POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, June 20th, 2016

Today the Sun enters the sign of Cancer--the Summer Solstice. Click here to learn what Cancer, the Cycle of  Nurturing, offers all of us.  Happy Birthday to all Cancerians!  Click here to see the Cancer Affirmation.  Here is Cancer's Tarot Card. And I have a birthday gift for all Cancerians. Click here to download the Cancer Birthday Meditation.

This is the perfect time to order your annual Solar Return Predictions Report!  Or you might like to have your Janus Forecast Report, your 2-year Life Progressions Report, your Book of Destiny Yearly Report, or your TimeLine Report.  I promise you, my fabulous  new Soul Guide Report or my new 12-month Forecaster Report will knock your socks off for their accuracy! You'll suspect that I've been reading your diary when you see them! I'm not kidding!


During the month of June all my printed Astrology reports are on sale for half price. Send  me an  Email  telling me which one(s) you want and I will send you an  invoice from PayPal  to pay for them.

Good Cancer
Bad Cancer
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