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WARNING!  I make no apologies for my bitter assessment of this self-serving pig—Roman Polanski. I hope that he is extradited to the United States from whence he fled more than 30 years ago after being convicted and sentenced for a despicable crime—raping a 13-year-old girl after drugging her, and I hope he finally serves time in prison.

Since every day I grow more in awe of what the cards from the Book of Destiny have to say about us, I thought I would share with you this excerpt from his Book of Destiny Yearly Report what Polanski's Book of Destiny Card in his Saturn Period (which he is now experiencing) has to say:

The Six of Diamonds in the Saturn Period

This card indicates a lack of change in money, health or business, even when it is desired. Financial debts and obligations will be paid during this period and they could be expensive depending upon how you have handled matters in the past. Any deviations from strict honesty and fairness in your financial dealings could be very expensive in more ways than one. Though compromises and honesty may be difficult now, they are the only route to freedom.

You may be confronted with the results of things you did in the past now and you may not like what you see or appreciate the timing of having to pay for such actions at this time. But this is how karma works and if you face them squarely and honestly, you will learn and grow from this experience.

Karma, karma, karma, my is inevitable and it is relentless and there is no escaping it. So what does the Book of Destiny have to say about you? Check it out here and here.

You may wonder at my bitterness over Polanski's escaping justice for more than 30 years, and so let me tell you that we, in San Diego County, are heart-broken over the loss of two beautiful, talented young women who were  not only raped but murdered by a convicted felon—John Gardner—who was released from prison unfairly and unnecessarily--due to a failure on the part of the justice system.

I am angry and saddened whenever justice does not prevail. I am heart-broken--because these lost-to-us innocent young women, Amber Dubois and Chelsea King, who had everything to look forward to, everything to live for, but instead met this ghastly fate, were taken from us. The world is poorer because of their loss.

Just as years ago I was saddened that justice did not prevail in the case of Nicole Brown Simpson, whom everyone with a modicum of sense knew had been murdered, along with Ron Goldman by O. J. Simpson. Justice did not prevail took a very long time for Simpson's karma to kick in and put him behind bars, where he belongs.

And so, yes! By all means, call me bitter, if you will, but if there is any chance of  justice finally being done in the case of Polanski, I admit it, I am whole-heartedly in favor of it.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I love the scientific art of astrology for the insights, gifts of understanding, and enlightenment that it offers me. I have found it a thrilling adventure full of never-ending discoveries into human nature.  And I have felt privileged to be one who could share these discoveries with others.

On the other hand, I have at times been disappointed to realize that most of those with whom I share these astrological insights, although they often accept them with delight, are only accepting them as information and not knowledge.

Let me explain what I mean by that: information is not the same thing as knowledge! Knowledge requires of us the ability to take the information offered and apply it. You see, I value astrology not so much as a predictive tool…telling us what will happen and when, but rather a window into our psychological makeup which is a far greater gift.

I learned this idea from a gifted astrologer—Roy Alexander—in his book, "The Astrology of Choice - A Counseling Approach", which I read back in the 80’s. As so often happens, I have recently returned to that book and once again found its message to be right on target. I suppose the book has special significance for me inasmuch as it is presented in est-speak. That is to say, Roy Alexander obviously was a graduate of the est training, as am I, and so virtually every word that comes out of his mouth I have heard before either from est founder Werner Earhard, or from one of the many trainers in the est seminars that I subsequently attended.

So what Werner Earhard, Roy Alexander and I have in common is the idea that one should take responsibility for everything in one’s life. That is not necessarily an easy thing to do. Accordingly, we often get stuck in the "story" of our past such as—“I didn’t receive enough love in my childhood, so I’m not lovable”.  What Roy Alexander points out, and it really shouldn’t be necessary to point this out, but some people just don’t “get it” (to use one of est’s favorite phrases), is that life is a process.  All life—from the macrocosm of the universe down to the microcosm of each human being—is a process, with three definite stages: Create; maintain; destroy.

And astrological principals beautifully illustrate this process. Astrology’s three modes—or qualities: Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable, are the purveyors of the universal message of life’s process. The role of the four Cardinal signs—Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn—is to create or initiate action; to begin something new. They are followed by the four Fixed signs—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, whose role is to maintain that which has been created.  Finally, the Mutable signs—Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, must dissolve, or destroy what has been created at the proper time, in order to move into something new…and the process begins all over again.

