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ARIES  (March 20 - April 19)
Your Aries child will be assertive and independent, seeking new experience as the means to learning. From the very beginning this child’s wants and needs will be voiced loudly and clearly. Energetic Aries is gifted with an athletic body, which makes physical accomplish-ments natural and easy. He or she will be outgoing, competitive, and excited about the world. You’ll find your child to be precocious and anxious to take the next developmental steps. Don’t be surprised if your youngster is in a hurry to walk, wanting to get moving and out into the world! You can be of most assistance to this child’s needs by providing a safe environment where energy can be focused into constructive activities. Help your child to realize his or her potential by encouraging a responsible attitude to go along with a natural tendency toward independence. Teach the value of completing tasks and encourage sensitivity to others.

TAURUS   (April 20 - May 20)
Your Taurus baby thrives on affection and creature comforts.  Food and loving touch play  important roles in meeting this  sign's primary need: to feel a consistent sense of security in the  world. A serene environment with dependable routines helps your  child enjoy each day. Life runs  smoothly unless he or she feels  pushed or becomes attached to something that you don't support; stubborn and determined, your little Bull will hold out  longer than you can imagine. To help develop positive  personality traits and fulfill innate potential, let your Taurus child  explore at his or her own pace. Your child is practical and  productive; provide many opportunities to develop self-reliance and be sure to reward results. Help your child to understand the  role that money plays in the material world. Releasing  attachment to things can be tricky; you won't be able to throw out  old shoes, clothes, or toys without arousing feelings of invasion  or insecurity. The primary preoccupation of the Taurean is the continuity of loving; this is the best gift you can give this child.

GEMINI   (May 21 - June 20)
Your baby will be mentally alert, responsive, and incredibly  entertaining. Curious and  adaptable, Gemini children  prefer to be out in social  environments and are treasured  by the people they meet.  However, this capacity for early mental and social development  can camouflage emotional insecurities. Be flexible in scheduling  rather than attached to routines. Avoid over stimulating this active  mind; storytelling can help your Gemini child to relax. It is typical  for a Gemini child to have too many interests going on at the  same time, sometimes leading to a sense of distraction that can  be a handicap in school. Create an atmosphere that supports concentration and inquisitiveness. An extended family can activate and encourage this child's variety of interests. And if he  or she asks endless questions, teach your child how to find the  answers. Be aware of which behaviors you reward; this clever  child can also be tricky and mischievous. Remind your Gemini of the consequences that come with experimentation and encourage honesty.

CANCER   (June 21-July 22)
You are in for a treat! The Cancer child is sweet, loving, and responsive to mom’s feelings. In fact, you might forget who the mother is here. Sensitivity, imagination, and an  acute awareness of others’ feelings are typical characteristics of the Cancer child. Emotional bonding is essential and home and family provide a place of belonging. Due to your child’s hypersensitive nature, you’ll need to provide extra protection from the world’s negativity. Otherwise, he or she will create defense mechanisms for emotional survival. Hold your child as much as possible, letting your little Cancer know that you intend to create a safe place as long as need be; it’ll be clear when the time comes to help your child build a separate identity and greater self-confidence. Encourage your child to take creative risks.  Although he or she relies mostly on intuition, memory will play an important part in success at school. Your child appreciates structure and guidelines from positive authority figures.

LEO   (July 23 - August 22)
No matter how busy you get or how many other children you have, your Leo baby needs to feel special. This child looks to you for applause and appreciation. When feeling loved and adored, he or she overflows with exuberant warmth and generosity of heart. Confidence and self-respect are the primary tools for Leo; with these, your child can see the potential for creative self-expression and leadership. You can cultivate these attributes by providing honest feedback, praise, and attention.  Be aware that competition for attention amidst family members could create complications in your Leo child’s future relationships. Teach your youngster how to resolve conflicts and give guidelines for the practical aspects of life while acknowledging the value of fulfilling one’s dreams. Demonstrate sympathy and understanding rather than indifference; otherwise, emotions will escalate until your Leo gets your attention! Allow room for mistakes; your child wants to feel proud and will be motivated toward self-correction.

VIRGO   (August 23 - September 22)
Virgo children develop  discrimination early. They are  acutely observant, bright, and  alert to subtle patterns, and want  to understand how everything  works. Only the highest standard  is the model to emulate. Your  Virgo may appear to be picky,  but it's important to listen to this child's preferences; they are  sensitive to criticism and attached to the idea of being right. As  a parent, you should try to be a model of ease, acceptance, and  forgiveness. Virgo children require efficient routines to feel safe  and are happy to help out Mom and Dad around the house. Anything you do must be consistent and genuine; you can't pull  the wool over this child's eyes. Virgo children need healthy  habits, especially with food and sleep, as they are sensitive to  physical imbalances caused by excess. Undirected mental  activity can turn into worry and anxiety.

