Jupiter is posited in the 3rd house of the Solar Return chart conjunct Neptune. Fuzziness, cloudiness, dissemulation in his communications as he continues to campaign  throughout this entire Solar Year for the office he's already won! (Moon in Gemni, personified)

And once more we find in the 2009 Solar Return chart a Void-of-Course Moon in the final degree of Capricorn (ruler of government)—yet another symbolic picture of endings, reinforced by the opposition in the  Solar Return chart of Pluto (death, endings) to Venus (what one values). Saturn in the 10th house was in a fairly wide opposition to Uranus in the 4th (endings) at the time of Obama's 2009 Solar Return; however, it has been steadily moving toward a more precise opposition.

Okay.  Let’s fast-forward to Obama’s Solar Return chart for this year—2010, upcoming in August. Here we find Pluto in the 10th—which,  evil in its implications in and of itself, eerily enough, also squares both Mars and Saturn in the 7th house of the public and open enemies. Extremely challenging picture, that.

Meanwhile, the ruler of the chart, Neptune, occupies the 12th house of what is hidden, as well as one's self-undoing.  Oh, yes, and there’s the Moon in Gemini (just as in his natal chart) in the 3rd house of communication, trining Mars and Saturn in the 7th as he tries ever so eloquently to explain his actions to a now suspicious public. Moon in Gemini, remember folks, is a sweet-talker, some say a con artist. But you be the judge.

Uranus at the time of his 2010 Solar Return in August will have moved into the sign of Aries—the sign ruled by Mars, and,  producing a double whammy, it occupies the first house of his 2010 Solar Return chart (Mars' natural house). Here we see that Uranus is conjunct Jupiter and opposing the Mars/Saturn conjunction in the 7th house of “the other”, and public enemies. Not pretty. Not encouraging.

The Cardinal Grand Cross which takes place just four days after Obama’s birthday also represents a huge challenge—not only to him, but to all of us on the planet, I might add. In Obama’s natal chart the Cardinal Grand Cross falls in the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 10th houses, with Jupiter/Uranus squaring his natal Venus. (Read challenges)

For you see, as I mentioned shortly after his election, Vedic astrologers have  predicted that July 2010 will be a dangerous time for Obama.  If we Western Astrologers seek to understand their prediction and correlate it with our own techniques, we might note that the next Solar Eclipse on July 11th falls in Obama’s 6th house of his work and service to others. We might describe this as working very hard to keep the job he's got!

As I have mentioned  here ad nauseum, every Solar Eclipse represents a crisis in the part of one’s chart where it falls—or at the very least, it augers a turning point, an area of one's life where one will expend a great deal of energy for the ensuing six months, until the next Solar Eclipse lights up another house in the natal chart.

Further, in complete accord with the wisdom of Vedic predictions, using a valuable Vedic astrology technique called "Tertiary Progressed Stations",  which I, even as a Western Astrologer, value very highly and use in my own predictive work, I note with interest that on July 17, 2010, Obama will be experiencing a progressed station of Pluto (death and resurrection).  I prefer to believe that under the influence of this Tertiary Progressed Station Obama is obsessively (Pluto) attempting to protect, resurrect or revive his presidency. The alternative—his literal death, is unthinkable, and I believe, unpredictable. This progressed station, nonetheless, may well be what has caused Vedic astrologers to cite July 2010 as a dangerous time for Obama.

In closing I would like to add yet one more observation based on a rarely used technique—the Planetary Nodes—which I have mentioned earlier in this month’s blog. I am so grateful that the Janus Astrological Software provides these Planetary Nodes, for they add yet another layer of understanding of one’s natal chart and I'm pleased that I will now be able to include their influence in all of my personal readings for family, friends and clients.

Interestingly—actually rivetingly, the July 11th Solar Eclipse at 19 degrees of Cancer exactly conjoins the Venus North Node in Obama’s natal chart  (what he values) and exactly opposes his Pluto South Node  (Endings!). These “hits” by a Solar Eclipse are again, I believe, troublesome, to put it mildly, and dangerous, to put it more bluntly.

Accordingly, from the preponderance of evidence that I have just outlined for your consideration, I cannot help feeling that Obama is unlikely to fulfill his term of office.

I have posted Obama’s 6-month Janus Transit Forecast Report for your inspection, here. It is amazing in its accuracy. I now offer this shorter report 6-month report, comprised of approximately 160 pages of in-depth analysis and interpretation of what you will experience by transit for six months for only $14.95. That, my friends, is a bargain!  Learn more here.  Or, to order your own personal 6-month Janus Transit Forecast Report right now click the icon below.

