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It has occurred to me that, having explored the validity of Chiron’s
influence upon the four candidates, you may now wish to learn what Chiron and  the four asteroids—Ceres, Pallas, Juno and Vesta—have to say about you. You can learn more about this intimate and revealing Asteroid Report here.

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I have received a couple of inquiries about the influence of Chiron on Senators Obama and Biden. Truth to tell, I had not intended to pursue Chiron’s influence on either of them.  First, because, as I have somewhat timorously revealed, I am a conservative Republican, thus more interested in the influence of the stars upon Republican candidates than their Democratic counterparts, especially here in the home stretch of this bitter presidential campaign. Secondly, since this is my personal blog space it seems to me only fair that I should be permitted the privilege of expressing my personal views as I deem fit. Heaven knows that’s what everyone else in Blogdom does!

Nevertheless, since I have my Sun in the air sign of Libra, I find any number of things interesting. The expression you will hear most often from any air sign (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) is: “That is so interesting!”  So, please understand that it is not because I wish to present fair and balanced coverage of the candidates here in my personal space that I have somewhat reluctantly decided to delineate Chiron’s influence on Senators Obama and Biden, but rather because, having belatedly examined their charts with reference to Chiron, I find their respective placements not only very interesting, but highly indicative of the validity of Chiron’s influence, which to me is the more important thing—the validation of astrological principles—to which I am deeply committed.

Phew, I’m glad my English teacher, Mrs. Knapp, can’t read that long, convoluted sentence because I suspect it of being totally unparsable! Also, I daresay that since Mercury turns retrograde today, right on my Libra Sun, I have had the opportunity to turn back along with it, and change my thinking!

Now, having rather long-windedly got that off my chest, I will proceed with Chiron’s influence on Obama first, using only Zane Stein's aforementioned book as a reference since I regard his analyses as more authentic because of their not being overwhelmingly emotion-based, as unfortunately, I find Barbara Hand Clow’s to be.

Chiron is posited in the First House of Senator Obama’s natal chart—ordinarily an excellent placement, purportedly causing people to see you as somehow extraordinary. This is certainly true in Obama’s case, and since I have this placement myself, I love this flattering idea!  Oh, one more personal note: My Chiron, at 27 degrees of Taurus, exactly conjoins my husband’s Moon, and I can confirm that he, at least, saw me as extraordinary at first sight! Thank heavens!

However, Obama’s Chiron placement is somewhat complicated by the fact that it is in a T-Square configuration, opposing Pluto and squaring his Moon which also squares Pluto. The T-Square is said, understandably, to be a very dynamic configuration. Squares, after all, are conducive to stress, which worked through, promote the most personal growth. It is not the easy situations in life that propel us forward but the difficulties we work to overcome.

We are certainly witnessing this phenomenon, as we become more familiar with Senator Obama, about whom we have known virtually nothing before last year. Consider the debacle about Reverend Wright with which he has had to contend, ultimately having to drop out of Wright’s church in an attempt to counteract the attacks on him for his twenty-year association with Wright.

Obama’s Chiron is in the sign of Pisces, about which Stein opines: These people…."have a personal imperative to feel that whatever they are involved in is THE truth, the important cause.  They want to avoid involving themselves in anything that is not important or not possible to achieve…They have a deep optimism that they can make the world a better place…But one of the major lessons they have to learn is to avoid falling for wrong causes.”  [I think it’s fair and balanced to comment that this describes Senator Obama quite accurately.]

Now for Senator Biden’s Chiron: It is placed in the Ninth House of his chart. In part, here is what Stein says about this placement: “…These people have a talent for finding and understanding basic laws, general principles, and the underlying significance of a situation…They love challenges, are usually perceptive observers, good at ad-libbing and outspoken with pronounced opinions.” [Good debaters! Sarah, beware!]

Biden’s Chiron is in the sign of Leo. About Chiron in this sign Stein says, in part…”One major lesson for these people is self-reliance. They have a personal imperative to be individualists, so it is very difficult for them to take advice…They have a unique sense of pride—they need to be called upon to do something “only you can do.” [Aside: this may explain why Senator Biden made that enigmatic comment to the effect of his not understanding why Obama chose him for his running mate when Hillary would have been so much more qualified!]

