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As I remarked to my friend Rozzie the other day during one of our frequent reality-check “twalks”, “Technically, I’m old.”  “What do you mean, ‘technically’"? She asked. “Well, according to the calendar I’m old, so technically I suppose I am, but I don’t feel old.” We agreed that this was a good thing.

I have to admit, however, that I do tend, like most seniors, to prefer some of the “old” ways.  Especially in small matters. Take language, for instance, which is my forte—at least it once was, since in college I majored in English.  Back then, the correct pronunciation of my sun sign was Lie-bra. I grew up pronouncing it that way, and so when the Heritage dictionary endorsed the preferred pronunciation as Lee-bra, twenty or so years ago I was miffed.

“Well, I’m not going to pronounce it that way!” I declared, unfortunately, in my son Rick’s presence. Some time not long after that I slipped and used the newly endorsed and preferred pronunciation (Lee-bra) while talking with Rick.  “Ma! You caved!” he accused, in a shocked tone. Since then I’ve been careful to be dictionarily correct only while talking to clients and not in conversation with Rick. 

Not long ago I discovered on RefDesk—you know about RefDesk, don't you? It’s a veritable fount of interesting information, and I visit it almost daily. But as I was saying, one day I found a link on RefDesk that gives you the correct pronunciation of words. You type in the word and this guy pronounces it properly. So naturally, I typed in Libra.

Are you ready for this?  The guy pronounced it Lib-ra (as in Liberty)—a completely different pronunciation than any I had ever heard. The guy is from Great Britain, and, according to my dear British friends, Richard and Julia, that’s how they pronounce it across the pond. They also pronounce vitamin in the same manner. Oh, well!

Anyway, to get on with this rant, some time ago I must’ve mentioned the variance in  pronunciations of my sun sign to my little Gemini grandson, Ian. Now Ian, like all Gemini’s, has an encyclopedic memory.  So the other day when I indulged my deep-seated preference by saying Lie-bra, while talking with Ian, I was simultaneously amused and aggrieved when he replied airily, “I thought it was Lee-bra.”

Sheesh!  Now I’m being corrected by a seven-year-old! But it’s okay, I’m crazy about Ian and his little sister Erin. I’ll bet you would be, too. In fact, you might like to visit them here on the little show I created called “Gramma’s Jewels”. And by the way, Ian just won first place in the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby for the second year in a row. Here’s my little show bragging about that.

Have a happy day…and you have my permission to pronounce my sun sign any way you like!

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As the Sun moves into Aries today, discover what the Aries Cycle offers you here. Happy birthday to all Arians!  Here is an affirmation just for you! 

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I never cease to marvel at the flawless timetable of Saturn. Today, for example, he is sitting precisely upon Neptune in the Solar 2nd house of the chart of Bernard Madoff as he pleads guilty to 11 counts of swindling investors out of a purported 65 billion dollars—perhaps the biggest swindle in Wall Street history.  After his admission of guilt and saying he was “very sorry and ashamed”, he was handcuffed and led off to jail.

Madoff's Sun is in Taurus—the sign representing values. It’s ruled by the planet Venus, which is now in retrograde motion backing up to make another contact with his natal Saturn. His natal Venus, ruler of his Taurus Sun, Moon and Uranus, not coincidentally, is at that notorious 29th degree—the dangerously instructive “Anaretic Degree” which, when found in one’s chart, augurs lifelong lessons that the native is destined to work out in this lifetime. It’s fairly obvious that Madoff needs to restructure his ideas about which is more valuable—great wealth, or integrity.

On December 12th, the day Madoff was arrested, transiting Uranus exactly opposed that fraudulent Neptune in his Solar 2nd house of resources. Here again, we see clearly the ongoing transit of the Saturn/Uranus opposition wreaking havoc in a person’s life.  Let’s remember also that each of us has this long-term transit triggering a reaction across one of the axises of our own chart.  Never forget that Saturn always gives you what you deserve, for better or worse.

The next Solar Eclipse at 29 degrees of Cancer, taking place on July 21st, is already having its effect on Madoff.  It will conjunct within 2 degrees his natal Pluto in the Solar 12th house of what’s hidden—more often, (and not erroneously, in my opinion), referred to as the house of self-undoing. There is still much that is not known about Madoff’s fraudulent Ponzi scheme, which will no doubt come out of the darkness of that 12th house and into the light of day under the influence of the upcoming Eclipse.

As you know, I enjoy seeing all astrological cycles at work, and today another cycle is in effect with regard to Madoff’s situation. He was arrested on December 12th with the Sun at 21 degrees of Sagittarius (the planet of the law!) and now, three months later, the Sun at 22 degrees of Pisces, (the ruler of Neptune!) is squaring the position it was in at the time of his arrest. In other words, it's challenging that position. It's a time for action, which is just what we've seen, as Madoff moves out of house arrest into prison--where he belongs!