We see this so vividly in nature where Spring creates new beauty on Earth, Summer maintains the beauty, and Winter destroys—or dissolves it. And the process begins all over again with the following Spring.

Why then, I often ponder sadly, do we humans insist upon staying stuck in what we have created psychologiclly with our lives? Against all odds of its being to our benefit, we seek to maintain our “story”—or “act” as the est training describes our life’s melodrama. Some of us would even prefer to die rather than give up our “story”.  It is as though, in the maintaining mode, we are like stuck records— repeating over and over the melodrama of our lives.

Every one of us has a “story” that to some degree we seek to maintain. “I can’t help it; that’s the way I was brought up.”  “I must be a loser; I fail at everything I attempt.”  “I’ll never find my true love…I’ve tried and tried and it just never works out.”  Substitute your own “story” here…you’ve got one!

Astrological counseling, done in the right way, seeks to hold up a mirror so clients can actually “see” or “witness” their “stories”. The role of astrology should be to teach people how to move from the maintaining phase of their story to the destroying or releasing phase and on to a new creating phase. 

So often I’ve counseled clients about the opportunities now available to them, such as moving from one career to another more satisfying career that best fits their innate talents; letting go of one unhappy relationship in order to open themselves up to the possiblity of another, more fulfilling relationship; completing their doctoral dissertation...any number of opportunites. The stars offer the opportunities at exactly the right time, but so often, humans are so “stuck in their position” (more est speak) that they refuse to open themselves up to the opportunities offered.

Oh, at the time of the consultation, the client is thrilled to learn of the wonderful opportunities available to him or her, suggested by their Solar Return, Progressions and/or Transits. They are delighted with their “reading” or “report”. They can't wait to use the information that they have received. And yet, they refuse to transform or translate the information into knowledge in order to fulfill their promise.

The stars can only suggest to us what is available for our progress; they cannot do the work for us. We must be willing to accept that "own" it.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, April 19th, 2010

Today the Sun enters Taurus. Learn what opportunities Taurus, the Cycle of Abundance, offers all of us here.   I extend my wishes for a very happy birthday to all of you born in the sign of Taurus. Here is your birthday affirmation and here is the Tarot affirmation for Taurus.  You might wish to right click on the Tarot Affirmation and download it!

I am pleased to share my New Moon in Taurus Meditation with you as a "freebie".  The Taurus New Moon occurs on May 13th, however, I invite you to experience the comfort and peace offered by this meditation as you enter the annual Solar Cycle now with the Sun in the sign of Taurus. I have posted the New Moon in Taurus Meditation here. After reading it, you may wish to purchase my New Moon Meditations E-book which you can learn more about here.

Discover your Tarot card according to your age here. Take a moment to check out your sign's Chinese Horoscope for the Year of the Tiger here.d

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I have a confession to make. Sometimes I get so caught up in just living, (especially when dealing with the challenges posed by Mercury preparing to go retrograde as it will tomorrow!) that I neglect to pay attention to those things that have proved most satisfying and nurturing in the past. Has that ever happened to you?

For instance, back in 1999 I created a set of New Moon Meditations in booklet form--a meditation for each of the twelve phases of the annual Solar Cycle--from Aries through Pisces.  More recently, having moved into the age of electronic media, I updated the New Moon Meditations by presenting them in E-book format.

I am interested in so many forms of meditation that I have sometimes forgotten to refer to my own New Moon Meditations!  Last evening, however, I got out my New Moon in Aries Meditation booklet and read it.  Afterwards, I felt so calm, peaceful and actually....reborn!  This is not surprising, since after all, the Aries Cycle of Initiation is about rebirth and renewal, just as the Spring season is about renewal.

To tell the truth, after reading my Aries meditation I was amazed to realize that I had produced something so eloquent! Now isn't that silly of me? Not to recognize my own talent?

In fact, I'm so pleased with the effects of the Aries meditation that I want to share it with you as a "freebie".  I invite you to experience the comfort and peace offered by this meditation as you enter the annual Solar Cycle here in the sign of Aries. I have posted it here. After reading it, you may wish to purchase my New Moon Meditations E-book which you can learn more about here.