I would further add that Biden’s Chiron is challenged, however, by squares from his Sun/Venus conjunction. Stein comments that: “People with Venus and Chiron in aspect were put on Earth to teach us a lot about ourselves and our value systems…In the chart of a male with this aspect [of Chiron to Venus] there is frequently a powerful desire to assert masculinity, and a perception of women as threatening.” [Interesting! Are we talking about Hillary again? Or Sarah Palin?]

About Sun square Chiron, briefly, here’s what Stein says: …”This is a person who truly wants to change the world in some way….This urge stems from something very subjective—s/he has gone through at least one, but usually several, changes in the self-image and sense of purpose….Any Chiron square throws the other body off-balance, and often, so that the person must make time to re-establish the balance.” [With regard to this assessment of the Sun/Venus Chiron squares, we know about the heart-breaking tragedy that Joe Biden had to overcome, in losing his wife and daughter in a tragic auto accident and his consequent need to assume the  responsibility of being a single Dad to his two badly injured sons.]

In summation, I would simply suggest that the potential of squares to Chiron in a person’s chart do seem to have accurately portrayed the life’s path of both these men.

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I have two books about Chiron: “ESSENCE AND APPLICATION: A View From Chiron” by Zane B. Stein, whom I consider the foremost authority on Chiron, and  “CHIRON: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer  Planets” by Barbara Hand Clow.  I was perusing each of these books last evening and came upon some interesting insights that I’d like to share with you.

First, this from Stein’s book: “The most potent keyword representing Chiron is MAVERICK.  This word came from Samuel A. Maverick, and American pioneer and rancher who did not brand his cattle, unlike all the other ranchers around him.  The word came to mean one who takes a stand apart from his associates--an independent individual who refuses to conform to his own group--one who does not align himself with any party, faction, or particular stand-one without the mark of the herd branded into his side as it is in his contemporaries.  Mavericks may make enemies among those who belong to some particular group, for those people may feel, “If you are not with us, you are against us.” Yet as far as the maverick is concerned, he is neither for nor against their principles.” 

To this valid assessment of the maverick, I would only add that mavericks are simply committed to their own belief system which they follow wherever that path takes them, whatever the consequences. Perhaps maverick is another word for integrity.

Hmmm, now let’s see. Does that description remind you of anyone you’ve been hearing about in the news lately—Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin, for instance? It instantly rang a bell of recognition with me with regard to both of them, and especially with Governor Palin based on the particularly ugly attacks she has been enduring in the media—press and electronic.

Of course, Senator McCain has long marched to the beat of his own drummer in the Senate, frequently parting ways with his fellow Republicans—much to their dismay.  This we know about McCain, because history confirms it, and we are learning that the same independent streak is equally strong in Governor Palin. Neither of these self-professed mavericks has any compunction about following the dictates of their own conscience, wherever it may lead.  Of course, each of them is hoping at this time that their path leads to the White House!

Senator McCain has Chiron in the sign of Gemini in the Eighth House of his natal chart. Right now, and also on Election Day, November 4th, Chiron is at 16 degrees of Aquarius, forming a sextile (opportunity) with McCain’s natal Jupiter (expansion, reaching out for more). On Inauguration Day, January 20th, 2009, Chiron will be at 19 degrees of Aquarius, forming a close trine (harmonious aspect) with McCain’s natal Chiron.

Transiting Chiron is also forming a trine with Governor Palin’s natal Jupiter in Aries (the sign of the pioneer!) and on Inauguration Day it will be close to conjoining her natal Sun (Essence of being). Jupiter in Governor Palin’s chart, as it happens, is the focal planet in a yod formation, inconjuncting (separated by 150 degrees) both Pluto (transformation) and Neptune (inspiration).

Let’s turn to Barbara Hand Clow and see what she has to say about the yod formation:  “This aspect is the most immediately empowered and useful in the natal chart. It is a gift from God to be revealed to the native.”

Here’s what she has to say about Chiron in trine to a natal planet (Governor Palin has Chiron trine Neptune in her natal chart): “Chiron trine a planet is a sign of great gifts for consciousness breakthrough and healing talents from past lives which can be activated into the present life. The native must not take it for granted; he or she must consciously work to activate these skills in a highly disciplined manner. This innate knowledge may save the native’s life someday; it may save the life of his or her child.” (Remember Trig—the Down Syndrome child, whom Sarah Palin chose to give birth to?)