The four phases of the Sun—the conjunction, separating square, opposition, and closing square define the seasons and actions of our lives. So, Madoff's arrest in December was the beginning of a new cycle, and today, the first challenge or action regarding that beginning occurred with his plea of guilty. In June, the Sun will oppose or come to its Full phase for this situation ,and we can expect to see some degree of completion as the Sun makes its closing square to the event in September. That may be the time when Madoff will receive his sentence, which can be up to 150 years.

Whatever the length of the sentence Madoff receives, he’ll undoubtedly have plenty of time to consider the lesson of his 29th degree Venus in Taurus—the planet of values.

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Nadya Suleman, the southern California woman who gave birth to octuplets on January 26th, has the chart of someone destined to behave unconventionally. She has Aquarius rising, ruled by Uranus, which is in the nodal degree—said to be a fateful combination in any chart. Uranus, the notorious rule-breaker, rules her entire chart.

Furthermore, she has her natal Mercury at the 29th degree—also a fate-oriented placement, which implies that in this lifetime she is attempting to complete the energy of that planet—Mercury—representing her thinking processes. A planet in a chart in the 29th degree (called the Anaretic Degree by astrologers) describes one  trying to learn an important lesson throughout this incarnation but the person has not yet achieved success. The Anaretic Degree in a chart points to one’s Karma.

Moreover, in Nadya Suleman’s chart, the Anaretic Degree of her Mercury is even more significant since it is the sole dispositor of the entire chart—in other words, all the planets in her chart reduce finally to that planet. The combination of Uranus ruling her chart and Mercury at the Anaretic Degree also being the sole dispositor of the chart, and occupying her 5th house of children, clearly point to her individualistic decision to conceive all fourteen of her children through in vitro fertilization.

“All I ever wanted to be was a mom,” she explains. “I wanted babies!”  This assertion aligns perfectly with her Sun in the sign of Cancer—the most emotional, potentially nurturing sign of the zodiac. However, an only child, Nadya has both Moon and Venus in Virgo. The ruler of mothers, her Moon in Virgo describes a critical mother; Venus, the sub-ruler of mothers, also placed in Virgo, doubles the implication of Nadya feeling criticized throughout her early years.  So evidently, the decision to have babies, babies, babies is an over-compensation for what she felt she lacked as a child—the warmth of a mother’s unconditional love.

Compounding the evidence of Nadya’s Virgo Moon/Venus conjunction, her mother says that she did not support her daughter’s decision to have more babies.

Her Mars/Pluto = Saturn midpoint also implies a strong and willful determination to pursue one’s own course. In the words of Reinhold Ebertine in his book “The Combination of Stellar Influences”:  this midpoint describes “the determination to overcome difficulties and obstacles at all cost forcibly.”

Her Mars/MC = Ascendant midpoint, according to Ebertine, indicates, “A self-confident personality…..the assumption of….recognition, the attainment of success.”

With Sun conjunct Saturn in her 5th house, it is not surprising that her motherhood of fourteen children has come to her without a husband since the Sun represents one’s husband. Nadya has virtually no friendly aspects to her Sun (which also represents one's father--with whom she obiously has not had a happy relationship). In fact, the Sun/Saturn conjunction forms the apex or focus of a Cardinal T-square to Uranus and Jupiter. The empty house in the T-square (in this case the 11th which represents love received, opposing the 5th house of love given), shows clearly that Nadya feels empty inside, forlorn and unloved.

On the upside, Nadya is reported by her publicist to have received many offers for book and movie contracts, which, if she accepts them, will undoubtedly have the effect of drastically quieting the hue and cry that she cannot possibly support fourteen children. With Neptune occupying her 10th house of public image and destiny, conjunct the Midheaven, we may infer that her story will prove inspirational to some and also a vindication of the love she feels she had not received as a child since Neptune squares her Moon/Venus conjunction.

At the time of the birth of the octuplets, transiting Mercury (retrograde) exactly conjunct transiting Mars, was opposing Nadya’s emotional Sun/Saturn conjunction. “I’ll show you!” she was proclaiming to the world! Transiting Venus exactly conjoined her progressed Ascendant at 23 Pisces (more emotion!). The Ascendant of the chart of her babies at 28 degrees of Aries conjoined her natal Chiron in the second house, a picture of healing through renewed feelings of self-worth. We notice that Jupiter occupies her 2nd house, from which we may infer that her resources will not always be limited.

Pluto at the time of the octuplets’ birth opposed her important natal Mercury at the Anaretic degree, from the 11th house of love received. Is this her reward for her efforts at transformation? Has she fulfilled the Karma she came here to work out? Quite possibly, since Pluto is trining her Moon and Mars.  We also find her progressed Moon at 29 degrees of Scorpio, having just passed over her North Node and her progressed Uranus at 29 degrees of Libra.  There is a lot of completion represented in her progressed chart.

In closing I confess that this analysis is merely the tip of the iceberg representing the complicated natal, progressed and transiting charts describing the birth of the octuplets.

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