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Friendship is such an ethereal blessing in our lives. One never knows when a new friendship will be encountered, or how long an earlier friendship will last. But once you have engaged in a friendship you are transformed forever. The laughter and the tears shared between friends are the balm that heal the vicissitudes of life. Friends bond through their shared celebrations of life’s joys and their shared coping with life’s woes. I believe that lifetime partners who are—first and foremost—friends,  have the most fulfilling marriages.

I have been blessed with lasting friendships over a long life. Many of my dearest friends are those with whom I went to school, and although separated by time and distance, they are the ones with whom I continue to communicate on an almost daily basis, through the blessing of email.

Recently I had an extremely enlightening—and awakening—experience with regard to friendship. On the very same day I received two packages in the mail. One was from a new friend, a woman whom I’ve never met in person, but with whom I have shared many delightful moments through email for about a year.  Her thoughtfulness and generosity are at times astounding. Such was the case on this particular day when she had sent me—out of the blue—many CD’s featuring my favorite musical artists. This friend is a natural “giver”.

And on that very day—also out of the blue—without explanation or warning, I received from another friend of over 24 years, a package returning something I had lent her and a note of rejection, effectively bringing our friendship to an unceremonious end. We had called ourselves “sisters” and “soul twins”. As the shock of this rejection subsided, I realized that in the final analysis our friendship had been unable to bridge the enormous differences in our individual backgrounds. In that relationship I had been the predominate “giver” as well as the predominate “forgiver”.

The loss of a friend, through distance, differences, or death has the potential of leaving a void in one’s life. But it need not be so. For there forever remain the memories of shared experiences. The laughter—and the tears—once shared can never be completely erased from one’s memory. Nor should they be. As each friend departs, according to a predestined schedule (more about this in a moment) we can fondly—perhaps sadly—bless them on their way. Though our life’s paths have separated, they will always remain part of who we have become.

For you see, our friendships—of whatever duration—are not by any means random experiences. Each one has a magical purpose in our life. We have chosen to interact with these others, and by so doing, we are learning through each encounter. We are learning about others, yes. But equally important, through the exchange of energy between our friends and us, we are learning about ourselves. I believe friends are the mirrors of our soul. I choose my friends most often based on intellectual compatibility. Being an air sign by birth, ideas are my province—I require the intellectual expression and stimulation of ideas to feel most alive.

As someone has aptly observed, friends are the family we give ourselves.

Not surprisingly, astrology accurately predicted the alteration or the completion of this particular friendship in this specific year. Each of us—my friend and I—has a negative aspect in the eleventh house of our Solar Return Chart—the house of friendship. Now a negative aspect need not necessarily have ended the relationship. If the aspect had been handled with more consideration, the differences between us might have been discussed and resolved.  However, our interactions and exchanges had been comprised of two (twelve-year) Jupiter Cycles—the Cycle of Enlightenment. So it was, in the final analysis, a poetically apropos completion.

But there were more indications of endings.  The Pluto Card in my Yearly Book of Destiny Report is the Nine of  Clubs which indicates painful endings (painful, I must add, only if we choose to resist the endings).

Here is the basic meaning of the Nine of Clubs:

"The Nine of Clubs literally means 'completion of plans or ideas'. When this card appears it will signal a time when some ideas, ways of thinking or communicating, or some personal plans of yours are ready to end. If you choose to resist this ending, you will experience great disappointment, stubbornly holding on to things, ideas or plans that are no longer useful or helpful to you. If it seems that things are going against you when this card is present, it is probably because you are resisting letting go of something, that in reality, is no longer doing you any good.

On the positive side, you are ready to awaken to a new and higher way of thinking that will be better than you have imagined. The Nine of Clubs has been known to signal a time when powerful spiritual experiences may occur, such as universal consciousness, and also indicates the success of any endeavors that involve spreading higher truths to the world."

Thankfully, I am resonating to the positive side of this card instead of dwelling on the endings.  I am re-connecting with intellectual, psychological and  astrological concepts that had been on my back burner for quite some time. Consequently, I am feeling re-invigorated by what I am discovering and I feel fortunate to have a forum in which to share with others what I am learning—just as the Nine of Clubs predicts.