Sarah Palin has Chiron in the Seventh House. Briefly, Clow says: “Chiron’s presence in the seventh house signifies a dynamic of knowing the self through significant relationships on the personal level, and strongly affecting other people on a mass scale. This position is the essence of charisma; these individuals have enormous potential to express the collective unconsciousness of their times….”

Next, here’s what Clow has to say about natives with Chiron in Gemini (which McCain has). “…people with Chiron in Gemini….are very plugged in to mass consciousness and are deliberately using their attunement to manifest changes they feel strongly about.”

If the birthtime given for Senator McCain given by his mother (11:00 A.M.) is correct, he has Chiron in the Eighth House—not a particularly favorable placement, according to Clow: “Chiron’s presence in the eighth house signifies a titanic struggle with the earthly desires: sex, money, power and immortality.”  

That description may, to a degree, be applicable to John McCain. However, we are more familiar with another “titanic” struggle that Senator McCain has experienced:—his arduous five-and-a-half-year struggle to remain alive after his capture, torture, and solitary confinement by the Vietnamese during the Vietnamese War.

Named for the Wounded Healer of Greek Myth, Chiron symbolizes not only the lonely and arduous self-healing process that the mythical Centaur went through, but also the teacher/student relationship he developed with other gods thereafter. So, astrologically embodying the archetype of "the wounded healer", Chiron stresses the importance of going within to find a cura or answer  and then sharing it with others.

Does this sound like anyone we know? John McCain, for instance? It's food for thought.

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Today the Sun moves into the sign of Libra. Learn about the Libra Cycle of Relating.  Also, check out my special half-price sale for LibransHere is an affirmation for Librans.

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In the past I have mentioned that the Head of State’s chart symbolically becomes that of the nation during his (or her) term of office. Therefore, in light of the appalling financial crisis our nation now finds itself in, I have examined President Bush’s chart to determine whether it can offer any conceivable explanation for the alarming predicament we, as Americans, face at this moment in our history. 

Interestingly, though not surprisingly, I discovered that transiting Saturn—the Lord of Karma and the schoolmaster of the zodiac—has been slowly and deliberately moving through the Second House of resources and values in Bush’s chart, (which, for the duration of his presidency, metaphorically represents the nation’s chart) as this crisis has been developing, and indeed, ominously escalating. Even more pointedly, Saturn has now arrived at the exact degree of President Bush’s progressed Sun (in this instance representing the head of state) in the Second House.

Let me specifically spell out what this cosmic connection implies: President George W. Bush, having been elected to the office of President of the United States for a second term, has arrived, by virtue of the progression of his Sun which Saturn now conjoins, to the dilemma that he alone, (representing the nation) was destined to be addressing at this precise moment in time.  Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is, at this moment, testing his, and symbolically the state's, premise (the Sun) and, by extension, the financial foundation (Second House) of the nation.  The symbolism is positively eerie.

In addition, to underscore the connection between what has been going on in the cosmos, as it relates to President Bush’s chart (and metaphoriclly, the nation’s), we note that the last Solar Eclipse, which took place on August 1st, exactly conjoined President Bush’s First House Mercury in Leo—precipitating a turning point not only in how he thinks and communicates (Mercury), but also how he is comprehended by others (1st house). 

What's more, Mercury, the ruler of that Eclipse, exactly conjoined  President Bush’s progressed Pluto (transformation).  This is so patently indicative of what has been going on for him and the United States (which his chart represents at this moment in time) that it feels to me like a brand new revelation of what Astrology, the cosmic science, is capable of offering to each of us, in the way of enlightenment and understanding.

However, to continue my analysis of President Bush’s aspects, by transit, at the time of the last Solar Eclipse on August 1st, I note with some degree of comfort that transiting Jupiter (enlightenment) conjoined his progressed Moon in his (and the nation’s) Sixth House of work and service. This seems a soothing omen with regard to the possible outcome of the dire financial predicament in which the United States is currently mired.

Another, perhaps less persuasive, omen, is the fact that Uranus (the Great Awakener) was transiting President Bush’s  (and symbolically, the nation's) Eighth House of shared resources and investments at the time of the August Solar Eclipse, and was forming a trine (favorable aspect) to his Natal Saturn (resonsibility, structure, limitations).

