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Here we go again! Get ready for a joy ride in reverse.  That little ole’ fun planet, Mercury, the guy in charge of our thought processes, communications, and computers, turns retrograde on Monday.  Prepare yourself for the possibility of your brain taking an unscheduled vacation, your emails going awry, and your computer  malfunctioning.  If you want to know how this retrograde of Mercury in the sign of Gemini (one of Mercury’s own signs), will affect you personally, I can provide that information and much more—in a report outlining all the planetary retrogrades for one year. This report shows you the house in your birthchart where each planet will be retrograding, as well as any effect it may have on your natal planets.  And it only costs $5.95! Learn more.

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As soon as I heard the news over the weekend that Senator Kennedy had suffered a seizure, I naturally ran Progressions and Transits to his natal chart to see if they indicated he was in extreme danger. Since I saw a number of distressing transits to his chart I inferred the worst—that he had suffered a stroke, and I was surprised to learn that this was not the case.  However, today’s announcement that Senator Kennedy has a malignant brain tumor reflects my earlier concern. As it happens, the transiting Moon in Sagittarius today, at the time of this announcement, squares his natal Moon/Neptune conjunction.

Senator Kennedy is a Pisces; his Sun is therefore ruled by Neptune.  Furthermore, he has Capricorn rising, making Saturn the ruler of his chart.  At this time his Secondary Progressed Saturn is opposing his natal Neptune, a challenging aspect to say the least. Compounding the challenge, we find transiting Saturn within a few degrees of his natal Neptune and opposing that Progressed Saturn—a double whammy. 

Transiting Neptune (his Sun’s ruler) is passing within a few degrees of his natal Mercury/Mars conjunction. Neptune has the effect of muddying the waters, thereby impairing his Mercury/Mars conjunction.  Transiting Saturn in the sign of Virgo, moving through his Eighth House (of death) is opposing his natal Sun.  These are all difficult aspects. His Sun, Moon, Neptune (ruler of his Sun) and Saturn (ruler of his chart) are all under malefic influences at this time.  In addition, transiting Mars will shortly oppose his Progressed Saturn.

Jupiter is often prominent at the time of one’s death. Today, transiting Jupiter is conjunct Kennedy’s Progressed Midheaven (his public image, destiny). This is not to say that Kennedy's death is imminent, only that this alignment appears to imply the inevitably of his death in the rather near future. Some astrologers believe that the prominence of Jupiter at the time of one's death has to do with the accolades one receives at that time, and we are already hearing tributes to Kennedy's strength and determination, which certainly resonates with his Jupiter/Midheaven conjunction.

Quite aside from the present unfortunate circumstance in his life, I noted with marked interest while reviewing Kennedy’s birthchart that Neptune exactly conjoins his Virgo Moon—in the Eighth House of Death.  How ironic, I thought, that a woman—ruled by the Moon (Mary Jo Kopechne) should die by drowning—which Neptune rules—in his car!  Furthermore, Kennedy’s first wife, Joan, suffered from alcoholism—again, the combination of a woman (the Moon) and alcoholism (ruled by Neptune).  The stars don’t lie, do they?

Mary Jo Kopechne had a very challenging chart with her Sun in Leo contained by Mars and Pluto—planets deemed by ancient astrologers to be malific. She died just a few days before her 29th birthday, at the time of her Saturn Return (another malific, according to the ancients). I would go further, and combine the Sun (one's essence, and a man in one's life) and Pluto (death), and predict that her death would be caused by a man.  Unfortunatgely for Kopechne, transiting Neptune (alcohol, water, drowning) opposed her natal Uranus (the unexpected) that night, and transiting Pluto (death) conjoined her natal Neptune (alcohol, water, drowning). Furthermore, transiting Jupiter and Uranus conjunct at 00 degrees of Libra that fateful evening, were transiting Kopechne’s Twelfth House of Self-undoing, while the transiting Sun in Cancer squared her natal Moon in Aries.

That night transiting Mercury conjoined Kennedy’s natal Pluto (death) in his Seventh House of “the other”. In my opinion, he got away with murder by virtue of the fact that transiting Saturn was forming a Grand Trine with his Capricorn Ascendant and Moon/Neptune conjunction.  Neptune (his Pisces Sun’s ruler) was transiting his Tenth House of reputation, public image and destiny and squaring (challenging) his natal Mercury/Mars conjunction.  With the protection of that Grand Trine and Neptune (nebulousness, illusion) squaring Kennedy’s natal Mercury (communication) the truth, my friends, the absolute truth, the whole truth, will never be known about that sorrowful evening. That  truth will die with him.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, May 20th, 2008

It's time to tune in to the annual Solar energy of Gemini--the Cycle of Exploration.
Have you ever noticed how inquisitive your Gemini friends are?  Well, at this time of year we have the golden opportunity to emulate them and gather information as we explore our world.  Learn more about the Gemini Cycle of Exploration!  To begin your exploration you might like to learn about the Violet Flame.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE: Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It seems I’ve not quite finished turning back to revisit astrological techniques that I formerly used.  In keeping with Mercury having been in retrograde motion in my most recent Solar Return, I have decided to resurrect yet another fascinating technique—the Karmic Chart Analysis. Learn about this intriguing Reading.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I had an interesting dream the other night about a person with whom I had once been very close.  As so often happens, when this person and I had worked through the lessons we were supposed to learn from one another, he passed from my life and I have neither seen nor heard from him in years. Nevertheless, there he was in my dream, comfortably seated in my living room, chatting away amiably with me.  I felt somewhat disconcerted by his presence, and I was mystified by it, too.  In fact, his impression remained quite distinct in my thoughts even after awakening from the dream.

