To appreciate the distinction between Western astrology and Vedic astrology we must understand the difference between the sidereal zodiac used in Vedic astrology and the tropical zodiac used in our Western system.

The zodiac is an imaginary sphere encircling the heavens, inside of which the Sun, Moon and planets travel in their orbits. This space is divided into 12 equal parts of 30 degrees each, known as the zodiac “signs”…like Leo, Virgo or Libra. These signs once corresponded to actual constellations; however, due to a phenomenon known as the “precession of the equinoxes”, the earth’s “wobbling” on its axis…which moves at a little over 50 seconds per year, the connection no longer exists. After many years of this slight movement, in fact, there is a difference of about 23 degrees between the actual constellations and the signs of the same names.

Thus, if Western astrology places your natal Sun at 15 degrees of Leo, for example, the placement is technically inaccurate, because the Sun, having backed up by 23 degrees, is now actually in the constellation of Cancer! We could say Vedic astrologers use the “real” Zodiac and Western astrologers use a “symbolic” Zodiac.

Which astrological system gives the more accurate results? Well, curiously, both systems are valid, because each takes a different philosophical approach. In India, life is based on the caste system...the subordination of the individual to the collective. In the West, our culture emphasizes individuality based on the principle of personal initiative. Western astrology depicts what a person wishes to accomplish through free will, while Vedic astrology indicates what a person is obliged to do from Karmic necessity. Whereas Western astrology accurately describes your talents, abilities and possibilities, Vedic astrology foretells with uncanny precision the events and circum- stances of your life, being about 95% concerned with possible fame, station in life and wealth, and only 5% concerned with personality, motivation and psychology.

Vedic astrology gives accurate and intimate details of a person’s life which I haven’t seen equaled in our psychologically-oriented Western system; such as how many siblings, marriages or children you are apt to have, what your profession is likely to be, as well as how long you can expect to live, and even what might do you in. But not to worry! Vedic astrology offers antidotes (called apayes) to help guide you through difficult periods in your life, such as gemstones to wear which attune you to heating planetary energy, mantras you can recite to invoke blessings, and\or ceremonies that Hindu priests can perform on your behalf.

A Vedic Chart Report gives you a new perspective of yourself; one guaranteed to expand your Western outlook to include a more Eastern comprehension of Universal Order, Karma and connectedness…in short, your evolutionary process.

I want to share this insight with you with the assurance that it doesn’t invalidate what you have understood about your horoscope up until now. Rather it will add a new dimension to your horoscope through the wisdom of the ancients handed down for generations by Eastern scholars with a true reverence for their spiritual mission.

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