However, when we look ahead to the next Solar Eclipse which takes place in January we discover that, at 6 degrees of Aquarius, falling in President Bush’s (and the nation’s) Sixth House of service, within a degree of the cusp of the Seventh House of “the other, and the public”, at 6 degrees of Libra, it exactly trines (favors) President Bush’s progressed Ascendant (How he is perceived by others).

Oh, but wait a minute! The January Eclipse comes less than a week after  George W. Bush is no longer President of the United States.  The hardest job in the world (in my opinion) will have passed from his shoulders onto those of his successor’s.

About which I shall have more to say in the future.

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Here we go again: O. J. Simpson on trial. It’s odd that this man, who is so charismatic, and who has enjoyed such good fortune in his life, can’t seem to keep out of trouble.  I’ve spoken of his Grand Trine in the past:  Moon trine Jupiter trine Mercury. Supposedly a helpful aspect in one’s chart, it has provided him with mixed blessings. I frankly believe it is what got him off on the charge of murdering his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman. On the other hand, I believe it is what provoked him to a murderous rage in the first place, since the grand trine aspect—in my experience of closely observing those who have it in their natal charts—always leads to excess in some area of their life. Simpson also has the classic aspect of a successful athlete: Mars in the tenth house. He had so much going for him, but I believe that now his luck has finally run out. Blame it on Saturn.

Let’s examine how Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is testing him now. Looking back to the last Solar Eclipse on August 1st, we see that it fell exactly on his natal Saturn in the twelfth house of what’s hidden. By the way, have I mentioned that natives with Saturn posited in the twelfth house customarily think they are being put upon?  They often suffer from a “poor me” complex.

Interestingly, Mercury, the ruler of that Eclipse, fell exactly on his natal Pluto, also in the twelfth house, while transiting Pluto opposed his natal Venus, in itself a very stressful aspect, usually implying the loss of something one values. In addition, Uranus was squaring his natal Uranus, while transiting Mars was simultaneously moving toward a square to his Uranus. Now let's look ahead to the next Solar Eclipse in January: it opposes his twelfth house Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which is being relentlessly hammered, indicating ongoing difficulties for him.

Today, as his trial begins in Las Vegas, astonishingly, the Moon is exactly conjunct Simpson’s natal Moon in Pisces…in other words, he’s experiencing his Lunar Return today, and once again, his Lunar Return chart has Saturn hiding out guess where?  In the Twelfth House! “Poor me!” O. J. must be thinking as he sits there in that Las Vegas courtroom.

Equally crucial, Pluto in his Lunar Return chart falls on the fourth house cusp—the so-called “end of the matter” in horary astrology, and a Lunar Return can certainly be considered a horary chart describing one's emotions for the month ahead. At any rate, finding Pluto at that cusp does not bode well for its receiver, especially inasmuch as it is squaring his natal Moon, with Uranus, the disrupter, moving toward a conjunction with said Moon.  Interesting, too, that his trial begins on a Full Moon—when matters invariably come to a head and out into the light. (Aside: We certainly can see evidence of this premise in today's shocking banking and stock market news!)

Finally, to add insult to injury, transiting Pluto still ruthlessly opposes Simpson’s natal Venus and Saturn has been slowly and portentously moving through his first house of how he appears to others, and is now even more ominously squaring his tenth house Mars/Uranus midpoint before it moves into his Second House of Self Worth. 

Mark my words, friends, O. J. Simpson, this time around, has any number of excellent reasons for thinking “Poor me”! Did I mention that the twelfth house also represents places of confinement, as in prison?

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Ah! The joys of summer! There's never a dull moment with Ian and Erin! Here's what they've been up to this summer.

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Visit the digital archive of September 11 2001. Never forget this date!

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I received an email from Astrologer Michele Adler, author of “Predictive Astrology: Cycles of Change, Seasons of Meaning” , from whom I have learned so much to share with you.  I thought you might like to know that she will be a guest on Chris Flisher’s show at Contact this Thursday, September 11th, at 5 PM ET. She will be discussing degrees of the zodiac and other astrology topics. To hear it, go here at the appointed time, and click on the link. Chris archives all of his shows, and they can be downloaded for free here.  Chris has some interesting shows in his archives with astrologers Tad Mann, Jan Spiller, Ray Grasse, Donna Cunningham, Erin Sullivan and others. The Thursday show will also be in the archives if you want to hear it later.

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Did I say “That’s the way the cookie crumbles.”? Yes!  Did I say “Vet this!”?  Yes! Did I imply that the road to the White House is paved with cookies? Yes!  Is my face red?  Yes!