LIBRA  (September 23 - October 22)
A flow of loving energy provides  security for your Libra baby.  Because this child is eager to  please and tends to follow role models, his or her behavior  could be based on other  people's expectations. Teach  your child what is socially  appropriate while still  emphasizing the significance of self-discovery and self-expression. Appearances are important, but not at the  expense of the inner connection to one's own truth. Overly  sensitive to harsh atmospheres, your little Libra will appreciate  beauty, balance, and serenity. He or she will be loving and
responsive and in many cases will assume the role of the  peacemaker. Librans have a natural inclination toward theater,  music, art, romance, and happily-ever-after stories. As they grow  older, their need for beauty, balance, and fair play becomes a  motivation to enhance their lives and the lives of others.

SCORPIO   (October 23 - November 21)
Don't try to hide anything from  your new little detective --  especially your feelings.  Validate your son or daughter by  encouraging emotional expression; let your child know that by doing so he or she will  not lose your love. The trusting  child will share private feelings  and will count on you to keep those secrets and respect personal likes and dislikes. With such a deep connection, this child will give you space to do what you want. A Scorpio is inquisitive about the mysterious forces of life, sex, and death; get ready to engage in profound discussions when your youngster can articulate thoughts and ideas. This child is not easily coerced into doing what others expect. You're better off winning a Scorpio's cooperation rather than going head-to-head with one; a predominant characteristic of this sign is a phenomenal amount of willpower. Never underestimate the power behind the intentions, even in that little body. Betrayal is not quickly forgotten, and resentment can lead to revenge.

SAGITTARIUS   (November 22 - December 20)
Your Sagittarius baby won’t want to miss out on anything! Your child will be restless and inquisitive, filled with enthusiasm, and an inborn optimist. Don’t try to constrain this child too much; freedom is the thing he or she values most. Mediocrity and normal routines are confining to your small Sagittarian. Keep him or her entertained with the wonder of new experiences. Once able to walk, your youngster will be out the door and around the block before you know it! It is both a physical and a mental urge you are witnessing. Sagittarians have more unanswered questions to resolve than anyone you can imagine. This can be exhausting for you; set limits. Teach your child to deal with the negative as well as the positive, though he or she won’t easily accept “no” and “can’t.” This positive thinking attracts many opportunities. Things usually come without much effort for the Sagittarian. A sport or other activity requiring effort and self-discipline is a good foundation for your child’s future success.

CAPRICORN  (December 21 – January  19)
Look into the eyes of your  Capricorn child and you'll see  an old soul. A deep sense of  responsibility is the dominant  characteristic of a Capricorn.  In fact, the urge to grow up  and take charge can interfere  with the natural stages of childhood. Some daily  structure will help provide a feeling of security. Even though he or  she loves to appear useful and competent, don't push this child to be strong. Teach your Capricorn child the value of being  touched, and held and how to receive comfort when feeling  sensitive. As time passes, set up opportunities for him or her to  be in charge of projects. A Capricorn loves to feel the reward of  doing a good job and is so purposeful that children's play can seem frivolous. Encourage balance, ease, laughter, and  risk-taking. As the parent of a Capricorn, you need to teach  loving self-discipline with the use of time. Encourage realistic  goal-setting, reinforcing the value of not only the result but what is  learned along the way.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 17)
This free spirit comes to you  with a gift of intelligence and an  ability to adhere to his or her  own uniqueness: You can't mold  an Aquarian. The normal  patterns of childhood  development rarely apply to  them; rather, it will likely occur in  unusual spurts. As infants, they  thrive on stimuli, unexpected  change, and surprises; there is little need for routine. Aquarians    are great observers and original thinkers. Give your child space  to explore and you'll be surprised by what he or she invents. At  school, Aquarians often require something other than the  standard curriculum. Help your child to set up a firm foundation to  bring those lofty ideals into the material world. Social  interactions and friendships are very important, especially when  an Aquarian connects with people of like mind. But a unique  mental perspective can create feelings of isolation and  loneliness, so your child will need your help to find his or her way  socially.

PISCES  (February 18-March 19)
This highly sensitive and psychic  child requires a tremendous amount of love, care, and  closeness in order to feel safe in  this world. Your baby is  receptive to the vibrations of  everything and everyone, which  can be overwhelming. There  may be a tendency to withdraw,  escape, or even become sick as a reaction to being so  empathetic. A Pisces child will always be connected to the  dream world, and will have an amazing imagination and link to  the soul's wisdom. This is a child who will thrive on stories and  creative play. Validate your child's intuition as this will become a guiding light through the chaos of ordinary life. Pisces children  will appreciate order, structure, and assistance in setting goals. They may have a tendency to underestimate their own capacities  while idealizing those of others; help your young Pisces to avoid  placing him- or herself last. Gently reinforce steps toward greater  independence, aware that your son or daughter may have fears  that block progress. Listen carefully to encourage  communication; you can provide perspective on a Pisces' innate understanding of spiritual matters.

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