So on an impulse, I decided to consult his birthchart to see whether it would provide any clues to why I had dreamed of this person. The transits to his chart didn’t enlighten me. It was not until I ran his Secondary Progressions that I found what I was looking for. His Moon has progressed this month to exactly the degree of my natal Ascendant in Taurus.  Now I have long observed that when clients come to me for an astrological consultation almost always there are connections either between our two birthcharts, or, most often, a planet in their birthchart has progressed to a point which conjuncts something in my birthchart.

The Moon, of course, represents a woman in a person’s chart. So it was poetically apt that this person’s appearance in my dream happened just this month when his Progressed Moon touches my natal Ascendant—representing my personality. I feel quite sure, that, on some level, he is also aware of the energy connecting us—even if it is only in a dream.

Moreover, just this morning, as I prepared to compose this blog, I decided to check my own Secondary Progressions to see what light  they might shed on this situation. I was frankly startled to find that Saturn in my chart has progressed to exactly the degree of this person’s natal Ascendant, with my Progressed Moon only two degrees ahead of it!  Saturn, as it happens, is the ruler of his Sun.

This has been an exhilarating experience: discovering that Secondary Progressions in astrology not only bring people together in the waking world, but in dreams as well.  I daresay the cross connections between our two charts indicate there is more work to be done about the resolution of our relationship, which I presumed had already been accomplished.

"They say dreams are the windows of the soul--
take a peek and you can see the inner workings, the nuts and bolts."
~ Henry Bromel

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Take this test to find out which sports car you are. I'm a Dodge Viper! Who knew? But it is red, my favorite color, so it works for me!

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I realize it's a bit late but just in case you haven't been visiting my Annual Solar Cycle page each month, I thought I'd give you the link to the Taurus Cycle of Abundance, which we enter every year on  April 19th.  It's rewarding to tune in to what is offered at each stage of the Annual Solar Cycle.  I'm especially fond of Taurus's Cycle of Abundance. I hope you are not only enjoying it but giving thanks for all the abundance in your life.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Wednesday, May 7, 2008

As I mentioned back in January, I have come to dread election years because of all the empty rhetoric and vitriol that spews forth from every news source for the entire year. We have certainly witnessed this with the ongoing fight between Clinton and Obama as they seek the Democratic nomination for President. So it was like a breath of fresh air when my friend Bill forwarded this article about John McCain from the Wall Street Journal which I otherwise would have missed. (Thank you, Bill!) I'm passing it along because I sincerely believe that everyone, regardless of their political persuasion, ought to know these things about John McCain before casting their vote for the next President of the United States in November.

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I have nothing good to say about Barbara Walters. For a woman who has had every advantage in life she shows very little class. In my "View" it is blatantly self-seeking of her to make public (On Oprah!, of course, where else?) her affair with Senator Edward Brooke, simply to boost sales of her upcoming book.  However, rather than vent my spleen any further, I thought it more amusing to share her Compatibility Report with Senator Brooke.  Here’s their steamy report.

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May Day is a festival to celebrate Spring and fertility. It evolved from a Roman festival called Floralia which was held to offer flowers to the Goddess Flora. Dancers stomp the ground, blow horns and whistles, and ring bells to reawaken the ground, field and trees. The festival's central color is green because in Spring nature is green. May Day participants wear a crown of green leaves and flowers, and all the food is green.

Along with May Day comes the May pole. It is a tall pole, usually made of birch, decorated with flowers, leaves and brightly colored ribbons. May poles are permenant fixtures in large cities such as London, but were also put up on May Day Eve. The May pole symbolizes a tree to which May Day ceremonies are directed in order to encourage the "guardian of trees" to create a bountiful harvest. A mummer called Jack in the Green wears a costume made of green leaves and leads his chimney sweeps in a dance around the May pole.

There is also a Queen of this celebration. At the start of the festivities the Surveyor crowns her the Queen of May. There were no set criteria for choosing the queen. She could have been the tallest, youngest, prettiest, or most noble. She wore a gold crown with a single, gold leaf at its front. Her duties were to announce the games and award the prizes.

On May Day Eve after midnight and until the dawn of May Day, the children collect the May, that is, gather flowers and greens for the day's ceremonies. Upon their return everyone collected the May dew. The dew on grasses was thought to be lucky and good for your complexion by giving twelve months of rosy cheeks.

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