Woe is me! My favorite political informant (A Gemini, who keeps her ear to the ground for the latest news) has just alerted me to the controversy surrounding the First Lady cookie recipe contest.  It appears that Cindy McCain's recipe for oatmeal-butterscotch cookies, published on the Family Circle Web site earlier in the month, is an almost exact replica of a Hershey’s recipe.  The question naturally arises: does this qualify for cookie plagiarism?

I’ve checked out both recipes, Cindy McCain’s oatmeal-butterscotch cookies and Michelle Obama’s shortbread, and frankly, they both look delicious to me. But I have a question: Do the contest rules state categorically that the recipe must be the contestant's original creation? You must forgive me, but since my husband has never run for the presidency, I have never been called upon to render a cookie recipe for judging, so I really don't know the answer to this weighty consideration.

Nevertheless, Cindy McCain’s cookie controversy reminded me of my own cranberry relish recipe dilemma.  On Thanksgiving our family gathers at the home of my daughter-in-law’s sister Linda, each of us contributing something for the meal. Jenny’s sister-in-law Donna has repeatedly, over the years, extolled my contribution—cranberry relish—to the skies, an accolade I always accepted with a modest, “Thank you!” 

But one year the cat finally reluctantly crawled out of the bag along with my “secret” recipe, when Donna asked me—point blank—right there in front of everyone at the dining room table for my cranberry relish recipe. There was nothing for it: So I blushingly confessed, “Ummm, well, actually, I use the recipe on the cranberry bag.” Sheepish grin.

I haven’t tried either Cindy’s or Michelle’s cookie recipe yet; but as I said, they both look absolutely delicious, although I do have one slight concern about Michelle’s recipe which calls for 2 Tablespoons of Amaretto (almond liqueur). Hmm, I wonder if her recipe came off the Amaretto box?

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Since I freely acknowledge, without reservation, that my Vedic Chart  Analysis cuts right to the core of a person’s character, showing one’s gifts while hiding no defects, I thought it would be illuminating to examine the Vedic chart of the new kid on the block—Sarah Palin.

Oh, my! Little did I dream how illuminating the ancient wisdom of the Hindus would prove to be in this instance, or what extraordinary insights her Vedic Chart Analysis would provide for this powerful woman who has been chosen by Senator John McCain as his running mate!

In paragraph after paragraph Sarah Palin’s Vedic Chart Analysis accentuates this young woman’s stellar qualities and her rightful claim to a high position of authority. If you didn’t believe it before now, you will see in this report that Governor Palin is worthy of your confidence and trust.  But, please, be my guest, and judge for yourself. Click here to read excerpts from Sara Palin’s Vedic Chart Analysis.

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Saturday, September 06, 2008

One of my eagle-eyed friends, jubilant that I have returned
to blogging about the presidential race (after I had quite
some time ago dispiritedly vowed not to), informed me that
Senator McCain, in an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox
News, called  Sarah Palin his “soul mate”. Well!  Don’t you
know I had to compare their stars once more to see what caused that comment? But of course! Her Neptune (inspiration) falls right on his Ascendant! Naturally he would feel that way, and who can blame him?

Speaking of Neptune, it is even as we speak hovering over Governor Palin’s natal Sun in Aquarius in her Seventh House of “the other” and partnership. This would further serve to enhance her inspirational quality in McCain’s eyes, and it appears also to have had the same effect on a rejuvenated electorate.

I have discovered a birth time for Governor Palin, giving her Leo rising which explains a great deal to this astrologer, who has been fussing about all that hair of which she’s evidently so proud. Leo’s and Leo rising natives have a love affair with their mass of hair. (I’m hoping this astrological tenet will, in due course, apply to our three-year-old granddaughter Erin, who has Leo rising in her birthchrt but whose hair at present may best be described as “wispy”). Just like Sarah Palin, however, Erin possesses every other characteristic of a chart ruled by the Sun. These people crave a stage to be in the center of, and an enthusiastically responsive audience. And we can certainly see how audiences are enthusiastically responding to Governor Palin!

Another evidence of Palin’s having a Leo Ascendant is transiting Pluto moving through her Fifth House of children, which would account for her having recently given birth to Trig, her baby with special needs. Informed that her unborn child had Down syndrome, she willingly accepted the responsibility thrust upon her by Pluto, the planet of transformation, and in so doing, I believe we have all, as witnesses, been transformed .

