Aries (March 20 - April 19)
As there is nothing subdued about this sign, your virtues are as big and as obvious as your vices, and vice versa! Your greatest strength is that you are genuine. No one need worry about ulterior motives or hidden angles with you. You simply won't give lip service to a person or cause you don't believe in just to "keep the peace."

But there are times when your strong emotions are your worst enemy. You charge in head first. You don't stop to get details or to hear the other side of the story. You may even find it hard to admit that other people's motives are as pure as yours, or their needs as legitimate. This inability to hear anyone but yourself turns your virtues into vices.

The solution is simple: Don't jump to conclusions! Don't talk until you have the facts. Use your heart and your head (for something other than a battering ram, that is!). When both heart and head are satisfied, then feel free to charge in, banners flying!

Taurus   (April 20 - May 20)
When you say you'll do something, you do it. If you promise to be somewhere, you are there. It is a rare Taurean who asks for applause, or even recognition of a job well done. You are the Rock of Gibraltar for a large number of grateful people.

Yet this same laudable quality can sour if and when you become stubborn for the sake of being stubborn, and not for the sake of a promise or a principle. The test is a simple one; ask yourself these questions: Are you insisting on your point out of conviction or because you can't stand to admit that you might be wrong? Are you forcing people to sacrifice themselves for your principles, whether they believe in them or not? Have you refused to study new information because it conflicts with your desired outcome?

Set aside your stubborn pride for a moment and use your other valuable Taurean quality--common sense. Is the situation in question truly a matter of honor, or are you going down with a sinking ship out of sheer stubbornness? Does it really make sense to stay with your current course of action, or is someone else's idea more reasonable? If you answer these questions honestly, you will automatically do the right thing.

Gemini   (May 21 - June 20)
Since, in the words of Gemini Walt Whitman, you "contain multitudes," you have many fine and striking qualities. Most spring from your nimble mind. You rapidly fasten onto the complicated concepts of others, and you can think your way into or out of the most difficult situations. While fond of your own ideas, you are still open-minded about those of others.

Where you may go astray is when you use your mental and verbal gifts to intimidate others and promote yourself at their expense. You may be able to talk trusting, innocent people out of or into anything, leaving them poorer both materially and spiritually. You can rationalize bad behavior, giving eloquent (though still incorrect) reasons for doing the wrong things. You may feel that your gift for "getting away" with mischief is reason enough for doing it.

Stop and think. With all your gifts, it can be just as much fun doing the right things the right way for the right reasons as it is to do everything wrong. In this way you won't waste your talents downgrading others, which eventually only downgrades yourself.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Your greatest virtue is your capacity for love. Though often shy and retiring, you will do for your loved ones what you can't do for yourself: stand up, speak out, fight back, take charge. You know how to be strong without being hard, a rare feat.

Therefore it is not just a shame, but a waste, when you put qualifiers on your love. To be real, love must be given and accepted freely, unconditionally. Unfortunately, your sign tends to attach strings to your love that tie and bind your family. "You have to do this, you can't be that, this is for your own good," you tell your (grown?) children. This does not refer so much to morality and principles, where you have a right and a duty to express yourself, but to such highly individualized matters as dress, decor, profession, political and religious affiliations, etc. When your adult children simply can't agree with your advice, you make it into a personal rejection and create chasms where none need ever exist.

In order to avoid alienating those you love most, learn to express your opinions and wishes factually, not emotionally. Then let your loved ones make their own decisions about their own lives. In this way you're really leaving the porch light on for them when they come home to you for comfort--which they probably will!

Leo   (July 23 - August 22)
Your biggest strength and your biggest weakness are one and the same: your pride. It can lead you to great deeds you would never have performed otherwise. If someone needs you, you are off to the rescue--even if your problems are worse than theirs! It makes you feel good to solve others' problems, because in this way you can prove to them (and to yourself) that your life is under control, even if it isn't. You actually grow into this strong, generous self-image and live up to your publicity just because you have too much pride to fail.

