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The recent discovery of many more planets outside of our solar system--most larger than our planet Earth--gives rise to the age-old question: is there life somewhere out there like ours?  I just hope I don't have to add those planets to my astrological data bank! Learn more.

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I’ve been re-reading “Eleanor and Franklin” the biography of Eleanor Roosevelt by Joseph P. Lash.  It has clearly shown me that my previous post about whom to marry based solely on Sun signs does not always work out as well as one might expect.  For example, I suggested (Please refer to my previous post) that marriage to someone whose Sun sign trines your own would be a good choice. Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt fall into this category: She was a Libran and he was an Aquarian.  Well, heaven knows their marriage was tremendously challenging.

First of all, FDR was a mama’s boy, ridiculously coddled and spoiled throughout his childhood and his mother Sara Delano Roosevelt was never able to cut the umbilical cord, so to speak, much to the distress of her daughter-in-law Eleanor. Eleanor, on the other hand, came from a totally dysfunctional background. Her mother died when Eleanor was seven years old (First square of Saturn to her natal Saturn and her mother Anna’s first Saturn Return). Then her alcoholic father whom Eleanor (sadly, IMHO) idolized throughout her life, died two years later and she was sent to live with her Grandmother Hall.  Forever after, Eleanor played the martyr’s role of people pleasing—most notably in attempting to win the affection of her mother-in-law Sara Delano Roosevelt. FDR, of course, was unfaithful to her, another crushing blow to her ego, which she was never able to completely overcome in terms of forgiveness.

Although FDR, her cousin, who was considered a good “catch”, pursued her relentlessly, much to her dismay and surprise, and she loved him devotedly (at first), she erroneously cloaked him in the mantle of her beloved father. Big mistake!

How could things have gone so woefully wrong for this marriage between two air signs? Well, I have an explanation for this fated marriage which does not depend upon Astrological symbolism alone, but more accurately upon the mystical wisdom of the Book of Destiny.  So first let’s consider Eleanor’s Birth Card, the Jack of Clubs. Read about her Book of Destiny Birth Card.

As it happens, a number of my family members, friends and acquaintances have the Jack of Clubs as their Birth or Sun Card. Every one of them, without exception, has experienced a difficult marriage; several have been divorced more than once. I think it stems from the dishonesty factor so prevalent in the card’s psychological makeup.

I believe that the Jack of Clubs personality is so gifted with creativity that it seems only natural for them to carry the creativity over into their dialogue with others. They are merely using their innate creativity to fashion their relationships more nearly to their heart’s desire.

This is precisely what Eleanor Roosevelt did throughout her life.  Even in her youth--for in spite of her unprepossessing looks, she was certainly not without suitors. She was an extremely popular young woman; more than one young man felt bereft by her marriage to FDR. She  charming and had a pleasing way with people, just as the description of the Jack of Clubs card describes. She was often polite for the sake of expediency and manners, while deep inside her feelings were completely opposite to what she was outwardly expressing. You can call that dishonesty if you wish; I prefer to think of it as creative orchestration!

Furthermore, I have also observed that the more metaphysically enlightened among the Jack of Clubs Birth Card natives are willing to acknowledge this innate characteristic towards deception and work diligently to direct it toward a more honest approach in all of their relationships.

One person, to whom I read the card’s tendencies, refused to acknowledge that it described her. “I don’t lie!” she stoutly maintained. I thought to myself, but my dear, you sometimes lie to yourself. And therein lies the difficulty and the challenge of this wonderfully creative Birth Card.

In the final analysis concerning the marriage between Eleanor and Franklin Roosevelt, I feel that he was indeed lucky to have chosen her for his wife. Today is Eleanor’s birthday and so I thought it fitting to pay tribute to her service to her husband, our nation, and, indeed, the world.

Oh, and by the way, FDR’s Birth Card was the 10 of Clubs—the card right before Eleanor’s. According to the transcendental wisdom of the Book of Destiny, these two had known one another in a past lifetime and were, in this lifetime, working out their Karma.

Do you begin to understand why I have such reverence for the Book of Destiny? Learn more about the Book of Destiny Reports here.

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I have been re-reading Mary Hemingway’s autobiography “How it Was”. As usual, I had to have her horoscope on hand, as well as her Book of Destiny Birth Card to compare them with what she writes about her life—most notably, of course, what she has to say about her life with Ernest Hemingway.

Both her horoscope and her BOD Birth Card suggest the difficulties in their marriage. Mary Hemingway was Ernest’s fourth wife and he was her third husband. Click here to read the description of Mary’s BOD Birth Card. [BTW I will be posting descriptons of the BOD Birth Cards of famous people from time to time so you can familiarize yourself with the validity of the Book of Destiny.]