But returning to the chart comparison of McCain and Palin, we find that McCain’s Uranus (not surprisingly the ruler of her stellium in Aquarius), conjoins her Tenth House cusp symbolizing authority figures, career and destiny. Choosing her for his running mate certainly “shook up” in typical Uranian fashion, the direction of her life, wouldn’t you agree? Another clear indication of his “soul mate” hypothesis.

I’ve been looking ahead to next January’s Solar Eclipse, which takes place six days after the presidential inauguration.  At 6 degrees of Aquarius, this Eclipse falls in Governor Palin’s Sixth house of work and service to others, very close to her Moon (the public) in Aquarius, creating a dramatic turning point there. Jupiter, the ruler of the Eclipse, by virtue of being the closest planet to the Sun/Moon conjunction, falls exactly on her humanitarian Aquarius Moon.  I've just noticed  that there are a lot of sixes involved in this planetary alignment.  Now you know  my love affair with numbers! So let me remind you that the number six is ruled, according to my numbers guru Sydney Omarr, by the planet Venus, and it suggests a change of residence.  Hmmm, mayhap to the White House?

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Friday, September 05, 2008

As I mentioned in January I dread presidential election years simply because invariably they bring out the very worst tendencies in otherwise decent, considerate, and self-respecting people: namely—and the most repugnant tendency, as far as I’m concerned—the demonizing of the candidates.

This practice is common not only amongst family members in the privacy of their own homes, in private conversations and communications between friends,  but it is rife in the mass media—newspaper editorials* (see below for an exception) and television editorials, both of which have the privilege of venting their extreme bias, and also in political cartoons and on the Internet. I find this behavior abhorrent.

Well, Beverlee, why do you listen/look at it? You may be asking. Heaven knows I attempt not to engage in this contemptible conduct myself and I’m pleased to tell you that in spite of the fact that many, if not most, of my closest friends are liberal Democrats by persuasion, we either do not bring our differences to the table or when we do, we tread very softly and never demonize one another’s candidate. Never! If I sound proud of this fact, I admit it. I am. Friendship is sacred to me.

But to answer your hypothetical question, I don’t read the newspapers any more than I have to (except for the food section which is normally apolitical and publishes the cookie recipes of competing future First Ladies!) and I rarely watch television news. Alas! what I am unable to avoid, much less control, is the  prosetelizing and demonizing of the candidates making the rounds by email.

It’s not my acquaintance who are supporters of the opposite ticket who inundate me with these unfortunate messages, but those whose political persuasion is the same as mine. Perhaps they think that, because I agree with them politically, I want to engage in this sort of character assassination. Unfortunately, it is these deplorable messages that often slip through the cracks of my carefully erected barriers to prejudice.

I should point out that I believe we do not choose our political convictions willy nilly; I feel that they are virtually present in our DNA! If not that, then at the very least, from an early age we hear our families expressing their political views, and most often—not always of course, but most often, as adults we simply accept their views.

When I am able to detect the negative thrust of email messages that well-intentioned people send me, I delete them without even opening them; nevertheless, some unduly negative messages manage to get through, and they make me sad.

Why sad?  Because, whether I agree or disagree with someone else’s political philosophy, I respect their right to have their own views. So when I receive an insulting or derogatory message about Senator Barrack Obama, for example, I find it distressing.  For though I do not plan to vote for Senator Obama, because I consider him too inexperienced to occupy the oval office, I recognize his passion.  I admire his good qualities, and I have no desire to denigrate him because of his race. The second reason not to demonize him is that if he actually succeeds in becoming president of the United States, that, in my opinion, is the most difficult job in the world. Anyone willing to take it on has my respect if not my vote.

And who knows? Without my awareness, it's conceivable that my reason for voting for Senator John McCain is not because he’s a hero (although I recognize that he is the epitome of that word) or that he is the best qualified candidate for the job, but because I absorbed the Republican perspective of my parents and grandparents. Obviously I trust that I'm voting on the issues at stake, and not from an innate political bias, because frankly, the latter isn’t the best reason to vote for anyone. 

*Note: I make an exception by reading Peggy Noonan's column in the Wall Street Journal, because I have a deep  and abiding respect for her. I not only admire her writing, her experience, and her wisdom, but I wish I knew her personally!