But should you decide that you are so wonderful that you don't have to back up your words with deeds; should you demand attention without having earned it; should you decide that others must always serve you--then you have all but guaranteed that your pride will go before a very public fall, with the public cheering because you got your "comeuppance."

Be proud (you can't help it anyway), but be proud of your family, your reputation, your talent, your achievements. Be proud of something specific, and keep polishing your skills. No one will begrudge you what you have truly earned, but few will like you if you waft through life on conceit.

Virgo  (August 23 - September 22)
Your strong points are so laudable that your corresponding weaknesses are that much more lamentable. The "good stuff" reads like a Scout Handbook: organized, prompt, reliable, hardworking, intelligent, polite. You can be every parent's dream or teacher's pet, and that may be one problem: those your age may consider you an apple-polisher, a mama's boy, a goody-goody. Often this is unfair, but sometimes you don't help your own cause, making it easier for your detractors to poke fun at you and, worse, undermine your effectiveness.

It may be easy for you to slip into a superior attitude, one that has you announcing, "If I don't do it, it'll never get done (or never get done right)!" Such an attitude discourages others from even trying to please you, which in turn makes you feel even more overworked and underappreciated. Nagging is another flaw that chips away at your good reputation. When someone is justly proud of his or her work, your eagle's eye for detail homes in on the one less-than-perfect element and you go on and on about it.

You are intelligent to recognize your own weaknesses, honest enough to admit them and hardworking enough to eradicate them. Enough said, Virgo. Go to work!

Libra (September 23 - October 22)
Many people, especially astrological writers, justly sing your praises. As the "middle sign" of balance and fairness, you often have a built-in sense of proportion and perspective. As an Air sign, you are usually intelligent and articulate. As a Cardinal sign, you have innate leadership abilities. And as a Venus-ruled sign, you have the charm that helps people accept all these qualities without hating you! Perhaps your biggest strength, however, is your objectivity. Regardless of your own hopes or opinions, you can admit to yourself and to others when someone else is right, or someone else has done something better than you have. Such integrity is rare.

But even you, paragon of virtue that you are, have faults that stem from your strengths. Because peace and serenity are so important to you, you can go far out of your way to keep them--by giving in when you shouldn't, cooperating with people not worthy of your cooperation, and seeking a middle ground with people for whom middle ground is only one more step on the way to total domination. Sometimes you'd rather make no choice than make a hard one. not worthy of your cooperation,

You must accept that some people do not merit your trust or tolerance; if you want to be fair to both victim and victimizer, you only end up being unfair to the victim again. Finally, realize that some decisions in your life can only be made by you, and that if you don't make them, you will have to live with the decisions others make for you!

Scorpio  (October 23 - November 21)
Your courage can lead you to heroism on behalf of others. You rise to challenges; you almost welcome them as a release for the mental and physical energies that churn within you 24 hours a day. You yourself don't know the depth and breadth of your inner passion, only that if you don't drive it, it will drive you.

And herein lies your greatest weakness. If you don't get your inner fires under control, or at least blown in the right direction, they can burn not only you, but also others. Sometimes you don't want to get your passion under control. Sometimes you enjoy seeing how far you can go, testing yourself against the elements of nature. You seem to have a sense of spiritual invulnerability that unleashed can lead you to take incredible risks that can place your own or others' lives in jeopardy. Some of you even seem to take grim pleasure in feeling pain if to do so means you've inflicted the same on an enemy.

The most important lesson you can ever learn about yourself is that you will never be entirely free of the tiger that lives within. You can never really "relax, calm down, lighten up," as people are always urging you to do. What you must do is not so much "hold that tiger," but direct that tiger--send it to the mountain top of enlightenment, not the valley of vice and degradation.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 20)
Your honesty, enthusiasm, optimism and love for life are contagious, inspiring everybody around you. Your humor brings reluctant smiles to the moodiest of people; your warmth cheers the most withdrawn. You are interesting because you are physically, as well as mentally, active--open to new experiences, people and ideas.