You can see for yourself how accurately her BOD Birth Card describes Mary Hemingway's difficult marriage(s).  It also describes her wonderful creativity. She was a talented writer. And she was a typically feisty and energetic Aries—willing to try anything once. As Hemingway’s wife that was a requirement. She had to learn to speak Spanish fluently since they lived in Cuba; she had to learn to shoot and to fish and so much more—most particularly she had to be willing to tolerate the presence of beautiful young women constantly fawning over her husband—which he, as a needy Cancer, naturally welcomed!  In fact, on their wedding night, Mary and Ernest had a fight so fierce that she started packing her bags to leave him—a process that was frequently repeated over the course of their seventeen-year relationship--without her ever actually leaving him.

So you see, in spite of all her efforts to live up to Hemingway’s expectations, their marriage was very difficult. I could have told her so…not that it would have made the slightest difference or precluded her marrying him…who’s going to turn down the marriage proposal of the most celebrated American writer of his generation? He told her flat out that he was going to marry her the third time they met, and she had already felt some distaste for him on first meeting. Not only that: they were both married to others when they met. They had huge disagreements during their courtship, not only was Hemingway verbally abusive to her, but according to her memoir on at least one occasion he was physically abusive. And boy! Did he discover what a tiger his little "Pickle" (his nickname for her) could be on that occasion! She lit into him, as mad as the proverbial wet hornet! I loved her for that! And so did Hemingway.

But astrologically here’s the rub:  Hemingway was a Cancer; Mary was an Aries. These signs are in square to one another. What does that say about their marriage prospects? They are incompatible signs. It’s a challenge every day. Think of it as having to “square off” with one’s partner on a daily basis. Listen, I know whereof I speak. I am a Libran married to a Capricorn. Our Sun signs are also in square to one another. And although we’ve been married for more than fifty years, and love one another deeply, we are still “squaring off” with one another every single day.  That said, I do believe marriages are made in heaven; everything in my natal chart and in my Karmic Chart testifies to the fact that this was to be my husband.

Nevertheless, if I had but one injunction to offer those headed for the alter it would be this: “Do not marry your square!” Such an injunction would be quite futile, of course. People most often decide to marry because of their hormones and not their intellect. But I’m telling you, I’ve never, ever seen a marriage between natives whose Suns are in square to one another that has not been a struggle right the way through.

To cite a more recent example of a marriage between natives whose Suns are in square to one another: our California governor, Arnold Schwartzenegger, a Leo, is married to Maria Shriver, a Scorpio. I was amused to read the other day of his relating at a news conference how he had just been released from the dog house by Maria and let back into the bedroom after her disapproval of some governmental activity of his. Squaring off, you see? Frankly, I cannot fathom a Republican marrying a Democrat but that’s another story! OMG! Having written those last words I decided to look up the birth data of another famous Republican/Democrat marriage--that of James Carville and Mary Matalin. You are not going to believe this! She is a Leo and he is a Scorpio! Suns in square to one another. I'll have to look at their respective BOD Birth Cards!

So, ideally whom should one marry, astrologically speaking? I feel that the best choice of a marriage partner is someone whose Sun is in trine to your own Sun sign. Air signs (Libra, Gemini, Aquarius); Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn); Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius); Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). Next in order of compatibility, would be to marry someone whose sign is next to your own in the zodiac. Though there still may be some struggles in such an alliance, adjacent Sun signs often have planets overlapping which afford them at least some degree of agreement, tolerance and understanding.

I also think those of the same Sun signs can be compatible. But invariably people seem to be drawn to their opposite sign. (Opposites attract, remember that adage?) Yeah, they attract, and then forever after they butt heads. But there are a high percentage of marriages between opposite Sun signs. I have to believe that Karma plays a role in marriages between squares and opposites. There are lessons to be learned in this lifetime in order to prepare us for smoother sailing the next time around.

I’ve never understood the frequently observed marriages between Virgo and Aquarius. What have they in common?  I ask myself.  Nor do I understand the marriages between Leo and Pisces, of which I’ve seen numerous examples. Pisces is born to rain of Leo’s parade. I just don’t get it!  But then, I’m not a marriage counselor, am I? I just get to sit on the sidelines and muse and say, “Ha! I could have told you so!”

It’s kind of interesting, my espousing all this partnership stuff when the Sun has moved into Libra—the sign of partnership, and when the Moon is edging toward its Full Phase—similar in nature to Libra.  Happy relating!
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