Furthermore, another idea with which I have recently re-connected is that of the "Create, maintain and release" cycle. (A cycle I spoke about at some length in last month's blog). The habit most likely to keep us stuck in the place where we are in our thinking, or for that matter, any other area of our life—such as clinging to friendships which have passed their expiration date, is the maintain part of the cycle.  We have to know when to release that which is outworn— including friendships. By which I should add, we also release ourselves from the lesson we have learned from that particular friendship and are ready to move on to the next one.

This, I am happy to say, I have done with regard to this completed friendship.  I've created a space for more aliveness in my life.  Just as the Nine of Clubs card in the Pluto position in my Yearly Book of Destiny Report says:

"The Nine of Clubs has been known to signal a time when powerful spiritual experiences may occur, such as universal consciousness, and also indicates the success of any endeavors that involve spreading higher truths to the world."

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Friday, May 21, 2010

Today the Sun enters the sign of Gemini. To learn what Gemini, the Cycle of Exploration offers all of us, please click here.  Happy birthday to all Gemini's!  Here is your Birthday Affirmation.  And here is your Tarot Card Affirmation.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, May 17, 2010

I have a thrilling new service to offer you, generated by the excellent astrological software from Janus. Their Natal Chart Reports are remarkable for their insight and accuracy, as you will discover when you read the sample report that I have provided for your examination.  And the yearly Transit Forecast Reports run to 370 pages!

Furthermore, one of the most significant features of the Janus software is that it generates the planetary nodes…not just the lunar nodes—but the North and South Nodes for all the planets in one’s natal chart. These are meaningful features of one’s chart; points, which, when activated by transits and/or progressions, offer a deeper, more thorough understanding of what the person is experiencing at any given time. 

Matrix software, which I’ve used for over twenty-five years, does not offer this feature, so I’m grateful to finally have access to the planetary nodes at my fingertips—information which enables me, in my personal counseling sessions, to examine a client’s chart with added thoroughness and accuracy. 

I shall also in the future offer analyses of aspects to one’s planetary nodes as an individual report.  Also, I will include them in my regular Mercury Retrograde and Solar Eclipse Reports, offering additional insight into the influence of the retrograde period, as well as the influence of the Solar Eclipse to your natal chart. The next Solar Eclipse is less than two months away, occurring on July 11th, and I will soon offer my customary reading for its effects upon your natal chart.

Over the weekend, while I was re-reading “Heaven Knows What” written by Grant Lewi, I was startled to learn in the forward, written by Lewi’s good friend, astrologer Carl Payne Tobey, that Lewi did not use progressions in his predictive work, nor did he use fixed stars. But he did use the planetary nodes. I was delighted to learn this, since I find the planetary nodes extremely revealing by virtue of the added dimension they provide for timing events in my own predictive work.

Grant Lewi was a brilliant astrologer, who died way too young, just at his 49th birthday; in fact, he was so accomplished an astrologer that he apparently knew he was about to die, and did not make any appointments for the month following his birthday!

A Gemini with Leo rising, his ideas are extremely original, laced with self-assurance, which is what makes his interpretations a bit iconoclastic and fun to read. He had no need to borrow his ideas from others; he was an original—one might even say a genius. He was a law unto himself, which is what makes his two books fascinating, and also the Report “Heaven Knows What”, which I offer for sale here

However, returning to my new Janus software, I would like to introduce you to it now by presenting the Natal Chart Report for Barack Obama, which I found extremely enlightening.  Do you think you know this man? I feel quite certain that you do not. In fact, I think no one truly knows him. But I assure you that you will understand where he is coming from after you have read his Janus Natal Chart Report. Click here to read it.  Of course, after reading it, I obviously hope that you will decide to have a similar in-depth analysis of your own Natal Chart! If so, hurry over here to place your order.  You may also order a yearly Transit Forecast Report--approximately 370 pages for only $24.95!

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Learn what opportunities Taurus, the Cycle of Abundance, offers all of us here.   I extend my wishes for a very happy birthday to all of you born in the sign of Taurus. Here is your birthday affirmation and here is the Tarot affirmation for Taurus.  You might wish to right click on the Tarot Affirmation and download it!

I am pleased to share my New Moon in Taurus Meditation with you as a "freebie".  The Taurus New Moon occurs on May 13th, however, I invite you to experience the comfort and peace offered by this meditation as you enter the annual Solar Cycle now with the Sun in the sign of Taurus. I have posted the New Moon in Taurus Meditation here. After reading it, you may wish to purchase my New Moon Meditations E-book which you can learn more about here.
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