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Bad Sagittarius
Good Sagittarius
POSTED BY BEVERLEE, November 1st, 2011

For the entire month of November it is my pleasure to offer you, as the Special of the Month, your Astro*Talk Report which regularly sells for $9.95 for only $4.95!

Anyone interested in how the alignment of the stars at their birth describes them to a “T”, will find this report not only a revelation; it’s a must have!  I am pleased to offer you Astro*Talk, the most comprehensive 30+-page analysis of your birthchart ever produced. This Report also provides information about how the current transits are aspecting your natal chart.

To learn more about all that the Astro*Talk Report offers you and to view a sample Report please click here. And then rush back to this page to place your order for an Astro*Talk Report while I am offering it during the entire month of November at the ridiculous price of only $4.95  Simply click on the icon below to place your order and then email me your birth data: Date, Place and Time of birth. Don't wait! Order it now!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Tuesday, November 22nd

Happy birthday to all Sagittarians! To learn what Sagittarius -- the Cycle of  Enlightenment -- symbolizes for all of us, please click here. View the Sagittarius Affirmation here and the Sagittarius Tarot Card Meditation here.