And I invite those of you who have already purchased my New Moon Meditations in either booklet or E-book format to return to the New Moon in Aries Meditation and join me in the process of annual renewal.

So you see, Mercury Retrograde does offer the benefit of returning to that which we have either forgotten or neglected to pay attention to.  So I guess we have to thank him for this unexpected blessing.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, April 12, 2010

Ah, yes, my dear ones! The winged messenger's wings are already drooping and his messages are daily becoming more garbled to say the very least. You see, even though Mercury has not yet turned retrograde, (which is in effect from April 17th until May 11th but doesn't actually leave the retrograde zone until May 28th) he entered the retrograde zone on April 4th as fate would have it--yes, on Easter Day (and coincidentally my 56th wedding anniversary!) 

Fortunately, my Easter Brunch, hosted for 17 people, went surprisingly well, all things considered....that is, if you don't happen to factor into the equation the 7.2 Earthquake that struck in the midst of our brunch--which, thankfully, did no damage to me or mine.

I must tell you, however, that the most amazing (even amusing, in retrospect) thing about the earthquake, was that during brunch I happened to casually (or so I thought) ask one of our guests--Borja--a 19-year-old exchange student from Spain--whether he had ever been in an earthquake. He hadn't, he smilingly assured me. Not thirty minutes later--I kid you not--the earthquake struck, and I want to tell you that it was looong! I don't mean to brag, but apparently my words are more powerful than I ever imagined. Borja, that dear boy, I've been told, is never going to forget me!

Since then, alas! Mercury has been behaving far more negatively towards me. For  example, I have failed to receive several important emails from my dear British friends across the pond.  My ability to Skype with them this morning was similarly afflicted: for instance, I could hear them but I could not see them; they could see me but they could not hear me. Ultimately, (after a lot of hard, nerve-wracking work on my part) they could finally see and hear me but I could not see them, although, mercifully, I could hear them. This is not good behavior, Mercury. (Are you listening?)  Could you just straighten up and fly right, hmm?

Oh, but a far more serious--not to say frightening--affliction occurred when I suddenly discovered over the weekend that I could not update my website! What????? There was gnashing of teeth, and um....a few harsh words spoken over a matter of days whilst I attempted to solve this problem which was none of my fault, I hasten to assure you, but solely that of Mercury--the playful, at times irresponsible--ruler of communication.

Truth be told, in the  midst of the struggle to get my website updating properly, I actually at one point considered shutting down my website altogether--my pride and joy--which has been available online for more than ten years.

Fortunately, conscience--call it vanity--prevailed, and in the end I finally decided not to shut my beloved website down, because, I reasoned, whether or not I ever again receive any orders from amongst the wide variety of those that I offer here, I do happily offer valuable information here for free....and my statistics tracker reliably assures me that many sojourners from across the planet (a fact that continues to confound and thrill me) are grateful for the information they find here vis a vis Mr. Google.

So! How is your Mercury Retrograde period going, hmm? If you would like to have a more star-linked definitive explanation of what you might personally be experiencing for the three weeks following April 17th when Mercury actually does turn retrograde until he turns direct on May 11th (my beautiful granddaughter Erin's 5th birthday) I will be happy to offer you a personal Mercury Retrograde  Analysis for $24.95. Order your personal Mercury Retrograde Analysis here.

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My friend, astrologer/author Michele Adler has posted a thoroughly researched article about the Saturn/Uranus opposition on her website. I think you will find it fascinating reading not only as this opposition affects you personally but especially as it relates to the present traumatic political climate our country is experiencing. I encourage you to read Michele's article here.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE Saturday, April 3, 2010

Those of you who like to refer to my monthly Ephemeris and Calendar, you may check them out here.
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The Sun moves into Aries today. Discover the opportunities the Aries Cycle of Initiation offers all of us here. Happy birthday to all Aries Sun Signs! Here is your birthday affirmation and here is the Tarot affirmation for Aries.  You can right click on the Tarot Affirmation and download it! What is your age according to Beverlee's Tarot discovery?  View your Chinese Horoscope for the Year of the Tiger here.d text.
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