Finally, this little homily that I learned as a child sums up my viewpoint:

           “There’s so much good in the worst of us,
and so much bad  in the best of us,
that it behooves all of us 
not to talk about the rest of us!”

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Friday, September 05, 2008

I actually had to laugh when I went hunting for Senator Biden’s birth data and discovered that he is a Scorpio! Oh, poor Obama! If he had wanted a Scorpio running mate he could have saved himself a lot of trouble and won a lot of votes by choosing Hillary for VP.  If he wanted to be the harbinger of the CHANGE he touts, that choice would have done it big time and stood him in good stead with women who are now so angry with him for not choosing Hillary that they are threatening to cross party lines when they enter the polling booths in November.

That said, I don’t envy him having a Scorpio as a running mate—Hillary and Biden included—because he’s a Leo (the “It’s all about me” sign, remember?) and so that means Senator Biden’s Sun in the fixed of Scorpio squares Obama’s Sun in the fixed sign of Leo. In fact, four of Biden’s planets in Scorpio (Sun (one’s “essence"), Mercury (one’s thinking and communicating processes), Venus (one’s values) and Mars (one’s ambition and drive) are all squaring Obama’s Sun, Mercury, and Uranus (one’s uniqueness and “upset the applecart” planet) and North Node (destiny) in Leo. Trust me, folks, those are huge challenges.

These two candidates may smile while appearing together before the public, but behind the scenes, I assure you, there are some heated battles going on between them about the best way to proceed to the offices of the presidency and vice presidency.

You see, I am all too familiar with the challenges in relationships between squared sun signs, because, with my Sun in Libra, I am married to a Capricorn!  But you don’t have to take my word for it that these cross-chart aspects between partners are formidable. If  you want to know the down and dirty truth about being married to someone whose sun sign is in square to yours, just ask Hillary and Bill Clinton—a Scorpio and a Leo respectively. As we have all witnessed, they have managed to hold their marriage together through the most publicly humiliating times, but as Ernest Hemingway commented to his wife Mary after they survived a harrowing plane crash, “Well, we got here, but it was not the easy way.” (I’m paraphrasing)

But I digress. What I really want to discuss today is the reason I was looking up Senator Biden’s birth data in the first place. Grit your teeth: I’m gong to level with you. After tirelessly poring over, scrutinizing, dissecting and comparing countless charts for Senators McCain and Obama, I had confided, off the record, to a few intimates that I had the distinct impression that Senator Obama was destined to become the next president of the United States.

However, yesterday I decided to test an astrological tactic that I haven’t used in the past in an attempt to determine the winner of a political contest: the synastry, or composite chart. Using this technique you combine the planets in the charts of two people, thereby creating a new chart which is alleged to represent them as a whole, an entity. I applied this technique first to Senator McCain and Governor Palin’s respective charts, created their composite chart and ran progressions and transits to it for the November election and the January inauguration. I was pleasantly surprised to note that this composite chart was much more favorably aspected on those two dates than Senator McCain’s natal chart alone had been.  The composite chart of Obama and Biden, on the other hand, is much less favorably aspected than Obama's natal chart at those two times.

My heart leaped up. I was excited, because this implied, to this ever-experimenting, ever-hopeful, born and bred Republican (you suspected this all along, didn’t you!) that Senator McCain, because of his choice of Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, now has a fighting chance of winning the presidency. * My new motto: "Read my lipstick!"

Of course, there’s one final and absolutely critical test for judging who will occupy the White House after January 20, 2009, and you know what it is, don’t you?  You don’t? Than you’ve forgotten the hullabaloo over the cookie recipes of Teresa Heinz Kerry and Laura Bush in 2004. My dears, all the polls, all the astrological predictions, all the ever-opining bloviating, know-it-all “Talking Heads”, matter not in the least when it comes to predicting the outcome of a presidential election. What REALLY matters is which wannabe First Lady offers the best cookie recipe for our testing, consumption and judging.  The best cookie wins the White House. That is the bottom line of presidential elections.

In that regard I can tell you that I still use Barbara Bush’s and Laura Bush’s winning cookie recipes frequently.  And….I know from frequenting the McCain Blogette, hosted by Meghan McCain, the Senator’s daughter, that besides being a classy lady, talented, dedicated, devoted, humanitarian, proud to be an American, and just plain beautiful, Cindy McCain is a great cook!