But you must remember that the same good qualities that cheer people can, when overdone, infuriate them as well. Your honesty, appreciated in private, becomes malice and sarcasm when you say what's on your mind in front of an audience, although you don't appreciate such honesty when it is leveled at you! Your enthusiasm can force people into doing what you want them to rather than inspiring them to choose for themselves. You also have a tendency to take off on an adventure, leaving others behind to "mind the store" for you.

Since you have no real interest in hurting people, and would rarely do so on purpose, learn to make yourself stop and think before you speak--or before you rush off on the spur of the moment to heed the call of the wild. To help keep you from blurting out hurtful remarks in conversation, let your natural sense of fair play act as your personal editor.

Capricorn (December 21 – January  19)
When people want something done, done quickly and done well, they turn to you. Your strong points are legion, with the short list including levelheadedness in emergencies, competence in everyday situations, perseverance in the face of hard, boring or impossible tasks, and an intelligence that is seldom flashy but always present and available at a moment's notice.

But this strength is also your worst (maybe even your only) weakness. You may think of yourself so much in terms of your work attention to duty that you encourage others to do the same. They do not perceive you as quite human, because you don't allow yourself to be seen as human. You fear that it will decrease others' respect for you if you are ever seen as someone who is worried or tired... or in any of a thousand other human conditions. But you also wonder why, when the workday is over, you have not been invited out for a drink or an evening of fun with the others.

There is a middle ground between being a robot who thinks of nothing but the bottom line, and being someone who is so pathetically eager to be liked that nothing ever gets done. In your eagerness for results, you sometimes forget to say "please" and "thank you," and your requests sound more like commands. Once you're comfortable with a more personalized approach, you may venture a humorous remark or two. After the shock dies down, your co-workers (or family) will see that you're not only a valuable worker (or parent or relative), but a terrific person as well!ever gets done. In your eagerness for results, you sometimes forget to say "please" and "thank you," and your requests sound more like commands. Once you're comfortable with a more personalized approach, you may even venture a humorous remark or two!

Aquarius (January 20 - February 17)
Because you are such individualists, your good qualities vary from Aquarian to Aquarian. What most of you share is the rare ability to respect the right of others to express their viewpoints, even those with which you disagree. You pride yourself on your ability to at least listen to new ideas. Your adherence to the democratic process is almost fanatical.

And, of course, therein lies your weakness. Though it is hard to see such a fine quality as tolerance being distorted into a fault, it does happen when your insistence on carrying patience to the point of foolishness turns a positive quality into a negative one. Some people's pushiness, arrogance, rudeness and total disregard for the rights of others as they insist on their own rights and more, disqualifies them from any extra courtesy. Some of the most worthless--even the sickest and most dangerous--philosophies in history have received attention because a line wasn't drawn when their dangerous import was first noticed. Nazism is one example.

So learn to draw the line, Aquarius. Don't be so caught up in "legal rights" that you lose sight of what is morally right. Learn to "just say no" when someone has passed the point of "respectful hearing" and gone on to bullying. With your intelligence and fairness, few are better equipped than you to make that judgment.

Pisces (February 18-March 19)
You have a rainbow of lovely qualities that are in short supply in our world. You are so sensitive to other people's pain that they feel your sympathy and feel less alone. Your Sun sign is neither calculating nor manipulative. Whatever you say is spontaneous and sincere. Even if you are in worse financial or emotional shape than someone else, you'll always reach down inside yourself and bring up something more to give.

What can possibly be wrong with any of that? Nothing--if you give to the people who truly need, want and deserve you. Unfortunately, not all of you are wise about where you bestow your blessings. Most likely you give them, and yourself, to the people who are the loudest and most demanding--the very people who least need you! Inevitably such people hurt you and drain you, leaving you feeling exhausted and empty. Your answer is to give, but give wisely. The pushiest  people aren't always the most needy, and your sympathetic heart will, more often than not,  lead you straight to the people who deserve you most.

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