I have a question for you: Do you know what Moon Phase you were born under?

I ask this because we can understand a great deal about a person from knowing about the Sun and the Moon in the astrological birthchart. The “lights” in our birthchart portray our fundamental way of being. However, we take our understanding to a whole new level when we explore the nature of the Phase of the Moon to the Sun at the time of birth. The relationship between the Moon and the Sun at the time of birth describes how a person integrates these two sides of his or her psychological makeup.

Each of us has certain personality traits depending on which phase the Moon was in at the time of our birth. Knowing which Moon Phase you were born under can give you valuable insight into your character, emotions, behavior and motivation in life. This knowledge can make you aware of you deepest underlying drives, the fundamental purpose that you feel you have in life, and the contribution that you can make to society during the course of your lifetime.

With this knowledge you can also begin to understand your responses, and then attune yourself to a personal cyclical pattern that you go through every month when the Moon re-enters your personal Moon Phase.

To illustrate the validity of the relationship between the Moon and Sun at the time of birth, it has been noted that those born during the Full Moon Phase tend to employ some form of counseling in their life’s work. I was born under a Full Moon Phase and virtually everyone in my files born during the Full Moon Phase is a counselor as well. It seems reasonable because after all, at the time of the Full Moon there is more light reflected by the Moon from the Sun. Counselors provide “enlightenment”.

Furthermore, the Sun in one’s birthchart symbolizes the father and the Moon symbolizes the mother; thus the phase of the Moon under which one is born describes that parental relationship…or at least how we perceive their relationship in our youth, as reflected by our birthchart.

Each Moon Phase has its own unique raison d'être —and this is reflected in the characteristics of those who are born under its influence. So I repeat: do you know what Moon Phase you were born under and what influence it has upon your life’s path?

I am pleased to offer you a personal Moon Phase Analysis in which I will describe your individual characteristics based solely on which phase of the Moon you were born under. This valuable and enlightening information can be yours for only $14.95. To order your personal Moon Phase Analysis please click the icon below.
"This is my letter to the world,
that never wrote to me..."
~ Emily Dickinson
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POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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