That's the way the cookie crumbles! Vet that!

POSTED BY BEVERLEE, Monday, September 1, 2008

The other day one of my dearest friends reduced me to tears.  Fortunately, they were tears of joy, for my friend had just confirmed in minute detail the validity of my newest service: The Words/Numbers Analysis.

What my friend revealed about the connection between the numbers she had randomly chosen for each word and the reality they had confirmed in every part of her life convinced me that numbers are the keys to unlocking the secrets hidden in our subconscious mind.

As you know from my previous blogs, I have personally experienced this phenomenon on more than one occasion, but it is nevertheless a welcome confirmation to hear from others that my astrologically based Words/Numbers Analysis has proved effective for them as well.  My friend actually confessed that the information revealed by her Words/Numbers Analysis saved her from making grave and costly mistakes in both her personal and professional life.

Obviously numbers are not the only keys to the locked contents of our subconscious mind.  The symbols of Tarot, I Ching and runes are also pathways to our subconscious and we are occasionally fortunate enough to peer into this mysterious storehouse of information through a sudden insight provided by messages contained in our dreams, or by simply following an impromptu hunch.

I’m convinced, however, that the reason the Words/Numbers Analysis so accurately uncovers the hidden secrets of our subconscious mind is that, unlike planetary transits to our birthchart, say, or other well-founded astrological methods, the numbers we randomly choose for this Analysis are unique to each of us. They are coming from within us instead of from outside us. They are like a superhighway leading us to self-understanding!

During the course of our discussion, my friend wondered how often I thought we should employ this technique—the Words/Numbers Analysis—for unveiling our hidden intent. Frankly, I hadn’t thought about that. But after due consideration we mutually arrived at the conclusion that paradigm shifts in our subconscious probably occur in alignment with our annual solar cycle, without our realizing it (or being conscious of it!).

As I point out to my clients while recording their Solar Return Analyses every year, we are setting out on a new journey on our birthday as the Sun returns to the place it occupies in our birthchart. I now suspect that parallel subterranean journeys are also beginning in our subconscious at that time. Consequently, it seems clear that around our birthday is the ideal time to have a Words/Numbers Analysis, as it will have the effect of bringing into alignment our conscious and subconscious blueprints.

Furthermore, as I also point out to my regular clients, the midpoint in our personal solar cycle—six months after our birthday, when the transiting Sun opposes our natal Sun, is very often—not always, mind you, but very often, the time of culmination—when we arrive at our destination.  My clients therefore frequently choose to have a second reading at this time: their Demi Solar-Return reading, which is a reality check on how far they have come in their annual journey.

So my friend and I agreed that it would be useful to have a second Words/Numbers Analysis at that time—six months after our birthday—to determine whether our consciousness is in step with what’s percolating down there in the hidden recesses of our subconscious mind.

After our discussion, as I was meditating on how grateful I feel to have accepted astrologer/numerologist Sydney Omarr’s invitation to further explore and experiment with his Thought Dial process, carrying it into uncharted waters, I wondered how this experiment—my personal participation—had come about. Why, I asked myself, am I so intent upon uncovering what has been hidden? 

All at once it occurred to me that the Moon and Uranus occupy the Twelfth House of what is hidden in my natal chart! So I am emotionally (the Moon) committed to delving beneath the surface, determined to break free (Uranus) of the prison of Secrets and Self-undoing (Twelfth House), and bring into the light of day that which is customarily hidden (the subconscious mind).

Furthermore, I was born during a Full Moon—the Lunar Phase, which according to astrologer Buz Myers, decrees that one is a natural counselor.  This is further reinforced by my natal Sun posited in the Sixth House of work and service opposing that Moon/Uranus in the Twelfth House of what is hidden. My natal Mercury in the sign of Scorpio (the natural detective!) also occupies my Sixth House of work and service.

Finally, with my Sun in Libra, I am on a lifetime quest for balance. How poetically apropos that I should devise a method for astrologically bringing into balance the conscious and subconscious minds!

If you would like to connect with what has hitherto been hidden from your conscious mind, secretly submerged in your subconscious, I wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to share with you the extraordinary enlightenment offered by the Words/Numbers Analysis—a service you will find nowhere else. The truth will set you free!

“We shall not cease our exploration,
and the end of all our exploring will be
to arrive where we started and know
the place for the first time.”
~ T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets

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